Looking for Capsuleer Critiques, long-format fanfic

Hi New Eden Fanfic People,

I’d like to put a call out here for help with a larger, long-term project I’m working on. I have a story, about 25k words right now accounting for probably 20% of the total (it might be even longer in the end, heaven help me), and I’d like some constructive criticism. I’d like a couple people, if they could, to read what I have now and let me know what they think of it, if there are changes I can/should make, how well it fits within the lore, etc. As I get more written I might ask you to read later drafts as well, so please consider that this might mean a lot of reading (but, I hope, reading that will be entertaining).

The text, due to its length, isn’t something I can really post here, but I can send it along via Discord or some other file-locker like Wetransfer or whatever. I can’t offer much/anything by way of payment, but like I said, if you’re the kind of person who likes digging into longer-format EVE fanfics, this might just be entertaining enough to be worth it on its merits (of course, since my eventual hope is that this is something people would want to read badly enough that they’d buy a copy, I’m doing my best to make the story, like, good or whatever).

If you’re interested, a good example of the world it’s set in can be found in this forum, in my Pod & Planet entry “Watcher of Relics”. (and @CCP_Dragon, that story and the one I’m asking about here is what I talked to you about this last weekend, if you’d like to have a look and let me know if that’s something that might have potential). Scroll down, the entry was back in October.

Also, one last shameless self-whoring: @CCP_Fozzie, you mentioned at the structures panel that you’d like to do some event around the last POS tower in New Eden, which – funny thing! – is also a short story posted below (titled “The Last Tower”, imaginatively enough), which I’m proud to note won some prize ISK in the P&P contest this last year. MUST CREDIT!!1! etc. etc.

Thanks so much for the help! After this FanFest I am fired up about producing some literary content for you, because I love you.



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