Need suggestions : )

Greetings fellow capsuleers,
Im currently writing a book based on the EVE-Online universe.
I havent got a name for the main char yet and i need some ideas for what his job was before
he became a capsuleer (he obviusly needed to finance becoming a capsuleer)

He is Amarrian from Sarum Prime VI.

I had the idea farmer/farm owner as his original job bcs amarr is famous for theyr not gen-modified wheat but idk if thats enough cash to become a capsuleer.
And i dont know what other jobs there are in the EVE-Universe for the non capsuleers lol.

Best suggestion gets isk from me lol

@tutucox_Khamsi < The only Amarrian guy I know. Maybe he can give you a suggestion.

@Aldrith_Shutaq @Lunarisse_Aspenstar ?

Yes, a farmer is not a likely background for a capsuleer to come from, though it is not impossible. If they had the genetic/mental markers for capsule compatibility and it was detected by someone with the wealth and influence to get them into capsuleer training, it could work. In New Eden capsuleers from more humble backgrounds can get into space with the help of a patron, be it the state, an organization or an individual.

In the case of an Amarr commoner in the House Sarum home system, the most obvious candidates would be a Sarum holder, the Sarum military hierarchy, or another the Imperial institution interested in fostering a potentially loyal independent capsuleer in by helping your character.

i have a background for him now.
Traffic controller for Amarr Emperor trade thing there

Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy

If he was a commoner farmer, he’d need a patron most likely!

If he was a holder (or a member of a holder’s family as non-titled nobility) and a "farmer "in the “big farm” sense with lots of acreage and a big operation he might have enough resources to be a capsuleer. Maybe he was one of several children of the Holder who didn’t see much prospects for succession so took the stars with the family’s blessing and financial support?

how much isk would a non capsuleer need to turn into a capsuleer and how much is minimum wage?

Im guessing since “average” wage around the world is 100dollars a day and quafe cost about 40 isk and irl coke cost 2€ at a max the minimum wage of a non capsuleer would be 2 000isk

ISK is nigh-impossible to obtain for a non-capsuleer, if I remember correctly. The exchange rate between whatever local currency it is and ISK is the equivalent of the British pound with the old Zimbabwean dollar - a ratio by the millions. If your farmer character is going to become a capsuleer, he would almost certainly need sponsorship from a holder, for whatever reason (as others had already said). Maybe he rescued that holder from an assassination attempt by a cultist (usually Blood Raider or Equilibrium of Mankind), escaped slave (Minmatar, most often) or a rival holder. Becoming a capsuleer is just that hard across the board, much less in a society stuck in feudal classes as the Amarr Empire.


Somewhat retconned, Edwin, though more so that the economic specifics have changed with time/been more fleshed out.

In some places that still holds true, but in others you can see exchange rates surprisingly close.

As with most things, mileage may vary


Arsia Elkin is extremely knowledgeable in EVE’s lore and also an EVE roleplayer who roleplays with a bunch of lore based roleplayers

Years ago I joined the ingame rp channel when I first got interested in factional warfare, the channel is “something” Summit… I forgot the name lol and erased the channel form my list… ingame email Arsia Elkin which channel is the channel of the rp group

There’s the Intergalactic Summit channel too, but i think the channel she is mod is another Summit

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The Quafe you buy in game is basically a branded combat stim, injected through the pod interface.

I reject the Coca Cola comparison :slight_smile:

Unless you mean the commodity, that one Weighs 500 kg. Which is around 9 full import kegs (50l), though admittedly that is a lot more than the volune would suggest.

oh i thought quafe was a soft drink like coca cola.

This is its description:
Quafe is the name of the most popular soft drink in the universe, manufactured by a Gallentean company bearing the same name. Like so many soft drinks, it was initially intended as a medicine for indigestion and tender stomachs, but the refreshing effects of the drink appealed to everyone and the drink quickly became tremendously popular. Quafe is one of the best recognized brands in the whole EVE universe and can be found in every corner of it.

Quafe - EVEMarketer

Yeah as it turns out I was thinking of Quafe zero initially.

But I stand by that the Quafe commodity is a highly compressed or concentrated bulk good for transport and resale. Not a bottle of soft drink to consume :slight_smile:

According to lore 1 isk is like the average wage for a family. Back in the day you got an inheritance of 5k isk.

Could you link me the source?

I’m guessing it’s the same you’re referencing, but I’m adding context in basic information, volume, mass, stuff like that.
Also it’s on the commodity part of the market. I understand a commodity in this context to be technically different than a consumer good.

I also feel The description reads as a lore dump on Quafe as a concept, not as the object in your hold.

And that I’m starting to feel like a windbag know it all :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thats my own post lol