Do Hull prices make sense lore wise?

1 Million ISK in lore is A LOT.

How can a simple tier 1 frigate be 1M isk?

That would mean 99.9999999% of the lore population can’t even afford kitchen utensils.

This thread is not about in-game play/prices, strictly lore.

What would an atron cost in lore?

Baseliners (non-capsuleers) do not have access to isk. They use another form of currency (I do not recall the name of it), and iirc 1,000,000 in that currency is about 1 isk, or something ridiculous like that.

I’m sure there are others out there that have links to the official lore that explains this better.

The lore is nonsense because computer programmers are not capable of making coherent lore. That’s just a sad fact of computer gaming.

Mission briefing

We’ve located the doctor from the wrecked ship. Unfortunately, we’ve located her by way of a ransom demand. We want this doctor alive, so we’re going to pay it. Luckily they just want planetary currency, so the real ISK value is minimal. I’ll put the money in your hangar when you accept this mission.

I need you to take the ransom to the designated drop location. They’re to drop off the doctor as soon as you drop off the money.

That’s the plan, anyway. I’d be prepared for a double-cross, just in case.

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Huh. Interesting angle you’re taking.

You really think CCP is gonna reverse the industry changes based on lore?

& really wealthy capsulers don’t even talk about ISK unless it is in BN or tns, they anyway mostly account in PLEX or $, IE this constellation is $500 p.c.m.

Where did he say ANYTHING about reversing industry changes?

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Game lore doesn’t make much sense most of the time because it tries to keep up with something that originally doesn’t necessarily need lore.
Games don’t need backstories to explain anything because everything in the game is imaginary and pixels.
Usually it is lore that is set in concordance with the game and not the way around so spaceships cost in EVE make sense since it’s a player-driven economy and the game drives lore.

Why not? We’re taking about a spaceship here, not some pontoon boat. Have you any idea how expensive a real frigate is?
1 million isk for a spaceship isn’t so expensive at all.
I got me a few Destroyers at 700k isk each a month ago. Thay may have cost 500k last year but they are well worth the 700k isk.

I don’t see how you make that jump. If a capsuleer can afford a 1M isk frigate then surely he can afford kitchen utensils, although he/she won’t need it since time spent in capsule is virtually 100%, no room for a sunday barbecue there…
As for the rest of the population they are not capsuleers so no need to spend money on spaceships.

Lore is tied to the game, everything discussed in lore must have a counterpart in the game or we’re taking about two different things that have nothing to do with each other and in that case the questions you raise are useless and pointless.

Lore wise it makes sense and ooc, since our ships are capsule compatible, the exact same ship can be flown but with a crew albeit at a lesser effecuancy be ause if this noc corporations and player corporations mark the price at a player driven economy prices.

Now lore wise spaceships are still expensive, ISK is the interstellar kredit can be used and exchanged for empire currency or planetary currency. While private ownership iwnt impossible it would be beyond an average citizen, standard crew operated frigates would possible be the work of a npc corp managers retirement fund, possibly with loans as well.

Anyone who would want to buy an Atron in lore, would look up the ISK price of it on their regional market (and maybe compare it to the Jita market) and see if they can cough up enough of their planet’s local currency to exchange for that amount of ISK.

I’m not really well known with EVE lore, but I expect different factions, different regions and even different planets to have a lot of variation in their buying power compared to the buying power of capsuleers, where citizens of some planets will be much richer than others.

And yes, that could mean most baseliners cannot afford an Atron and that 1 million ISK is way out of their reach.

An Atron is a Bowing 737 with advanced avionics and a core that can pull it into warp. Even an Atron would cost a small fortune.

A single ISK (Interstellar Kredits) is a new currency they developed exclusively to handle the kind of commerce that occurs on an interstellar level. A single ISK can feed a family for a year. Baseliners use their own currencies, which can be local to the area.

The ships we use as playthings are some of the largest most advanced equipment in the cluster. Our hangers are full of enough hulls to outfit a Navy. The issue is our sense of scale, Baseliner life is so far beneath us it is difficult to wrap your brain around.

I suppose it makes sense the capsule tech would would actually increase the cost of the Atron,

Some people are straw men. Gix is the straw master.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Hey you’re back :smiley:

And its obvious what he’s trying to do.

Google sophistry my boy.

I think its meaningless to emphasize lore. Computer games don’t have a specific author. At some point, someone (who?) said that isk was incredibly valuable, but ultimately lore must reflect the game.

Since we have an in-game economy, we can estimate the value of ‘isk’.

Wheat (for example) is a fairy basic staple commodity, and the in-game galactic ‘average’ value for Wheat is 112 isk per metric ton. The current real-world value of wheat is roughly $317 per metric ton. This suggests a value of $3 per isk.

Other commodities vary in value, but never come close to ‘lore’ estimates. If we assume ‘base metals’ represent bars of iron (as indicated by the image and description) then we have a value closer to $60 per isk. Silicon, likewise, has a higher relative value.

It is likely in the EvE universe that renewable resources are plentiful (with a low price for wheat) and non-renewable resources are expensive (with a high price for minerals). Consequently, the ‘true’ value of isk likely lies somewhere between the values indicated by wheat and base metals.

Perhaps $30 per isk is a fair estimate, suggesting a universe where the price of an iron bar is roughly twice as expensive (when compared to modern values), but bread is much cheaper. The people in EvE generally have plenty of food, probably distributed by state welfare, but they often live in substandard overcrowded housing.

If we assume that the value of isk is $30, then the cost of a cheap interstellar corvette is roughly $300’000. A nicer shuttle might cost $1’000’000. Spacecraft are mass produced in automated factories, and they are fairly inexpensive.

The main cost of a ship is the hull, not the warp engine.

It’s clear that the population of EvE has some tremendous energy technology, and ships do not normally require measurable fuel, whilst the speed of light is routinely exceeded. Warp capable engines are extremely inexpensive, although powerful.

Curiously, microwarp drives are much more expensive than actual warp drives - this isn’t explained by lore, and was probably not considered by the developers. We might conclude that warp drives are fairly simple in design, and they somehow trigger a wormhole which a ship falls through, via some exceptionally simple method (perhaps they emit a particular frequency or modulated wavelength) - but they don’t have any particularly complicated construction, aside from technological insight.

The average EvE citizen will never be able to afford a spacecraft, but (as lore indicates) its not uncommon for wealthy kids to traipse off to lowsec for an ill-fated party.


@Aiko_Danuja nice analysis, theres more to the self proclaimed queen of hi sec then a fistful of gank I see.


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