Skillers in the abyss not counting kills

So i have done several T1 abyss, calm firestorm etc…, with drones, tig in int (even a damaged BB) nad i killed em and went outside but the kills didnt count to me…Anyone can tell me why or what im doing wrong? I dont have too much of them so i dont want to waste em by dont counting me.Thank u guys in advance.

They’re aware.

Thank ill add them on twitter,

this bug is ongoing since last night ??? why haven’t they addressed it???

Have you tried asking them?

Your post is infected with the lack of capitalization bug; why don’t you address it?

They fixed it the first day, but it came back the second, and then they fixed it again. Hopefully, the 3rd time is a charm, and they’ll have it working from the get go today.

Also, this thread is redundant.

NOTworking today:
mission kill 10 drones
i killed a 4-6t of:
The Ephialtes-type drones are a family of Drifter-allied autonomous drones derived from the same design base as the Circadian Seekers and Autothysian Lancers. A wide selection of variants have been detected accompanying the Drifter invasion forces currently pressing into Abyssal Deadspace.

Result 0 drones killed.

Finally worked with others ships, probably description or something not right.

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