Bug ? hack?

Hola, didn’t think about that …

… have to run now, see you later.

already locked but can’t engage drone and missile never attack

Best forum thread in weeks.

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I start to believe OP is a troll or actually an alt of the “thief” in question … if you check the linked killboard, he is a quite successful suspect baiter. But I won’t do 19j to find out. :wink:

EDIT: … if this guy magically appears somewhere near Jita I will give it a try in my blingy PvE boat. :smiley:

I hope the OP can figure this out so he can engage and punish the thief. :sweat_smile:

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After conducting some research on this topic, I have come to understand that many of the pilots in this area consider killing rats in a site that is already occupied (by them) as “stealing.” There does not seem to be any sense of competition. However, these same pilots are very quick to start name calling and apparently they have a “list” that I have been placed on. If one can wait around long enough for them to kill the Swarm Overmind so that it may be looted, it does flag the offender as “suspect”

How can I get on that list and what benefits I can redeem from that? Will they try to gank me? Will I be able to just run all the sites uncontested? Will they hand over any loot to me for free?

  1. player was in site before, and got wrecks, which the new one tried to take over.
  2. the wrecks were abandoned as blue.
  3. player was in fleet (already mentioned).
  4. player was in corp/alliance/coalition/org
  5. player shot the wrecks and can no longer be obtained.
  6. define theft to be more specific. With more detailed variables, so that it can be better identified.
    Maybe not to 100% or 200% accuracy, but 200% false or more is not making it easier to find out what it is.
    If it’s a bug, it’s better reported, but if it’s not a bug, and it’s reported as a bug, CCP would find out it was not a bug.

The key word is abandoned. All rights to the wreck are relinquished upon abandonment, IIRC shooting a blue wreck doesn’t appear in the list of things that incur a flag, although I could be very wrong about that.

The only benefit is tears and rage posts in local. And Yes, go there and take 30 minutes a site if you want. They leave if you get there first. As far as being on the “list”… I dont know I’m waiting for my reward

This is incorrect. You cannot under green or yellow shoot a wreck that previously belonged to someone else, only your own, without Concord. Why? Not sure but its the one thing that still exists when you abandon a wreck or container. Seen a few people Concord themselves shooting blue wrecks in Jita that werent theirs.

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Thanks, turns out I was wrong about that.

It’s been a long time since I did any wreck related shenanigans.

So, that player would have had to have been in the same fleet or org structure to have been able to do so, as only owned by himself / themselves. (Not belonging to someone else.)
I can verify this in a corvette and an empty pod with no implants to make sure that CONCORD would show up as mentioned / or not.

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