How rich are we?

Wrong, you are forgetting to factor in inflation over 10,000 years. (not to mention a different galaxy all together)

I did some math in another thread, based on the price of water in game, at 350isk per unit of water.

10isk per USD.

So at the rate of 1% per yer for 10,000years. The simplest version (and is wrong) comes out to about 1000USD per ISK. The more complex version which takes the value and compounds it every year for 10,000 years is way more than 1000USD per ISK… but I dont have that kind of time right now. Then there is an online calculator which I am hoping is WAY wrong… saying the inflation rate in 10,000years of .10USD at 1% rate of inflation per year…

So if that were true 1 ISK is worth $1,635,828,711,189,040,000,569,104,340,328,246,467,887,104.00

That is the estimated value of 1 ISK to USD.

Isk is also an abbreviation for the Icelandic kroner

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That sounds right enough, but I’d go at least several orders of magnitude more. there are trillions of people in the eve cluster, then what maybe a million pod pilots, with only what a few 100k active at any one time.

we’re at least the 1% of the 1% of the 1%. that’s a very small fraction, I’d guess a shuttle is worth high millions if not billions of USD, and then it only goes up from there.

He’s not wrong.

Lugh clearly referred to RL, where:


I see…

Still forgetting about inflation over 10,000 years.

Well it’s kind of impossible in the context of RL, to consider 10000 years in the future.

In any case, what’s the relevance of 10000 years anyway?

Rough estimate how far in the future Eve takes place.

You’re out by 100%

It’s past the Earth equivalent of the year 23000

So that number gets MUCH larger… LOL

The irony of trying to correct someone that was right while you were wrong.

At least that’s situation normal in the forum.

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Actually with the forum layout he is above not to the right of me at all.


That’s also common here, so apology. English is one of those crap languages with multiple meanings for some words.

Russia annexes Icelandic
Now where’s the inflation?
Point is, if we’re talking IRL currency you have to use IRL circumstances.

50 million plus. We broke 10 million characters a couple of years back I believe. And each Navy is meant to have similar numbers also.

In any case. It’s pretty irrelevant. Even if we assume a 1 to 1 ratio which the rebuilding of myrska indicated as nearer accurate now we are still so rich it doesn’t matter for living purposes.
We measure our income in millions per hour.

P.s. the above inflation maths is wrong because inflation is neither constant nor required. Deflation can also happen

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God damn, you guys are way off. We are nowhere near the galaxy where Earth is at. Hell, we don’t even know where the galaxy is at relative to us and we have been completely isolated from the Milky Way Galaxy for over at least several thousand years since the Eve Gate collapsed and we even regressed technologically with the survivors never realizing they were not alone in the stars. The economic model that drove our expansion into New Eden before the collapse of the Eve Gate no longer exists. We made our own economic model completely separate from that of the Milky Way Galaxy. Inflation therefore has no relevance.

As for what happened to Earth and the Milky Way, no one knows. The Eve Gate is still closed and has been for as long as our historical records have existed.

There are examples in the lore of even independent baseliners owning things like shuttles and even frigates. Which implies that while they may be very expensive, far more than a broom pusher could ever afford. That they are still attainable. At least the smaller ones.

That doesn’t take much away from our comparative wealth though. We still fire rounds of ammo in volleys that cost more individually than most people would make in a week.


Who claimed we are?

If we went in character, we wouldn’t even remember the name Earth at all.

However, none of that was part of the discussion, and it hasn’t been an in character discussion.

I thought you guys were going into character as soon as one of you brought up the 10,000 year inflation.

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