Skilling Spree 'CHALLENGE'

I love the idea of Skilling Spree, it gives new players/alts a way to get ahead just a little bit.
But to call it a competition? Thats a joke right? My main, on average received the 1 kill for 10k SP 90% of the days. While most of my corp mates received the more lucrative ones consistently.
I am almost 100mil SP, so I dont care all that much. But that wording just triggered me, hard.

Thanks for reading my rant o7


I believe there was a separate competition and that was what that was referring to.

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ok , 1st f*ck this competitions

Secondly , Fastest way guys … in High Sec …log in , open agency , click tutorials , activate , warp in there , blap a npc , rinse repeat as you can reset the tutorial missions :slight_smile: and it will count , it’s seriously fastest cos the NPC in tutorial have almost no tank :slight_smile:

happy hunting your SP :))

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also u can do them in noobships :)) happy days

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