Concorded for attacking an abandoned wreck

I’ve been concorded for attacking an abandoned wreck in highsec.
But why? It’s abandoned property. It was in my way and not owned by anyone. Why is it necessary to punish for that?

If it was yellow, it wasn’t technically abandoned, even if in reality the owner was never coming back. So you destroyed someone else’s property, and CONCORD destroyed you.

It’s a little weird that you could STEAL the contents of the wreck and only get a suspect flag, or salvage the wreck and suffer no consequence at all. But CONCORD takes shooting stuff very seriously.


Setting your safety to red is usually a bad idea in HS unless your ganking… or don’t care if CONCORD does pay you a visit.

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It was blue.
Safety trigger don’t let me attack that blue wreck and I set it off.
It was stupid, I know that =)
But I want to understand the logic.
This wreck did not belong to anyone and its destruction would not have brought any losses.
Why is concord punished for this? This is wrong, in my opinion.

Common misunderstanding.
White, yellow and blue indicate ownership of the loot, not the wreck.
Blue wrecks are still owned by their creator.

I know it’s silly, but that’s how it works.

While it’s fine to salvage them, you’re not free to shoot them.
You only may shoot your own wrecks, but not anyone elses.


Can you imagine the trolling?

To steal something at least you have to get close to it so the owner can react in some way. But imagine warping on grid with an abc, nuking the wrecks/can from over 100km away and then warping off…


I got it.


Yes, but I agree that the mechanics are not very intuitive. Somehow tracktoring them is fine if they are blue but shooting not.

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Well, shooting someone elses wreck is an aggressive act, sooooooo…


Fun fact, if you find a vessel adrift in American waters, you can salvage it, it’s yours now.

If you decide to blow it up, however, the coast guard may object.

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