Pod & Planet EVE fiction contest - 55bil+ isk in prizes

_Edit Sept. 30, 2017 _
- The contest is live and open for entries.
- Entries deadline November 5, 2017 (server time)
-Prizes amount is now 54 bil +
Website has been updated with new and current info
Still accepting donations and new sponsors :wink:

Coming in September 2017, back for a sixth year. 51bil+ isk in loot and isk in prizes, so far. We’ll post again when it’s live. In the meantime, here’s the site from last year with the background.

We’ve always had donor-sponsors from the community and we need some this year too. If you’d like to donate and participate as a sponsor, please EVEmail Telegram Sam.


Wow, I read some of the stories that were submitted, very nice indeed. Judges definitely have a tough job in selecting 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for each of the 3 categories.

Since it’s now the middle of September, will this contest start at the end of the month, go for 30 days and then end in October?

Seriously looking forward to this contest.


We’re still rounding up some judges and possible sponsors, but it looks like it will start around Sept. 23 and go to around Nov. 4.

Yeah, Eve players are pretty amazing writers. The first year we did this (2012), I was pretty stunned at the level of writing.

By the way, if anyone wants donate-sponsor, just mail me. It’s kind of a nice way to get some exposure for your corp, alliance, fleet, blog, etc. Sponsors’ logos are put website and hyperlinked to whatever site they want. (We have 51 bil isk in prizes already, so for once I’m not panhandling to come up with enough funds. Just want to let everyone know they’re invited to participate).


Sounds good, just a couple questions:

Will contestants submit their work via the same format options as the previous contests?

Will all info, rules, etc, for the upcoming contest be posted in the OP of this thread?

Right, for submitting a work, the writer just has to post it somewhere on the internet and send me the link. In the past, people have posted in the EVE Fiction forum, in the fiction section of the Backstage Eve forums, in their blogs, or even in pastebin.

The rules will be on the website (linked in the OP). This year’s rules will be the same as last years. The only different is this year there will be sub-prizes for very short fictions stories (750 words or less). So people who don’t have to write a 5,000-word epic to have a chance to win a prize. Of course, if it’s a great very short story, it could win one of the sub-prizes, and one of the major prizes.


This contest is a great idea and I really enjoy reading the entries.

I look forward to seeing what our talented and creative community will do!


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Going to be sending out a mail to the previous writers as usual?

Do you plan to do an audio presentation of the winning story again this year Zendane?

Yes Jack, we’ll be mailing all of the previous writers again. There are 204 of them now…! We just need to firm up the start and end dates first. (Good to see you by the way, hope you can write again this year).

Do you plan to do an audio presentation of the winning story again this year Zendane?

Absolutely, I look forward to recording it!

You’re not getting rid of me that easily.

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Contest judges lined up so far:
Cagali Cagali - Brave Newbies CEO, CSM
CCP Falcon - Community Manager, Eve backstory writer
Lunarisse Aspenstar - Capsuleers Writing Contest facilitator
Mike Azariah - Arek’Jalaan project coordinator, CSM
Silver Night - Long-term Eve fiction writing supporter, Backstage fiction forum moderator

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It’s alive! Time to write them and enter them!

If you would, please help us get the word out about the event, if you would. You know, tell your corp or alliance, mention it on your blog, otherwise let you circle of fellow Eve players know. It’s never any good to see after it’s over, “Why didn’t I hear about this earlier?”

(But if you’re writing for the event, please disregard. You’d only be inviting in more competition for yourself. Such is not the Eve way, you might get points docked if you’re caught doing it). :wink::japanese_goblin:

New guidance about what’s expected for stories in the lore-faithful 8,000 Suns in New Eden category have been posted on the contest website. Hopefully the examples of OK and not-OK will make things more clear.

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Pod and Planet is a pretty big deal. 2017 interview and announcement links that might interest:


Update: Clueless Space Nerds podcast has joined High Drag podcast and Domanark in donating 1 bil for the writers. Thank you sponsors! Total pool now 55 bil+ isk.

Last day! Get your epics, your tales, your very short works, your silly humorous nonsense in before the end of November 5 (server time)!

Stories entries period done, judging phase commenced. Winning tales to be announced in the next few weeks. In the meantime: 58 brand new tales, from the talented minds of EVE. Always amazing what emerges… no joke.

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Winning stories announced o7 writers, donors, judges, readers!

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