Worth playing if avoiding PvP?

I really enjoy the game so far running missions and mining progressing up to a Myrmidon from a Vexor. I’ve done the “Den” sites, security 3 missions and I like mining but everyone into it seems to run 4 accounts which I’m against in principal.

I don’t think I will ever wish to live below .05 and subject myself to the grief of being ganked and beaten by people playing multiple accounts. Should I just pack it up now? I don’t mind choosing to enter risk, but I can’t spend every chance I get to play putting myself in the way of veterans I cannot possibly handle in ships I don’t even know about yet.

When I first started I kept being told to go WH hopping relic/data. It’s stressful cat and mouse game where people who gave up shooting things that shoot back kill new players in Herons. It honestly felt like a joke that it’s recommend to go be gankbait right off the start. I’m sure it’s fun for people who enjoy blowing up newbro frigates.

Any recommendations on a Corp/Alliance that covers all the content I might be interested in where it’s cooperative PvE and PvP by choice? Is that feasible in EVE?

If you thought this was whining I’m sorry, truly just looking for input, I clearly don’t know the game yet and what’s actually beyond high sec.

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You are approaching this from the wrong angle. Thinking of yourself as the victim is the way to the dark side so to say. EvE is very well balanced, with the right knowledge you can either hunt or successfully evade. Playing the mouse outwitting the cats can be as satisfying as getting the kill as cat.

The point is, make yourself familiar with ships, equipment, mechanics and PvP, and you get the most important asset in EvE combat, control over the situation. While you are at this journey, get used to lose cheap stuff, keep expensive equipment for the time you have control.


While Eve depends on player interaction, there are 2 interdependent simulations - economic and military. You can enjoy a long and profitable career in New Eden without ever shooting at another player. It’s hard to do anything without interacting with other players - the ore you mine is sold on a player run market, as is mission loot /salvage and the stuff you build. The ships you fly and materials you use for industry are purchased from other players.

Highsec is the place where new players are introduced to the game, it’s also important for the economic simulation - that’s where the markets are. With high end group PVE content like incursions and invasions it’s also possible to make a pretty good living shooting rats.

While you don’t need to shoot at other players, you can’t prevent them from shooting at you - that is critical to the risk/reward balance in the game. If something is profitable, there needs to be an element of risk involved. You can mitigate risk - the choice of ships you fly and how you fit them. Whether you maintain situational awareness when undocked. Beyond that, simply build an occasional loss into your business plan.

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There’s a lot to unpack here. Yes of course you can enjoy EvE while avoiding PvP. The crucial factor to understand is that your enjoyment must come from the avoidance of danger and mastering the tactics of the prey animal. If you can only enjoy a game where there is NO POSSIBILITY of danger to your stuff you are catagorically in the wrong game.

Loads of people avoid PvP in EvE but that avoidance is generally still considered a form of PvP, because you are going to succeed or fail based on your ability to organise your own safety in a generally unsafe place populated by other humans who are free to act as they wish within the rules.

You’re going to have a terrible time if you’re this scared before you even experience it. Remember rule number 1 : Don’t Fly What You Can’t Afford To Lose. If you break the rule it can feel bad when you get blown up, but just don’t break the rule. If you go to a lawless area (WH Space) and someone shoots you, they aren’t a big meanie for not bothering to look up your employment history while they scramble to lock you. You just stumbled into an area you don’t understand, which is fine but it doesn’t make them the “big bad 9 account having veteran terror that likes to blow up noooobs”. There are loads of new players having a blast and making bank in lowsec, Nul and WH space because they understand there’s a danger and enjoy playing under those conditions.

You can have your Hi-Sec safety because that’s what it’s there for, but it’s not totally safe for a reason and that isn’t going to change. If you accept the cost of potentially lower income you’re free to live in Hisec your whole career, many do.


Playing by avoiding PvP - that’s what most farmers and carebears do. It’s a question of learning, handling your tools and reading the signs. EVE is a learning game, and each acomplished lesson can be fun. When do you have to stay away? When can you be the bait because friends will protect you? What is speed tank?
As soon as you’ve got not just answers, but a feeling for these situations, you are an active PvP Player without even wanting it.
And btw, surviving a Loki attack with a Heron IS fun :slight_smile:

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