YC120 Pod & Planet fiction contest - Oct. 1 - Nov. 11 - 71 bil in prizes

Edit: Prizes pool now at 68+ bil. Thank you new sponsor! Writers and readers, check out the sponsors’ links on the website. A diverse crowd, all of them doing interesting EVE-related stuff.

We’re live, start writing, ye! But please review the rules (word limits, contest categories, etc. on the website first. You might want to review some of the old storie entries for some inspiration as well. The event goes to November 11, 2018, so maybe you’ll have time to write up several stories. Good luck and o7!
[Sorry for the second thread for the same event. I thought posting in the other one and not making a clear announcement might cause confusion].


Thanks to some very kind supporters, the prizes pool is now at 71 bil ISK value. Thank you, nice non-philistine EVE players! Only eight stories entered so far, and 27 prizes to be awarded. It seems like the field is open, but… people are probably writing as we type. EVE writers and college students are real writers-- they tend not get in gear until a deadline is incoming, and soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


EVE News 24 would like to donate to the pool. Sadly I didn’t find a link on the site.
Broadcasting for Reps here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Over 71 Billion ISK in Loot Up for Grabs! – Pod and Planet Someone already did a write up for it.

Excellent, thanks Alina! Just send me an Evemail and we’ll arrange EVE News 24’a donation. And extra special thanks to you guys for covering the event again this year. Letting people know about it is always the hardest part.

please let me know where to send the Plex! Been a pleasure, as always, to be associated with the contest.

As long as I’m in charge of High Drag, you can count on us to help as a sponsor!


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Excellent, and much thanks to you again this year, Random. Please contract the PLEX to me in Jita 4-4, if that’s convenient. Or I can just pick them up wherever you contract and truck them to Jita. Well, I’d prefer you didn’t contact them in a WH… :slight_smile:

The entry period closed yesterday, and we got 51 stories and poems. Several works are 4,500+ words long. Well done, bros and sisses!

Writers, please check the contest website’s Contest Entries page to make sure your entries and there, and in the right category.

We’re trying to get everything judged in November. But to be honest, judges are individual players (and one CCP staff) donating their finite free time, so judging always takes longer than expected. Writers, while you’re waiting, read your fellow authors’ work, and maybe share some feedback. We’ll check back in this thread periodically with judging updates.


Excellent! Already started reading. :slight_smile:

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I do not see my submission on that website, Sam. Can you look into that please? Thanks!


Resolved and Evemail sent, Ayana.

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Sits and waits just super patiently :smiley:

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Yeah, I am getting slightly anxious in the wait. :slight_smile:

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…about to start setting things on fire…


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:grinning: Yeah, waiting must be like waiting for your birthday when you know you’re going to get your first bike. But at least in that case you’d know how many days you still had to wait. Unfortunately, a few judges have reported having unexpected RL demands, and one had to leave the panel. So we’ve had delays with scoring.

In any event, judges have until December 10 (one month from the entry deadline) to submit their scores. If we have a sufficient sampling on scores on that date, results will be announced on December 11. To make sure we get a good representation of diverse tastes, I’m going to say that each story needs scores from at least four judges before compare the scores.


Nice, thanks for the heads up mate o7

Uh oh, my statement about a date for announcing winners may been a little imprudent. Only some entries in the the Swear and Curse category have four scores. Not all of the stories in the other categories have even three scores yet. We may have a ways to go yet.


Well, at least I’ve got finals to distract me from worrying about this. Lol

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Small update: In an amazing feat of reading endurance, one judge powered through and scored all 51 stories and scored them this weekend. Another said he would do the same, and knowing him from previous years, he will. We’re getting closer.


:+1: well done that man! No small feat!