Pod & Planet fiction contest - docked up this year

Most people probably won’t know what the Pod & Planet EVE fiction contest is, but for those who have written for it in the past, or read the works-- just wanted to check in. Regrettably, the event is on hiatus this year, due to lack of time to coordinate it on my end. Hopefully more time will become available this time next year and we can come back with another round. I will definitely miss reading all of the surprisingly high-quality stuff that EVE player-writers-- of all levels of experience with fiction writing-- craft up each year. If you haven’t seen it, it’s here. It goes back to 2012, and I sincerely think it’s well worth reading. If you’re working your way into the art and craft of writing, take a look at what other people just like you came up with.

In any event, out of respect for the many people who have participated in and support the event in all kinds of ways over the years, I wanted to provide update, and not just disappear o7, and keep it up, writers!



Thanks for letting us know. It sucks that it won’t be happening this year but I understand. I’ll keep my eye out for you next September.

Bummer to hear, but understandable.
Best of luck with whatever you have your hands full with (work, I assume), and thanks for the heads up.

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