Pod & Planet Eve fiction contest - Winners announced

Edit Nov. 6, 2017
Entries period done, now to judging. Results expected in 2 - 4 weeks. Hoping for 2 weeks.

_Edit Sept. 30, 2017 _
- The contest is live and open for entries.
- Entries deadline November 5, 2017 (server time)
-Prizes amount is now 54 bil +
Website has been updated with new and current info

Just some early notice that a Pod & Planet fiction contest for this year should start by the end of September and run for about a month. The judges so far include CCP Falcon, probably CCP Delegate Zero, and veteran supporters of Eve fiction writing Lunarisse Aspenstar and Silver Night. The contest has three categories: lore-faithful, freeform, and humor/humour. The winners of each category will receive an Astrahus citadel, in addition to a share of 51 bil or so of cash isk. There are a total of 27 prizes to be earned, from Honorable Mention up to Grand Prize. The website for last year’s event is here, this year everything will be about the same.

Once we have the start and end dates confirmed, I’ll post an update. Write up your stuff, brethren and sistren!


Contest judges lined up so far:
Cagali Cagali - Brave Newbies CEO, CSM
CCP Falcon - Community Manager, Eve backstory writer
Lunarisse Aspenstar - Capsuleers Writing Contest facilitator
Mike Azariah - Arek’Jalaan project coordinator, CSM
Silver Night - Long-term Eve fiction writing supporter, Backstage fiction forum moderator


Correction Operation Magic School Bus coordinator, I watched and commented in Arek’Jalaan but in no way could I coordinate something that large

Glorious! :smiley: Just to verify, what’s the due date for pieces?

Operation Magic School Bus coordinator and Arek’Jalaan guru then :grinning:

The due date hasn’t been completely firmed up yet. But very likely it will be Nov. 4 or Nov. 5 (the first weekend of November).

BTW, good to see you back MP!

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nice, can’t wait to have more information :3


Could you send an ingame mail when and where to send the manuscript?

Manuscripts should be posted anywhere you like, so that all of us can read and enjoy it. After you’ve got it up, you just need to Evemail me a link so I can share it on the contest website. Check the contest website (link in the OP) tomorrow Sept. 30 for all of the details about how to submit entries, entries deadline date, prizes amounts, etc. Sorry for the delay-- it will happen tomorrow. So let it be written. So let it be done. :running_man::smile:


Awesome! Already have two stories planned, look forward to reading all the other submissions!

Prizes total is up to 54 bill now. Thank you DomanarK and High Drag podcast!

New guidance on the standards for staying lore-faithful in the 8,000 Suns in New Eden category posted on the website. Hopefully they’ll make the subtle distinctions a little more clear.

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If you’d like to officially enter your story in Pod & Planet contest, please check out the procedures on this contest webpage. Basically, you just have to send Telegram Sam an Evemail.

Pod and Planet is a pretty big deal. 2017 interview links that might interest:


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Update: Clueless Space Nerds podcast has joined High Drag podcast and Domanark in donating 1 bil for the writers. Thank you sponsors! Total pool now 55 bil+ isk.

Stories entry period closed-- judging round commenced! We’re hoping to announce results in two weeks, but… from past experience, it will probably be more like a month. Some judges-- especially the CCP dev ones-- have lots of demands on their time, so they do the reading and scoring when they can squeeze it in (and enjoy the reading).

Once again, please to note:
If your story is not listed on this Contest Entries page, it is not being considered in the judging or linked for the general community to read. Please check and let Telegram Sam know if something went amiss or FUBAR along the way.

58 new New Eden tales to read-- check them out and give your fellow writers some feedback. o7strong text

Entry period closed, 59 brand new original tales written. o7 Eve player-writers! Many are 750 words or less, and some people were able to dream up and reduce to writing a new one or two ever day or so. Lots of good stuff to read, and at the moment I’m personally enjoying a longer story that I’m halfway through, and pondering on on several levels and wondering what the story’s going to do next…

Judging might take 2-4 weeks or so. In the meantime, well done writers. :love_you_gesture: And readers, enjoy and maybe take some mental notes.


Two week update? :smiley:


We’re behind on judging. By unfortunate coincidence, it seems that every judge has been unexpectedly busy in RL. But I’m going to hazard to say that we’ll be done by the end of the first week of December.