I want to write and publish an Eve novel or novella, or a collection of short-stories

Hello All,

This is directed towards anyone within CCP or whomever can honestly answer this question. I want to write, and publish, a novel/novella or collection of short-stories set in New Eden, as depicted in EVE Online, and “official” CCP Lore Sources.

How do I go about such an endeavor? I’m mainly looking for a way to secure permission to do such a thing. With Eve’s 20th anniversary coming and the branching out into other countries (and the tripling of users on Tranquility since last year), I think this would be an excellent time to release such a thing, as novels and stories tend to generate interest and many players who are into EVE would love to read more about their favorite setting.

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Moved to EVE Lore Discussion (Intergalactic Summit is a strictly IC forum section).

As to your inquiry, as per Contact us - CCP Games you should email info@ccpgames.com



You may write about me.

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