Pod and Planet EVE fiction contest - 71 bil ISK in prizes

Write them up ye all! About the event:
-As advertised, 66 bil ISK in prizes to pass out, thanks to kind and generous donors. 26 total prizes to give out, ranging from .55bil isk to over 10bil isk.
-Chronicles writer CCP Delegate Zero and some space-famous people judging.
-Lore-based, ingame-based/freeform, and humo(u)r categories.
-Event in its seventh year, has received 395 generally amazing stories, written by regular Eve players. If you’ve never written fiction before, or English isn’t your first language, don’t hesitate. It’s all just for fun, you know.
-Prizes set aside for Very Short Fiction, in addition to the regular prizes.
-Here’s the website . Highly recommended that you read the rules before you start writing.

Good luck and o7!


Update: Prizes pool now at 68 or 69 bil isk. I need to double-check. Anyway, plenty of loot to go around!

Thanks to some very kind supporters, the prizes pool is now at 71 bil ISK value. Thank you, nice non-philistine EVE players! Only eight stories entered so far, and 27 prizes to be awarded. It seems like the field is open, but… people are probably writing as we type. EVE writers and college students are real writers-- they tend not get in gear until a deadline is incoming, and soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Works entry period done, judging period begins. Check out the 52 entries from the strange and remarkable minds of EVE Online on the Contest Entries page here.

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