EVE Online Books so Player Activism

Hello o7

There is many stories created by a Players in Player Fiction.
Why CCP dont use them?
I Know that every content created by Player is property of CCP ,
and in Metro Universe developer agreed on book release of a Player stories.

Why not CCP?

I Understand that some may not fit “system requirements” for official release.

But what is official CCP thinking in the Topic?

Im Linking also Riggs’n’Synth My Story here …
The Riggs’n’Synth - Fiction Portal / Player Fiction - EVE Online Forums
-Will something like this fit?
-What needs to be fix?

Every writer connected in EVE Online Universe , want to be better.
Lets Use it like a test sample , for topic needs.

Saying that and acting on it are two completely different things. Regardless of what the TOS and EULA say, there will be lawsuits and bad publicity over it that is easier avoided than faced. Those clauses of ownership are most often reserved for people who are creating things harmful to the IP. Only the truly greedy companies try to capitalize on the creativity of their customers, and it usually doesn’t end well.

Look at Dungeons & Dragons. Every few years there’s a new push by whoever the current rights holder is to capitalize on the Homebrew industry that the players have. This has always cost the rights holder in the end.

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Good that you write it.
But even if , this topic going to grow and in 100% isn’t instant.

In Theory if CCP do not got a cash for book release …i believe player going to donate for it ,
i will …suggesting a US Dollar , but without a developers part i do not think it make any logic.

In case of publishing…
-English language , no different.
-Donation in US Dollar.

Rules and this what we sign , is a rule and sign
…it is what make player not cheater , it is what make positive fan activity and cheat.

Doesn’t matter what they signed. Someone will see someone else making money off something they made, and want a part of that. It’s basic human nature.

Doesn’t matter what they signed. Someone will sue to collect what they feel is their due. In defending that suit, the Evil Corporation will be blasted across every type of media as the bad guy. The defense of the suit costs money and only generates bad publicity, and that’s if they win, which isn’t guaranteed, regardless of what they signed.

It only takes one to ruin it for everyone, and that one is a matter of when, not if.

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You are speaking about STEALING someones data.
If it is pointed in to me …im author of Riggs’n’Synth …and rules and signed document speaking that Riggs’n’Synth is now a property of CCP …topic End.

Topic Opened Riggs’n’Synth where stolen by me → CCP got problem to ME–>I got problem with Law Enforcement … … …Im in Jail.

What is complicated that you speaking about it? Every user know how it ends…in short or long period of time.

No, I’m not, and if you think that then you need to learn how to read.

I guess posting nothing but incoherent babble in response to not understanding what I’m saying is enough to get me to abandon a thread, after all.

Good riddance.

Its not.
Some do not even read books.
CCP Evil Corporation? Because they print something what was write in “Basic” for CCP?
…in basic for others for free.

Next time i suggest to use more human language … In theory , you little bit hook a Stealing topic.
That not like stealing but stealing in public opinion.

To solve it simply few words on a Starting page , like
…Every story where write by a Player for free , and is shared with agreement EULA and TOS by CCP.

But also , writers that going to be involved in this Player stories as authors going to be fam around…isnt that payment?

It would be better (and more conventional) if CCP was to commission a work of fiction under common contractual arrangements. There should be no lack of clarity in a formal document, properly executed.

There is no reason why the author of such a fiction should not be a player, but it would be important for the writer to understand the demands of writing with the modern video game in mind.

A story which might make a reasonable piece of fan fiction might not be suitable for treatment as a basis for inclusion in an MMORPG. This isn’t Hollywood. Nobody is going to throw money at a project which involves turning some random player’s ugly duckling into a sleek engaging swan - and pay that player for the ‘privilege’. No-one.

I think CCP will be wary of inviting ideas from players. You only have to look at the ‘Player Features & Ideas’ sub-forum to assess what the likely result will be. Not that the opportunity shouldn’t be there, of course…

There’s nothing wrong with the idea of players creating fiction for potential use by CCP. I just mistrust loose contractual arrangements when it comes to creative work. Perhaps CCP could issue guidelines of some sort, with no guarantee that any writer following those guidelines should expect his/her work to be the foundation of the next big expansion.

Anyway, there’s already a sub-forum for Player Fiction. Perhaps CCP is already aware of writers who might be useful - and of those who might not…

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Legal stuff you or me don’t know about lol.

TBH the main reason is because most of them are poorly written (usually very poorly). Low quality fan-fiction works OK on a “backstory/lore/roleplaying” section of the website because it costs very little to host and the only people likely to look at it are already aware most of it will be borderline awful.

In order to put money to work publishing something, and associate CCP’s ‘brand’ with something, they’d want to know there’s both profit and favorable recognition in it for them. Digging through what publishers call the “slush pile” looking for something worthwhile to publish isn’t a good use of time. If they want an EVE story told, they’d check with an established writer - which is what they already did, to mixed success.

The closest CCP might come to something like this would be to sponsor a writing contest to popularize some new expansion or something. Best submissions get X reward. Even then they’d be unlikely to get something of generally-publishable quality, because for the most part, people capable of good quality writing have better things to do than write fanfiction for a niche game.