Like the game

I like this game but don’t like the fact that PVP is forced. I know I’m not good at games that’s why I don’t fight other players but to not have a choice is not a game for me. My first account I lost most of my ships and ISK because of ships stronger than me warping in and blowing me up. I created 2nd account and was doing fine till a player blew me up for just mining in 2 shots. This is a good game for those who like PVE and PVP but not just PVE. I’m giving up because I can’t get angry due to migraines caused by getting angry. It was a nice and relaxing game for awhile.


Just fmi, since you post on a 1 day old character:
where did you go mining ? it’s kinda hard to get shot as a rookie in hisec… especially with the restrictions and the anti-griefing rules

Btw, PvP isn’t forced in Eve, it’s an integral part of it.


…for now…

I can be fun to take cheap, nimble ships into danger and play the rabbit.

Welcome to EVE!

While you can be engaged in a PvP fight almost anywhere in the game, there are precautions you can take to minimise the chance and minimise the impact when it happens.

There are many (PvP) tricks you can learn to stay alive in this harsh universe. Even if you do not wish to engage in PvP because you think you’re not good at that (don’t worry, many of us are bad at it!) it’s useful to learn those tricks. Think of it as becoming a better mouse in a game of cat and mouse.

In general, these things will make it easier for you to minimise chances of PvP:

  • stay in high sec space (0.5 security systems and up)
  • keep your safety settings on green
  • do not use autopilot
  • fly with cheap versions of modules (cheap enough that you can easily replace a loss and too cheap for people to attack for profit)
  • avoid staying near busy systems for longer than necessary. A market hub system like Jita is great if you want to buy and sell things, but with so many people nearby some of them will be looking for targets to shoot. Find a system with few people in local
  • local chat, that’s where you can see the list of players in system with you. Personally I have that chat dragged away from my other chat windows and made it very long but small so I can see all of the names of other players in system with me. If you can find a system with only a few others, or better, that’s nice.

… I think that’s a nice start, but there’s many more things you can do to survive and thrive in EVE.

If you post your lossmails (a link to the kill on ), or the name of the character you lost the ships on (so we can look for it ourselves), we can give more targeted advice on what you could have done to survive. If you want that, anyway.

Hope you stick around, fly safe!

Yeah, this game can be tough, it appeals to a very specific niche of players. You night not fit it as much as you (of the devs!) would have hoped.

I sincerely hope you find fun in other games, if not this one, and maybe you’ll return, hungry for more of EVE’s storytelling, lore, graphics, community, whatever.

This game is not a PvE game. Because it is not only a game with only a single existing world but also one that allows (in the EULA) the destruction of people who do not want to be destructed. Suicide ganking, scams, spreadsheets, and society come together in a dizzying vortex here. After playing off and on (mostly off :/) for 4 years, I realize that even though I am as hardcore a PVP pilot as an Alpha clone can get (just passed 100 kills at 60% solo :/, maybe not that hardcore…), I understand so very little about the activities of the game.

Sure I know how to mine, I have heard about alliance fights, and I observe economic trends and schemes that are so huge in comparison to my character’s value as to basically render be useless. I have never touched anything larger than a cruiser (except that Ferox once) but I know how to fly capitals and solo dreads, just be researching the game. Would I be good at it? No. Not by a long shot. I know about abyss stuff and Pochven, but I have never experienced it. I know every bonus of three dozen ships I am likely to never ever fly, plus the AT ships on top of that. I know about PI, and structures, and wormhole space, but I have no idea how to experience them.

My solo pvp in Tech 1 frigates in a controlled lowsec environment is the life I have chose, and it is such a tiny sliver of the game. There is so much possibility here, and I hope you can return to experience some of it in the future.

o7, happy hunting.

Yes, unfortunately New Eden is a dangerous place and you’re not 100% safe even in highsec systems. It is indeed very strange you got exploded as a fresh character, are you sure you haven’t wandered into a low security system?

The game can be pretty relaxing if you take some basic precautions and know where not to go, but if getting stressed out or agitated for any reason makes you unwell - yeah, EVE is fundamentally designed with PvP in mind and might not be the best choice of game for you.

You underrate the fact that EVE is also PwP: Players with Players, there’s an eagerness to cooperate and help each other, either in corps or just in loose fleets for mining or roaming.
It is not a “I play completely alone” MMO, which would be weird, btw.
I’m not quick and I often forget to activate main treats of a ship in combat situations, so I’d say I’m lousy regarding the classic PvP. So I have to find other ways: Train escape routines, read signs, fit ships, find nice spots - and learn to accept that ships are tools which have to be replaced from time to time.

BTW, I’ve created a new Alpha 36 hrs ago and already have got 3 Ventures, 2 Sigils, and 2 Magnates without any transfer from any other char. I’ve still got my first Ventures and Nerei (Nereuses?) of my very first Alpha account rusting in Trossere. What did you do to lose that many ships in short time? If it says “you are entering dangerous territory”, that is meant to be serious.

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Getting angry is generally very bad for the health so yes, if EVE pisses you off I recommend you uninstall.
Do you know the game Dawn of Man? Try it, I think you’d love it.


He lost a venture in lowsec …

I only wanted to know because … well, it’s weird to complain about the pvp aspect of a pvp game, and I’m not sure about the real purpose of the thread.

However, the official Eve Online website doesn’t mention the hardcore pvp style of New Eden anywhere in it’s first couple of pages. Perhaps they should rethink the available info.

In my honest opinion it’s better to warn people away before attempting the game than to have them leave the game disgruntled afterwards.

“Warning: This game can cause severe unhappiness if you think you’re in Happy Kitty Land!”

Not sure if that works …

Simply saying that New Eden is an open PvP world. Honest and direct.

That’s on the actual homepage of eveonline:

Value of isk destroyed

Numbers of times podded

Looks like the “warning” you think of imho.

Ask your average steam user what ‘podded’ means in Eve Online … let alone if that ‘podding’ occurs in hisec, lowsec, nullsec, pochven or w-space (if they know the difference). And that is the kind of info that gives the true nature of the game.



If you want to play a game, you have to learn the ropes, even Solitaire can be embarassing if you have no clue. And of course: If someone doesn’t like it, leaving is always an option. That’s why there’s Alpha accounts, come in and find out. If you like it, you’re invited to subscribe and enjoy.

The New Player Experience (NPE) states several times that being podded is no problem - we’re immortal in the game. THAT’s the most important part.

You are right, of course. Even if I don’t know what exactly you think is worth firing up this back and forth, you are undubiously right.

Perhaps you don’t like the idea of this game advertizing itself as a hardcore, nowhere-is-safe type of game. I’m saying it’s better to not have “I don’t like pvp” players coming in than to see them leave disillusioned and vocal about it. Maybe I’m wrong, but you have yet to show that.

Sure, the reality will hit a new player soon enough, and perhaps the NPE does say that podding is not important because duh you’re immortal. But as far as I know, it doesn’t say that you can get podded anywhere doing anything - which is the nature of our pvp game.

Apparently the NPE didn’t warn the OP that he/she stood a high chance of getting podded in lowsec, lol. Or maybe he/she skipped the NPE. Or …

Anything else ?

I kind of agree CCP could be a little more upfront that EVE has no safe zones so new players know what they’re in for and stop coming to the forums crying about getting ganked.

On the other hand, they might not want to scare off carebear whales who will drop money into the game even if they get upset and quit shortly.

Choices, choices.

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We just want to tell all readers: There’s ways not to get podded all day. There is always player interaction, but not always hostile. OP has just choosen poorly where to start and which warnings to take seriously.
You can play solo and have fun.
You can play peaceful and still prosper.
Accept the challenge and learn. Or do something else. In the end it’s just a game.