Any ideas?

Greetings fellow capsuleers,
Im currently writing a book based on the EVE-Online universe.
I havent got a name for the main char yet and i need some ideas for what his job was before
he became a capsuleer (he obviusly needed to finance becoming a capsuleer)

He is Amarrian from Sarum Prime VI.

I had the idea farmer/farm owner as his original job bcs amarr is famous for theyr not gen-modified wheat but idk if thats enough cash to become a capsuleer.
And i dont know what other jobs there are in the EVE-Universe for the non capsuleers lol.

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best suggestion gets isk…

I suggest moving this discussion to the lore discussion section of the forums:

Also, if you peruse that section of the forums, you’ll find discords, a community, and tons of resources about the Eve Universe.

Happy writing.

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oki doki


First off you should be aware that you can write anything you want, but you need to be careful where and how you publish anything that directly uses an IP owned by someone else.

Becoming a capsuleer isn’t something you just go and do. Like, paying for the course at university. Only a very small percentage of the population is even capable of it, and fewer of those are in a position to get tested/approved for it.

A farmer isn’t likely to get involved except in drastic circumstances, like his home is firebombed by insurrectionists and he joins the military after (in which case his specific background is irrelevant).

It’s more likely to be the son of a regional governor or a military family or who knows, even a slave or convict selected for experimental testing. (Yes, Amarrians also enslave their own.)

Just google up some discussions on Amarrian lore, culture, history etc., you’ll get some ideas.

Check Canon/Lore question: Why are there so few capsuleers? - EVE Fiction - EVE Online Forums to get you started.

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I think i got an cool suggestion.
i psoted this in 3 different toppics (Didnt know wich one to use)
Anyways hes gonna see some wealthy amarr dude be kidnapped and hes gonna somehow free him from da blood raiders or so

He could have been an engineer forb them and felt to cooped up in his office and became a capsular. which would mean a lot of isk he would have to work with and what year would this take place in?

Reformulate sentence pls lol!

I see it as a continuation of your lead into the Amarrian who was kidnapped by the Blood Raiders and who was an Engineer who never undocked and just copied blueprints to sell via contracts making that Amarrian his own slave to their cause. It wouldn’t matter who kidnaps that Engineer or what Faction he represents as the Years would be decades away before they become free.

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