Recommended EVE fiction writing event

My EVE fiction writing friend Lunarisse Aspenstar is hosting the sixth yearly YC 121 New Eden Capsuleer’s Writing Contest. I highly recommend checking it out, whether you’re a writer or a reader (and about to be writer). :slight_smile: It’s a unique event, with it’s own particular colo(u)r. For example:
-Stories written by capsuleers, inside New Eden
-Prose fiction, poetry, and academic treatises areas for writing
-No word count limits, that I know of.

(P.S. In case anyone might think I’m an alt straw man or something equally pathetic, I’ve coordinated an EVE fiction event called Pod and Planet since 2012. Lunarisse Aspenstar has generously served as a judge for that event for 3 years. The two events are very different, in certain ways. But they both give writers a place to present their works their works and have them read and commented on, which might be the whole point after all. But I personally always admire the unique and surprising things that come out of this event).


I have been hoping that EVE community had something like this!!!

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