Why don't rogue drone hive anomalies count toward "Kill x drones" daily rewards?


Not a new player, but trying to do the daily rewards on ‘newbie’ alt characters to get the basic skills and noticed this…

Seems odd that killing drones doesn’t count for “Kill x drones”… A fix needs to either add “in Abyssal space” or to include “alvati” drones etc from those anomalies… Confusing to new (and old) players.


EDIT: 5 minutes after posting this - I noticed by hovering over the daily reward mission it does have in the details below “in Abyssal space”…so ignore the fix suggestion. However, is still a bit confusing why not the drones in anomalies. “abyssal space” Is also a bit of a roadblock for my alt characters since they can’t fly cruisers which is the only solo way to get into abyssal space - I get the premise, but why not allow cruiser and below? - Cheers.

My alt was able to fly cruisers and finish T1 Abyssals after one week. It’s not the most elegant way and kinda clumsy, but still possible.
Also you can enter Abyssal Space in a Destroyer with 2 filaments (or 2 chars in Dessis). Good luck!

Ah did not know it is possible to go in solo using multiple filaments… that is very useful info thanks.

Not too bothered if the character dies multiple times while figuring out a fit that works, just wanted to have the option of building the character with zero actual skilling time… and I think the character is that old it had lower than the current minimum skills at start so has been a slog just doing Mine X daily or kill 1 NPC etc… so many abyssal daily skill missions I’ve missed out on thus far, but they will get there.


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