YC120 Pod & Planet fiction contest - Oct. 1 - Nov. 11 - 71 bil in prizes

(Ayana Naito) #21

Send our appreciation to them from us writers, please. :slight_smile:

(Telegram Sam) #22

Will do!

(Mundi Kundoni) #23

Come on Sam, don’t do a post just to say will do! My heart skipped a beat as I am sure did every else’s!

(Jack Carrigan) #24

Torches and pitchforks now on sale. Heavily marked down from Jita prices.

(Mountain Ghasha) #25

Scam! :wink:

(Ayara Itris) #26

dies of anticipation

consciousness transfers

dies again

(Mundi Kundoni) #27


(Ayana Naito) #28


(Jack Carrigan) #29

Reducing prices on torches and pitchforks for the angry mob

(Telegram Sam) #30

Alright! Judging is finally done. Yes, it is 100% true this time. Barring any emergencies/disasters occurring for myself in the next day or so (it would have to be something really serious), the results will be posted Jan. 5 - Jan. 6, YC121 (depending on your time zone). Sorry for the long wait, and thanks for your patience, writers.

(Telegram Sam) #31

It is done. Well, almost. We have a tie to break between two stories, so two prizes are still to be awarded. That should happen in the next day or two. (More suspense, sorry about that). But the other results are here.

Congratulations, winning writers and all writers! It might take me a few days to distribute all of the prizes.

(DocSalvage) #32

Thank you for all the hard work judging the entries.

It appears that the winning story hyper-links are not correct, they take you to stories, but not the right ones?

Again, great event - thanks to all!

(Telegram Sam) #33

Thanks for the heads up. :+1: It wasn’t supposed to have any hyperlinks at all…

(Telegram Sam) #34

Final results from the tie-breaker round are up and posted on the webpage. So let it be written. So let it be done.
-Pharoah Ramses II (1950s Hollywood version)

(Ayana Naito) #35

Thank you judges.

(Da'iel Zehn) #36

I’d like to send a big thank you to all the writers, judges, and patrons who donated to the prize pool. Really appreciated.

Thank you to Sam for all the hard work and coordination for this wonderful event of the arts. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all the winners as well.


(Mundi Kundoni) #37

Thanks to the judges and all the other writers.

Genuinely humbled by the prize, didn’t think I stood a chance against the competition this year.

See you guys next year!

(Telegram Sam) #38

Well done everybody. Thank you donors for being generous patrons of the arts. Gratitude to the judges for donation their time and their support. And thanks most to you writers for showing up and giving us some good reads. o7

(Telegram Sam) #39

But wait, there’s more… :slight_smile: Sorry, don’t mean to ramble, but just a few things:
-If anyone would be interested in co-coordinating a Pod & Planet for Fall of 2019 with me, please EVEmail. The duties and time commitments shouldn’t be especially onerous. Primary is thoughts and ideas about how to get a load of extremists to rap out tales, upon keyboards. Other than that, not a very hard job at all. :smile:

-Please note that Lunarisse Aspenstar’s Capsuleer Writing Contest comes up in the Spring. Ye guys have more time to write, create, present. Yes indeed. :slight_smile:

(Makoto Priano) #40

Do remember to nudge me when Pod & Planet YC121 comes near, eh?