YC120 Pod & Planet fiction contest - Oct. 1 - Nov. 11 - 71 bil in prizes

(Telegram Sam) #41

\o/ o7 (Needed two emoticons to meet the 5-character minimum).

(Vaari) #42

Can i still participate?

(Telegram Sam) #43

Ah, sorry, it’s over for this year mate. It will likely be back in the Fall. There may be a separate contest in the Spring though.

(Vaari) #44

Can is i reply now and join contest later?

(Telegram Sam) #45

No mate, don’t publicly post your story now if you want to join the next contest. We can’t judge stories that have already been posted somewhere. Because if we did, hundreds of previously written stories could be entered, and we’d never be able to read and judge them all. But if you’ve got something ready for cooking, write it up! Lunarisse Aspenstar (and I’m not at all speaking for her) has been doing Capsuleer Writing Contests in the spring each year, so you could potentially enter it there. Or you could save it for the next Pod & Planet coming in the fall 2019. Or you could immediately present it to other writers and readers here, or on the the Eve Online Backstage fiction forum. And then, dream up and render down a lot of other stories, to place when and where you want! :slight_smile:

(Orpheus Menkalinan) #46

Been reading through some of the entries and have take my hat off to everyone involved, some really good work all around.

(Korsavius) #47

My greatest thanks to Sam and all the other judges for critiquing our works. Many thanks also to all the wonderful sponsors for providing neat prizes! And of course thank you to all the fellow authors who put out some great work to read. Looking forward to the next Pod and Planet <3