EVE Online: Chronicles of the Vortex (Short Stories)

Hello there. :slight_smile:

Dedicated to… my fellow capsuleers.

I’ve updated/edited my collection of fifteen short stories as a labor of love for our fantastic EVE community. They first appeared in the yearly Pod & Planet fiction contests from 2012-2018. One (Gauss) won 1st place in the lore category back in 2013. Seven others won prizes. The remaining seven… well… did not. :slight_smile:

I’ve made the collection available in PDF and EPUB (read on your favorite eReader like Nook or Kindle etc). You can download them from here. They can be read online too, here.

Some of the characters appear in multiple stories, as I’ve tried to develop a living, breathing pocket of fiction for EVE. The collection will continue to grow with entries for future Pod & Planet. :slight_smile:

I’d love to be able to offer the collection in print some day, but CCP would have to approve it.

Fly Safe. 07


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