CONCORD employees: where do they come from?

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Where does CONCORD get their employees from? It’s something that’s been crossing my mind recently, as I’m getting back into EVE and writing my own fiction. I’ve searched around, but can’t find anything specific (unless I’m not looking hard enough). I’ve seen plenty on the groups within CONCORD, but nothing about the personnel.

Are there capsuleers? If so, are they taken from the Empires’ own forces/private company employees (such as the Watch), or are they trained by CONCORD themselves?

Or is it a case of a couple of generations of people born and brought up on Yulai and thus hold no loyalty to any of the empires?

If anyone has ideas and/or links to stuff, that would be great!

Thanks in advance.

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Idk actually…aren’t CONCORD NPCs only as far as I know??

They are, but I was thinking about it in-universe. The police that come and Concordokken you, for example; are they CONCORD NPC capsuleers? Same way that drifter NPCs and Trigs are NPC capsuleers.
We know where the drifters and Trigs come from, but what about CONCORD? Are they from the empires, or children of other CONCORD employees? If it’s CONCORD employees, are their parents from the empires, etc?

I’m leaning towards this explanation: original CONCORD employees were from the empires, but over a generation or so in CONCORD’s service, their offspring hold no loyalty to these old empires, but to CONCORD. So, you could have the son of a Minmatar and a Gallente, or a Gallente and Amarrian. However, I’m wondering if anyone has any official explanation/lore.

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Prob CONCORD are a bunch of Capsuleers who though that the empires are ■■■■ and want another side to join and CONCORD says : " Yeah welcome u are a good pilots and we shall take u" …Like they only take high trained Capsuleers.

Prob that makes sense??

You probably don’t have to agree with CONCORD’s ultra-neutral positions (or psuedo-neutral, depending on who you ask) in order to work for them, especially at the lower levels. Much like how in RL you don’t necessarily approve of Amazon’s policies just because you work at their distribution center.

For a lore example, though, consider the case of Kaisha Valkanir, the recently famous head of CONCORD’s AEGIS division. She’s explicitly described as an Ammatar who is estranged from much of her Nefantar tribe who defected to the Republic. She’s Amarr faithful and was part of the Ammatar Navy before transferring to CONCORD about 17 years ago and then working her way up the ranks.

Basically, she’s steeped in racial and religious ties, but still works for CONCORD, in a leading rank no less. No generational gap required.

As an aside, most of the CONCORD and empire Navy ships you see in the game are not piloted by capsuleers. Capsule-rated people are still rare, although the introduction of the Alpha clone a few years back made it somewhat more accessible. So instead, those ships are piloted and manned by crews of regular people.


I knew someone would know some random EVE tale that would lead down a path. They’re definitely interesting tales.
Many thanks for that, it certainly makes things clearer, and allows much more freedom with fiction development!

Yeah actually knowing more of EVE is always good

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