Skilling Spree Speed Run Contest - Feedback

We’re super happy to announce that as part of the Season of Skills a three stage speed run contest is kicking off that will see pilots across the cluster compete to win massive amounts of skill points per stage.

Given that the Skilling Spree challenges are super easy to complete, the idea is to see how fast those navigation, ship fitting and target locking skills are, by measuring who can complete different challenges in the fastest possible time.

Stage One of this contest begins as of downtime today, and every pilot in New Eden is eligible to take part. You can find more details on stage one below, and once stage one has come to an end, we’ll release details of the following stage.

This thread is for discussion of the contest, you can read more about it and how to enter in this news item!


This nonsense starts to become really ridiculous.

  • Honorable Mention - 250,0000 Skill Points think this has 1 to many 0 or is it 2.5m sp?

I have to ask again dear devs… what is wrong with you?
Why dont you add a 50 million SP package in the store and let the people charge 500€ for it, lol.
Kill the game, you just have to pull the trigger.


Yeah Im done being bothered, this has distracted me too much already.

I do like the posters though. I want one for my CQ …

Oh wait


I don’t see any rule against pre-damaging a rat down to 1% hull, webbing it and target painting it with your fleet to hold it in place, and then undocking with your character, accepting a fleet warp before the black screen loading has finished, and then one shotting a rat.

Use a 280mm artillery Rifter with Hyperspatial rigs and low slots, one Gyro, and mods full of sebos.


I tried a variation of this in my wh, used my cruiser to get an npc cruiser down to hull 50% so an alt in a frigate could finish it off - after it died neither my cruiser-char nor my frigate-char got the npc skill-kill.

Good thing this challenge doesn’t say anything about whether or not you complete the daily.

Submitting Entries:

Entries can be submitted in the following two ways.

Via twitter:
Via Email:

well. FU CCP. At least set up events within the game client and with in-game methods.

For those who needs a guaranteed easy enemy within range: in Kisogo (1.0) there is a celestial perpetually swarmed with pirate noobships. Good luck.


My entry almost lost my gecko

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  • Undock, find and kill one NPC in the fastest time possible while flying any Tech I, non-faction frigate class hull.

But my Gecko wont fit in a t1 and then how would I be able to take on the Triglasion Invasion?

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you dont have to. Any NPC kill counts.

It’s 250,000 - my keyboard dropped an extra 0 on the end :rofl:


Well you can’t say that I go out of my way to find a match that suits my current pilots skill level.

Was even down to 50% hull before the single kill.

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:confused: this is a very weird way to experiment on players. No ways I’m going to spend hour’s entering this competition with a 0.000001% chance of getting any sp or any reward what so ever, nor will it be fun.


Alphas are at disadvantage in this “contest” because of limited skills for align and target lock times.


Terrible idea ,very exploitable, It will be won be won everytime by some person who has alts that have weakest rat possible webbed, painted, etc, to the nth degree will warp to the alts and unload blasters at extreme close range.

So, people without setting it up before hand are simply wasting their time,


CCP hit a new low.

Been here since '06, Ill stay until the final server downtime. Starting to look like that might be closer than I thought.


This doesn’t seem either fun, creative or inclusive?