How rich are we?

From what I heard 1isk is enough for a family to live for the rest of their lives , so how much does isk worth? And why we spent thousands and billions of isk for one ship which more and more than enough for anyone to live. It’s sound just so unbalanced since spacecraft in eve universe aren’t that rare and hard to get( from my perspective) they are like giant floating cars and that’s all . The eve economic just really messed up for me…
And that’s not to mention the clones price, the price for immortal…
Everything is just Wow…


so when the acquisition of wealth becomes of secondary concern what are we left with?
whats there for you beyond getting rich?

a lot of us aspire for power or just to be a part of something great.
A lot of us like Chaos (and i do mean a lot),

we have had wars about someone being called “mate”,
holy wars about posts on the forums,
wars about , well for their own sake and for profit.

we have real war lords, real empires, real mercenaries , real grudges lasting years and years, reputations earned from years of conflict and hunting each other.

in all that, whats a ship or two, or two hundred for that matter.
they’re tools, nothing more.

start talking to people, find a corp to be a part of , hopefully with some vets to tell you stories if the shite we the players have gotten up to and you will start to see the scope of what eve is.

Edit: though for context some irl context, were functionally gods as far as regular humans are concerned.
if you have ever read any of “The Culture” series of novels by Ian M.Banks you could equate a capsulier to one of their “minds”.


Afaik the 1 isk being enough for a family has since been reconned although no solid number has ever been placed on it.

Personally I think that 1 isk being ~1 hr of unskilled labor works out rather well. It makes capsuleers unimaginably wealthy. But not so unreasonable that it’s unbelievable.

If we use that scale. Let’s say 1 isk = ~10 usd. Then say a shuttle at 20000 isk would be around 200k dollars… that’s the price of a damn nice car. Or a small plane… something out of reach for your average broom pusher. But not unreasonable for a middle manager… meanwhile we throw them away like trash.

Our frigates meanwhile would be in the comparable price range of private jets and luxury yachts. Small companies may have them. And even the richest of individuals may have one or two for showing off… And it only goes up from there.

I find using that scale works well for me at least.

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If that so
Then our character must be a really lucky one to get to become a capsuler since he staring at no body who survive the bloody attack (base on the game story)

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Not only that, but only about 10% of people that attempt to become capsuleers actually make it. The remainder either fail out or die in the process.

So we are all the rarest of the rare. Rich, successful, immortal beings that survive where most fail.

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Ok then that sound more reasonable, better than a “mass god production factory”.
So if we stick with the storyline we are basically the secret weapon of the empire right? Of course if we not building our own empire ( which everyone in eve does).
I feel like a special snowflake

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Becoming a capsuleer is like winning the Olympics after winning a genetic lottery that even let’s you compete.

The prize is unfathomable wealth that you will never be able to truly appreciate and an immortal lifetime to watch your humanity slip away.

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And treat all the other lives like tools and expandable, no family nor friends with mortals
The capsuler seem to living in their own immortal social, bound by nothing

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Money means nothing in this game.


Some discussion about ISK.

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Not true, read Templar One.
CEO of Ishukone had a baseliner family that Heth tried to assasinate

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Repolla is also not a standard capsuleer. As CEO of a mega Corp his wealth isn’t based on if he’s an empyrion or not. He’s arguably much closer to being an ultra-rich baseliner who just happens to be able to use a pod.

Although if I remember right. There is some lore that says player make up a minority of the total capsuleer population. So maybe Mens Repolla is fairly normal. And it’s just us who went psychotic.


Keep in mind that EVE-verse has tens of thousands of planets, tens of thousands of space stations, and somewhat over 100 trillion people in it. So all the ships you see that seem ‘common’ to you actually are as rare (relative to the setting) as aircraft carriers and Saturn V rockets in our world.

You casually replace your frigate because (as others mentioned), as an immortal Capsuleer you won the lottery to enter the competition for the right to contest in the survival games, and lived through it. You are the 1% of the .1% of the .001%. Bill Gates wants to have your kind of money and influence when he grows up.

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well irl 1 usd = 98.43isk

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121.32 for a euro.
get rekt

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Yeah, but part of your country is still on the pound right?

Then it’s get rekt Republic of Ireland:

1 GBP = 139.2 ISK

Meanwhile, embarrassingly, ISK is probably worth more than the AUD…won’t look.

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  • Rebellion songs intensifie *

Wow I never knew I had an imortal lifetime to let my humanity slip away. I tried to do it in only a couple of years… :smiley:

Just because you have the time. No reason to ■■■■ around. Pushing it even when you don’t have too is what separates the winners from the pack

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Assuming we buy the $99.99 PLEX package that comes with a total of 2,860 units of PLEX with current market value of 3 million ISK per PLEX…

One US Dollar is equal to about 28 units of PLEX which sums up to 84 million ISK.

To confirm that number, we look at 500 units of PLEX needed to keep an account in an Omega state which brings the cost to at least one and a half billion ISK. With 1.5 billion ISK divided by 84 million ISK that brings us to about $17 dollars which is close to the $15/month subscription cost.

Now if you want to compare ISK to more countries…

The Bolivar of Venezuela is worth about $0.00002 US Dollar. 1 Bolivar will get you… actually nevermind.