Skilling Challenge: "Kill" Is Not "Top Damage"

I imagine someone has pointed this out already…but the “Skilling Is Just A Means” Challenge declares “kill 1 capsuleer frigate or larger” when it actually awards you only if you get top damage on a target.

The final blow to earn the kill is actually irrelevant.

After an engagement wherein I scored 7 kills, not once was I awarded the challenge which declared “kill the target.” Why? Because I did not get top damage on any one of them.

Very disappointing.

I recommend this challenge be reworked to actually count killing the target versus simply getting the most damage on it. Otherwise, it should be changed to read “Score top damage” versus “kill.”

What concerns me is that this is the second time we’ve seen this challenge and we’re still having this issue.

Seems to me that he who does the most work deserves the reward.

Works as designed, as it always was for a decade of EvE. Ownership of a wreck or points for kills is awarded to the one doing top damage. Everything else would be stupidly unfair.

The reward goes to the one doing the most work, not to the random guy scoring the last hit.

Then it should be reworded “Earn Top Damage,” not “Kill.”

Because you only get a “kill” report if you deliver the final blow.

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