How much do non capsuleers earn?

How much does a non capsuleer earn?
Im guessing about 2000isk a day for a decent payed job since quafe cost 40isk a can and coke at its most cost 2€ and doing some quick math 2000 comes out.

or is it less?

Damn inflation! At my local hub they demand now 45 ISK for a can!

yeah 45 isk isk i just wrote 40 isk bcs idk

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I would guess it depends on his activity. The ship mechanics make more than the spaceport maintenance crew I would imagine.
What is the protagonist urge to become a capsuleer, besides immortality obviously?

Yah there is lore about how planetary cash is way inferior to ISK we earn. something like 45million ISK could buy ALOT on a planet.

The ISK-----planetary money conversion is not the best. Even 1million ISK can retire a good handful of noncapsuleers.

This is off the top of my head, but I know I did read the story on this. But still the empires are vastly more richer and powerful than even the biggest NS fleets.

Just saw your other post OP. If I had to guess… it would be no more than 10k-30k planetary money a year. The workers at Jita live in constant poverty!

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I heard years ago, not sure if it was a joke, that it wasn’t not even 1000 ISK… I don’t know where people take this stuff from.

I got an idea… you could calculate this by putting together an EVE market basket based on the trade goods in the market.

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To be fair, ‘planetary’ economies also will vary greatly, as will exchange rates. Granted this is largely word of dev, and not lore as written, but even lore as written has some hints to this effect.

As an example, for instance an ‘Alpha’ classified city in GalFed will likely have a currency to isk exchange rate of 1:2 or 1:10 depending on how big it is, but a backwater world, you’re likely to see exchange rates of 1:1000 or 1:1000000.

Then there’s also the bits about most commodities we buy in-game are BULK purchases of an item, like amarrian wheat and quafe and what not that we buy aren’t just like a single grain or a single can(except the capsuleer specific versions like zero classic and quafe green apple), you’re buying things essentially by the palette.


What the urge is…
Cash (obviusly) and because he has a boring life (he accepts and denies docking request at amarr tradehub as his job)

I’m not the author so it’s up to you but cash is kind of a generic reason and I can understand the boredom but he’s going to lose his humanity because of cash and boredom? Is there a plot to lead him to become a capsuleer or he just decides one day that he wants to be one?
Can’t wait to read what you have in mind. It’s interesting.
And please don’t take any of my comments the wrong way, I can’t help but ask because I’m curious how you’re going about the story and I love to giving fictional characters strong motivations for their actions and put them in circumstances that explain their thinking and ways to go about things.

Is there a plot to lead him to become a capsuleer or he just decides one day that he wants to be one?

There is plot to lead him to become a capsuleer yes,
He doenst just magically decide he wants to become one.
The current way i have it right now is that there is some amarrian navy project that is providing free capsuleer training if the capsuleers join the navy for a specified amount of time:
He will (obviusly since otherwise story would be boring af) agree because ofc he wants to serve for his nation, get FREE imortality and will be able to earn more than the GDP of a poor planet.

The reason i asked how much they earn is not bcs he will pay for his clone himself but i just want to include how much he earn.
Since hes working in Amarr Emperor family academy il just invent a amarr sounding currency that has a isk exchange rate of 2:1 (2 currency=1isk) since amarr emperor family academy is a rich station and its orbiting the origin (well not exactly since its actually earth) planet of the ammar ppl so it probably has a rich ccurrency

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My advice here is, to be as unspecific regarding an actual amount as possible.

Meaning instead of mentioning the protagonist earns x ISK per year, which no one really can relate to, write: “Taking this opportunity in joining the program will save him a lifetimes savings. And if successfull, he will eventually be able to afford his own spaceship…”

Thats a good suggestion!
Il do it that way TYVM!!!

That’s a very broad question, to be honest. I can only be sure that slaves don’t earn jack ■■■■, for obvious reasons.

Really, 45 isk for a can, that is 4,500,000 dollars in planetary currency. So, one drink can is worth a fortune

in a specific, backwater planetary currency, if I know thee conversion you’re using, the ammammake credits one yeah?

im using whatever they use in amarr [oris]
i invented a currency rn its called tritanium backed credits

I was responding to Aldegur

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