Fanfic Publishing Rights

Good day!
please, tell me how to get official rights from CCP to publish fanfic on the Eve Online universe? Is it possible? To confirm my right as an author to publish a fanfic enough message on the forum from the administration.

What exactly do you mean? Are you just trying to post it to a fanfic site or something? Or are you trying to get a legit book published?

Posting Fanfic
I’m no means an expert, but apparently posting fanfic stuff is in a legal grey area. And apparently some copyright owners are cool with it, while others will throw lawyers at you. Now, I’m not condoning breaking the eula, infringing on CCP’s copyrights, or doing anything illegal, but I’d imagine that this would be okay (and I believe that this shouldn’t be something that companies and authors should try to stop). But, I’m just some schmuck who watches too much youtube; I’m not a lawyer. So, it’s up to you find out for certain.

Publishing Fanfic
Published fanfics, however, are probably a different beast. Now, apparently it is a myth that copyright holders have to defend their copyrights so that they don’t lose them. But most copyright owners will probably want to defend their copyrights anyway. Like, it probably doesn’t matter that your book and their game don’t directly compete with each other because they probably want to carefully control their brand (and don’t want people doing things like publishing gay werewolf erotica set in the Eve universe). But, nothing wrong with asking. I don’t know who to talk to about that though. You could try at’ing CCP Aurora. She’s a member of the community team, so maybe she can give you an answer or point you in the right direction.

And as a bonus, here’s an entertaining video about gay werewolf erotica fanfics… and some copyright stuff.

Thank you for your response. It is within this framework that I have information. I need to learn about the second possibility (publication). And the example with gay werewolves is beautiful :))). It seems to me that even he is already answering the question that it is most likely not possible to get such approval.

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