The Riggs'n'Synth

The Forage
Kate Sconia The Scope Reporter

Jita IV Moon 4 Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Kate where siting in a front of her Wallscreen , looking at the same old historical data that She collect after Housevell Ringdoro missing News.
Pictures , Movies , Screnshots of MediaNews and recorded last talks …Housevell where important for Her always understand fellings ideas and Her work.
In fact they where doing same job , a The Scope reporters always there where something is worth record and write.
-Where have you dive? In Her mind everything gets mess up , after his lost Where broken without force without faith and walk too a specialist a year.
-You need to be somwhere there or in near region.
She should went sleep four hours ago but not this time Her momery where working , like a shots His face , Drink , Club , Work.
In this topic where small secret a Blue Pill , Narcotic wich help her relax and heat up memory in larger dose.
Blue Pill in two give her new memorys with Housevell , private new world or some chill in wolfs game.
-There only One left , and got four Hours where is water…
And like Manticore from nowhere New Media News pop on the screen. THEOLOGY COUNCIL TRIBUNAL NEWS–!
-Lets See , Aura OPEN Last NEWS.
:_Video Recording Opening
…Ashab VIII - Moon 10 - Theology Council Tribunal. The Scope.

Hoscus Jaavat
-Yes , It is true that at Nadohman IV someone spread danger Rumors , Some Citizens start saying that in slave and homeless district someone got Aurorum Tokens…
some Amarr people start beliving in Revolution and Riots , we send additional Imperial Army Forces to system and Region , to calm down people…
…There is no additional Police Hour , Imperial Army is showing only that we are ready…
-I think that Minmatar or Khanid spys are guilty and seed this heresy , creating dangerous sytuation becouse own Evil needs.

-What? In Her mind Housevell where living somwhere in prison , underground or even as Imperial Monk.
She where holding a Blue Pill in hands , last pill in bag drop on a floor.
-He where living and in her mind where creating revolution becouse he saw how they are live.
-No impossible , but , but that is the answer i feel it.
Kate fell so good like that days when he work with Her , she drop eyes on the floor at the Blue Pill and wont think to long she take last one.
It started slow , She fell every muscle like after bath with aroma stones and oils. In Her head he live and it wont take long when she decide to turn on Music.
-Aura Start Music from last stop.
:_Music “On” Last Stop
The rain dropin , The small river at the hills , Birds sounds in mix one after one.
She and Her minds where in deep good flow , only one idea He Lives …Chill.
It take a time , and that is impossible to resist for Her. She open eyes and stand up to take a shower , there only Hour left too meeting with contact Edegar Carlinoy.
She where thick but not so tall , 172cm , the C but all players note it , Blonde Hairs , Green eyes and esthetic lips.
The showers in Jita where the best in class and designe , couple modes of water stream with additional Oil or Hair Conditioner.
In the room with shower there is also dryer , Hot air goes through the device at diferent angle drying a Hair and body in the same time.
It takes 12 minutes for a girl to be ready in action. The clothes , a black synthethic skin jacket last , tshirt white with The Scope logo , grey cotton pants and…
…white sport shoes , A black synthethic skin everyday bag…Shes ready.

-Ok i got everything i can go.
She leave a room , and went straight to the elevator. In the corridor was few people and a security , Capsuler that wear Genolution Combat Suit and next one in…
…Corporate Troubleshoter gear. She enter a elevator where she heard a talk and latest market news…

-Can you imagine that Concord in last time cach up 35% more smugglers here in Jita?
-O i heard that smugling problem grow in last months , but never think that numbrs are so big.
-Yes , but Caldari Navy and Hyasyoda Corporation, Ishukone Corporation, Kaalakiota Corporation, Lai Dai Corporation open Riging oferts thats a cash news.
-Caldarii Steel too , something have changed and i do not think that it is smugling problem.
-Look a The Scope reporter.
-Have you heard anything?

-No im heading on a meeting now after two days break sorry.
Kate Leave a elevator and went straight too a free space lobby , She pass a two Traders area so look up at the huge screen inside like a all do.
There where a Nocxium price and demand lines , informations shown at screen where saying that Mineral is in huge demand.
Walk around those two areas where harder , buyers and sellers everywhere. But She finnaly reach a free space lobby.
Out there people where talk about view , clothes , ISK , work , clubing …and she spot Edegar Carlinoy.
He where staying near last table at balcony looking at the docking Tayra , He wont even realize She is heading to him.
She simply walk and tap his arm…

-Hellow Im Here.
-Hey , good to see you …looking like 18 but it fits you i fell proud got a doughter. He smile.
-Ok did you heard last news from Amarr? Kate ask smiling to him similarly.
-Yes , and it is probably Khanid Evil crap. Now he literally start laugh.
-Hey give a break I think about someone specific and important. Kate look on a table.
-Ok , lets sit …about who you talking to?
-You are realy far away or i speak to the clone. Now she laugh.
-I think i understand about who , it isnt stupid thinking couple times something like that happend. agreeing.
-Im going there and ask couple questions there in this topic.
-Remember that boss need to know or at least someone above , when you are moving there?
-As fastest as possible.
-I Heard that The Scope is sending a Shuttle to Domain , i think it is your bus.
-When? with eyes wide open.
He look at the wrist…
-Got four two Hours from pad six. With a smile…
-I told a boss that you probably going to get there , He agreed. Not bad face.
-Thank you. She say it with cry in the eye
-Ohh break , i need a drink there is a bar. pointing a bar next to fountain.
-OK Only One.

They where drinking and talking about work , Kate told him that if he still going to party with Crash in the pocket it can end up bad with SARO Blacktroop , at the party becouse it is easy to cross a limit with Crash , it happend once in Jita few years ago when four guys start fighting and one pull a gun.
It was quite strange when they realize that couple pilots looks at them and are listen to them , good part at last part where talking louder.

-Kate One important thing dont take cookies with you , i heard that lokal are good.

She where a capuler too , got a implant that allow her connect to a ship in a capsule but wont have single one.
Walking towards pad six she pass couple ships moustly Caldarii but she where looking by the moment at Daredevil Shadow Serpentis frigate.
She reach the pad six , out there security check a board pass tickets it goes faster and after a minute she where on a board of Shuttle.
The armchair on board where high quality , next too her sit a capsuler in State Officer Jacket.
About half hour of trip , She chill with music.

Hoscus Jaavat Nadohman Council

Ashab VIII Moon 10 Theology Council Tribunal

Mervan Moritok Theology Council
-We starting monthly session , today Holy Empress Catis going to say something important , Is Empress ready?

-Yes Theology Council im connecting now.

Holy Empress Catis
-Good Morning and be blessed , today i heard a bad news about Nadohman IV.
-A Kado Omanid a Amarr Templars leader with General Momed Sarshor speak with me , they collect informations about all areas of Domain and…
…some additional regions , Im afraid that it can be only a first step in large scale revolution
-We decide that Amarr Empire send more Imperial Army ships there.
-I choose Kado Omanid to solve a problem , He is a Fleet Leader and going to cooperate with all organizations in solving this threat.
-Hoscus Jaavat , a local Theology Tribunal Council first report that problem , Council please open topic for other Councils.

Hoscus Jaavat Nadohman Theology Council
-Yes , It is true that at Nadohman IV someone spread danger Rumors , Some Citizens start saying that in slave and homeless district someone got Aurum Tokens…
some Amarr people start beliving in Revolution and Riots , we send additional Imperial Army Forces to system and Region , to calm down people…
…There is no additional Police Hour , Imperial Army is showing only that we are ready…
-I think that Minmatar or Khanid spys are guilty and seed this heresy , creating dangerous sytuation becouse own Evil needs.

Kado Omanid Amarr Templars Leader
-We start operation a couple hours ago , at the moment i can definetly say that someone with money exists in this task.
-But we dont who do it , it is main thing we trying to figure out.
-Security task are supported now by Imperial Navy.

Mervan Moritok Theology Council
-Yes , Pomik Haromi ask for a time.

Pomik Haromi Court Chamberlain
-Court would like to ensure that trade and production is working normal in region and…
…additional Military activity make Nadohman more attractive than usual , some traders already announced visit.

Mervan Moritok Theology Council
-Good , God bless Amarr Empire , 40 minutes pause.

…a prices wont rise up , a resources are deliver , production works like such thing never happend.
-Yes it is true , but heretics always going to find there way to spread Terror.
-Is Empress Catis , god bless her here becouse of something we didnt know or simply becouse the sytuation is a bigger problem than we can imagine.
-God Bless her , Sytuation like that one isnt suit anyone Empress too.

Nadohman IV
Galante Secret Agent “Smoke”

Im official Aid Worker in Homeless District , district old station containers some cargo or drone Bays from ships that fits to reprocess.
Everywhere trash style , Amarr Trash Style …work twohoundred meters from here at resourcess retrieval site …or trash ,
next work at ships and machinery deadyard. Day after day im looking at sick , thirsty mans. Day after day a dirt ,
but it pays up , i found inteligence a evidence , Token …and some information link to a Man call self a priest ,
He spread his faith propaganda , as he says a True God Word.
A mark on a wall , a triangle with six legs goes from the corrners of a triangle , are attached to a circles.
A Triangle is a God , that got Face for Helper , Warrior and Worker…legs are a decisions that a man can take , good and Bad one.
That Decision got a meaning , always and always got diferent face , so a circles are more like a Cards , every man hold a card and which one its always up to a man.

Nadohman IV
Smuggler “Thinker”

OK Black Joe , we are rolling with this stuff…
Black Joe is a ship old Cormorrant Destroyer guess whats a stuff huh?
Im Expecting that today it is a Spiryt , old good grain in the bottle how huh?
Ok Crew we are rolling on a Nadohman IV from this Moon I …Imperials are going here with brand new X-ray Fry lens.
Prepare to Warp belts up…
He put he’s ass in a Capsule with a smile , and now sell some stuff in style …
4 Secounds Boys , We are going in hot there is no Wormholle on a Dark side going near Atmosphere.
2 secouns
1 … Warp
Booom!!! a warp press air in the ship , so Warp always got some special effects…
…Ship got rigs that allow on a faster Warp Entering and Engine Tuning incresing speed.
Ok We are droping from a Warp in 8 Sec … Thinker im understand , why so Military?
Flash!!! leaving a Warp always got firecracker , Spice and Wooden Carbon got same i think.
Thinker go lower No one should track a ship in a Storm slow down.

Nadohman IV
Kate Sconia The Scope Reporter

Ok , Im at Amarr space and need to expect some rules. Kate walk through space port with view on a City , Huge Sky Scrapers and Monumental Prayers zones with
a priest place at the middle. She saw Monks , She saw Priests decide to walk straight to a hotel. During a walk She spot marks on a walls a Triangels with legs and circles ,
Not many , but in Capital City of Nadohman IV. Kate enter a Hotel , inside already await her a Hotel Guider with two workers…
God bless you , im one of many Hotel specialist and if you like i will guide you to a room.
Kate smile and simply anwser , Yes please.
Kate room looks like room in the Jita 4-4 but where few meters bigger and got a window with a view on a City , Inside where everything She need in a Amarr style ,
there where even a a robe and 4 complets of Long T-shirts , light Pants and a dress.
Staying in the room Kate think , one after one minds cross to create a plan base on Her skills.
-Lets start from a glif on a wall , it was triangle with two legs from every corner which connect to two seperated circles.
-I need more informations…Aura Show latest News About Nadohman IV.
…Latest News Nadohman IV , connecting …Screen On
-Thats a Capsuler News Program , I need something lower …Aura Open a Latest News About Nadohman IV Citys.
…Citys of Nadohman IV ,Screen On
Kate start scrolling throught News , when She spot something interesting where making a note.
Thats How Five Hours pass.
-I need a BluePill , My Heart rate is Higher and im sweating.
Kate Leave a room go down too a lobby , when She get there She simply realize that need more informations too buy a BluePill , it may look simply in Jita but Jita like Caldari , Gallante and some Minmatar Regions arent Faith Fanatics.
-I need to go to Club , no bad idea.
-Ok i think here fastest way going to be Industral Bars or Logistics Areas.
She go to city interactive map in the Hotel lobby and set up filters for Bars , those are located moustly near Logistic areas…and it is a targget.
Walking for 10 minutes to reach a Bar , staying outside Kate spot dors and a wall next to a Bar with advertising screens , out there spot a Ultraviolet mark…
…that collect sun energy to light mark when comes dark.
When she get to the mark to look at it from short distance , realize that that is a Angel Cartel logo…
-Here a Angel Cartel? i Think a Narcotics seller is a Girl.
Kate decide to make a slow walk around a building i which Bar is located , She expect that spot a seller and in Her opinion it should be easy.
During walk She spot Monks , Homeless , AID Workers , Workers…One girl , with a head protection helmet that got printed Valkyrie logo…
…Valkyrie been a group of High Skilled Fighter Pilots lead by Ran Kavic , that girl same as Kavic got blonde hairs.
Kate decide to start talk about Valkyrie group and slow go to Narcotics topic , in case not as TheScope Reporter but in case of gosspi.
-Hey , you must like Fighter pilots i think. Kate start fast with a smile and energy.
-Hey , I’ve heard a lot about them and meet one two days ago , He’s flying for Imperial Navy.
-Im not in work now , im a turist so nothing official but tell more about your new friend.
-Pilar as He’s squadron call Him , got Equite I He’s after first assignment , but now got a lot work becouse of as He say “Unknow Planetary Ativity”.
-You mean a Those Aurorum Tokens and Poor District move?
-Yes , but not Only There is a guy call Him self a Priest , He Spread he’s Faith Words in the underground.
-O , I didnt know that , tell more please.
-There is nothing more , but This mark with Triangle it is He’s propaganda mark…
…-You are off work but asking like a TheScope , come with me on a drink.
Kate and Girl go to a Bar that Kate try to go around looking for BluePill , Bar like a Bar tables chairs and a Barman so similar to Gallante one ,
there where no Robes , a lot talks and loud music …Screen on the wall about Military Activity in sector.
Barman spot Kate and Her new friend near and ask…
-What do You need the Prices are on the HoloTablet.
-Kate- 4-4 Lagune.
-Amarr Gold.
Barman set two Glases and start Magic tricks.
-Whats your name? Kate Ask a girl.
-Im Lea a FreeLancer.
-Nice to Meetyou , FreeLancer whats your specialization.
-Freight , I got contract here on Nadohman IV.
Barman end both drinks , 4-4 Lagune Blue Drink in large glass with Orange and mint , two Layers of Blue liquid , first like a Lagune and lower dark blue…
…Amarr Gold Is more like a Shake with alcohol , Latte color with Vanila and Carmel , milk and ice , ended with Two cream tubes.
Kate and Lea take drinks and sit near w window , Kate Heart rate rise up and gets slow.
-Can you imagine that smuggling is growing and in the same time Imperial Navy detect activity here. Lea start and it probably save Kate.
-Things like that happend But …Here at planet is Narcotics problem? People use? Kate goes faster to the topic.
-Everywhere , at Nadohman Exile , BluePill , NerveSticks are moust common…
…True say some should be banned some not , I think that NerveSticks should be prohibited but end with mandate.
-So you use …Im looking now BluePill , could you help?
Kate ask her but Heart goes fast and slow , and started sweat.
-I know you a half Hour but i feel that you like to chill alone , yes i can help…
…give me a minute , need to talk to that Logistic worker.
Lea Standup and go to worker that sit next to a bar , He smile and return with Lea.
Hey , I heard that you need a BluePill …Its 450ISK for one.
Kate relax , She got for what where looking for…
-Ten , got it in Crystalline Carbonide bag?
-O… Smuggling Sister or something?
-Lea laughter louder. Creating good misdirection.
-TheScope off duty. Kate Smile , and noone look what happening.
Drug Seller sit on the moment , He move his head few times…
…-Ok Look Officialy you are buying a poster i create a Bank operation at the tab.
Lea simply with a smile drink Shake , no one could realize that she sells Narcotics.
…-ready , payment By touch
Kate use Her smartband , she touch a Tab
-I got it…Worker give Her a bag with 10 BluePills.
Kate put it to a EverydayBag…all stress in the secound goes away , but now she salivate and hide it by drinking a Drink.

Nadohman IV
Triangle Priest

Old WhereHouse , but live around 40 pray i faith ,One true god faith in His One True Word.
Homeless left on the street , Slaves draged to work for the Lord , Not One true Lord.
A Womans , A Mans , Even a Child.
Here They are work becouse they choose a One True God , not psychoMaster with a Whip.

A BlessOne , There come 12 more forsaken.
Give them food , place to sleep and point them to chapel… …Im going to bless them with the words of God

The Chapel , place where a Man drink a God Words , True God Words.

Be Bless in the mainds , be Bless in the flesh and food.
If you wont swear on GOD you never understand the Zelot , Fighting for the God is the Man RIGHT!!! There is a diference a MAN and ANIMAL.
A WAR isnt understand by someone who wont have a brother in one , Only Peace and Gods WORD SAVE MAN!!! Existence of GOD isnt questionable.
PEACE isnt understand by someone who NEVER FELL FORSAKEN, IN GOD EYES WE ARE THE SAME!!! HE GIve a MAN right to Live and choose GOD.
Fanatics never base they actions on conscience , Only GOD WORDS can stop MADMAN!!! You HAVE RIGHT to protect your self.
War is started by a man who first allow a SIN , ALL FANATICS kill with GOD WORD!!! GOD Have only ONE FACE.
ONLY TRUE Can Stop a CHAOS , ONLY YOU By ACTIONS and FAITH Can Change WORLD!!! GOD Live inside of You.

Nadohman IV
Galante Secret Agent “Smoke”

Smoked We end with this Homeless group , they got Flu vaccine in blood system.
-Good to heard that so we got a break? Smoke ask like every Aid Worker after 12 hours work with flu virus group…
…around Him now been siting childs , teenagers and adult with a smile on there faces.
He work for a 12 hours drinking water from hydration system on His back , mixed with vitamins and sugar…
…The official Aid Worker contract that should allow to pay last part of a Bank Credit on a Venture.
Smoked i cant find a Frentix we got a broken tendon in a knee here.
Smoke turn and open a box with painkillers , there where no single one.
-WHAT THE ■■■■!!!
-Pain killers gone , someone steal medicals.
Tell me that you joking…the another aid worker look at the top of a medical tent with eloquent face shot…
…Look in the next one box.
Smoke move open box by kick to create way to next box , box with medicals where sealed “Property of Imperial Aid and Empress”…
…He open a box and look for Frentix , inside where Vaccines , anti_inflammatory pills and antibacterial fluids and at the end Painkillers.
-I got two vials with Frentix.
That Knee looks bad , easy i need to inject this med to end pain …wait a moment and say when pain goes off.
-I think we should scan a Knee looks bad He wont step bad it looks like a fall injury , What happend?
Doctor please i wont fell pain , i can walk…
…No no sit , tell us what happend.
I’ve been looking for optical fiber in a zone 3 and when i pull one i lost balance and fall from five meters.
-I think here we need scan , the articular cartilage is damage same as bone.
Is it wrong?
…No we got everything to make you run again…Lets lift Him Smoked.
Why they call you smoked?
Smoked and Aid worker drag Him and carry to a Scaner…-I like Smoked Meat and fish.
…ok sit here , wait…Bone is fine but there is a break of a articular cartilage , we need sups with vitamins and collagen shots.
When i grow up im going to work as Aid Worker.
-Good that going to help others one day.
…Smoked i call for a transport to MMZ.
Whats MMZ?
-MainMedicalZone…The work is over in camp and that 14teen book last flight in medical line.
-The transport at medical line going to be here in 4 minutes , Easy i will carry you.
Smoke drag and move on hands that teenager he exit a tent and move towards medical line pad…
…-You are light , they give you food and medicals there , O yeah here is a madical line.
…Thats the kid with knee?
-Yes , but with touch got real knee damage.
…Ok Smoked we take care of Him.
Smoke move back to a tent during walk He spot a lot empty vaccines , carbohydrate bags and vials …He been spoted by few Aid Workers…
…Like a real Hero…Thats a Man…First to Help…the loud applause and some drone shots.
Can you imagine dentist got only one patient.
When Smoke enter back a tent He spot a Triangle Priest mark on a box that He kick …■■■■■■!!.
-Take a look , Triangle Priest mark.
…Imagine best part , we got everything but no security Camm here.

Nadohman IV
Smuggler “Thinker”

We are in the landing zone , Crew unload starts now and we are taking cargo and payment here.
Thinker , Whats we unload today? …Those Creats wont smell bad…
Hard too say , the contact say that this cargo is very important for BloodRiders and cant go through Orbital Gate , BloodRiders got eyes everywhere.
But what it is?
Think man …even I dont have Idea what it is. Thinker end with laugh.
Unload in Progress lets see Scaners …no one in range.
Crew we are loading a Slaves after unload , be kind to them They are paying in Tokens for them.
Ship where docked in old lunchpad for resources , around work Underground logistic team which where always ready.
Thinker Have no idea who supply the operation , Cars , Lifts even a power grid stolen from CommandCenter that nobody notice…
…One thing where clear , if cargo is worth it the boss find a way to make it all real , Transport Cars one after one drive away with containers…
…fast two times faster than at the official pad BlackJoe where unload , and load.
Thinker first groups of Slaves enter a ship , How long does it take?
Around 12 Minutes.
Slaves look similar , every time Thinker and He’s Crew see Slaves at every work They take it , is same picture…
…Always at Hangover , becouse Amarr use Vitoc to control them , reddened eyes , cracked lips , visible veins but well feeded…
Thinker i got Tokens , payment in time.
We wait on two more groups , put Tokens in to the money safe.

Nadohman IV
Kate Sconia The Scope Reporter

Sitting in a Hotel room Kate decide to take one BluePill , not for any kind of pleasure but to hold in line addiction…
…She’s here to solve a long time ago open topic , to find Her friend.
She at the beggining open notes created early , sift informations looking for connection and theories…
…the beggining where more like meditation music at 50% speakers force , one shot another , BluePill even in low dose always grabs body in charm same as minds.
Time flow wont exists tangibly , gets slower…
-Ok i got here a sect , ignited revolution and unknown person with Aurum Tokens…
…Sect exists always , revolution probably Minmatar activity , Aurum Token someone is digging for something…what is the point.
-Lets sift more data or , yea Aura what happend in last week that take main public news sites?
…Kate Local forcess detect a Implants Thief Gang they arrest four persons but official sorces are saying that tasks are in works now.
-Implants …I take a look on a room building , Aura drop a map on mu band.
-OK i take two BluePills in Bag for every case scenerio…The street work is a basic part of Media News Reporter work.
The Thiefs Hideout is located in poor district , Kate decide to get there by City Train…
When She stay at platform few Empress City Guards pass her few times , wont ask Her about anything…
…-Armed in Rifles in Combat Suits at the back… field projectors.
In City Train there werent too many people , from Train level She again spot Sky Scrappers and huge holo of Empress Catis.
Her stop , She leave a train at the platform again few Empress City Guards and few Security Drones.
Quick as possible She get to the stairs , at stairs look at the band for map to Thief hideout location.
She move through station and stop up front door and heard “FREEZZZ!!!” She stop and turn back…
…Near a side wall been few poor mans and childs , a Empress City Guard aim from Rifle to One Man in a robe.
…Hands UP!!! SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!!! - a Guard looks ready to shot.
In a moment , Kate wont know how it Happend so fast two more Guards came and aim to a man in a robe.
The man start rising hands up and say For Glory of Sansha KUVAKEI!!!
A man hand split and motor blade show up and started working
…SHOT ■■■■■■!!! …all Guards start shoting but the rifles wont hurt him badly as man.
Kate fell hit in the back and fall on a flor , behind her stay two Kameiras with Rifles
The Kameiras bullets pass man body so easy that make holes in the wall , EMP Shot on a moment cut electrycity on a moment…
…The fight take ten secound longer , barrel flash after flash light up corridor like in the club…
.Man fall and wont move…WE GOT HIM!!!
A every person around looks so frightended , Kate wont move…
…SYTUATION IS UNDER CONTROLL!!! PLEASE STAND UP , AND GO TO THE DOORS…A Guard repeat it by hand move show Kate that can stund up.
Kate stand up and move towards doors , She leave a station and go straight to Taxi stop…
…Good Evening , how goes a trip?
-Open a pass link i send a route from a band.
…Of course.
Kate fell save when drive away from train station , this what happend hit Her hard Hands shake all the time take big inhale…
…Do you hear what have happend at the station?
-Yes i do…
…Please relax
A Taxi where pass by four Imperial City Guard Cars on a police signals…
…I can start radio if you like.
-Yes please
…Tarin Station Shotuot , Sansha Spys In City!! What do you think link your recording at our page.
…Can you imagine Sansha Kuvakei at Nadohman IV burn…
…The ground team is reporting that bullets blow some part of the wall…
…What happend? witnes is saying…
…I’ve been standing near city map and Hear City Guard Hands up!!! , a moment latter bullets fly around…
…Base the Security is reporting no one where injured…
…I found another witness , What do you saw??..
…Before EMP Shell everthing , three Guards start shoting to Sansha minion , after EMP it been hard club area , but i spot a TheScope Reporter…
…We are waiting on recording from the station Cameras…
-OK Thank you turn it off.
…As you wish…we reach a place.
-Thank You.
Kate leave a Taxi and see a building , like a 40x40m square …doors are sealed “Imperial Investigation Service”.
She decide to tak a walk around , when she reach a back of the building She notice that got hole in the everydaybag ,
She lost a BluePills and have no idea where at Station in the Taxi or near a building …
-■■■■!! If Imperial Guards enter my room in the Hotel im busted , ■■■■!!!
-What happend when they found my Notes?? Whole Imperial Military going to look for me now…■■■■!!!
-And this ■■■■ a station , they cant connect this case…
…In Her mind sytuation been black as troops armor which look for her now…
-And im standing around a building which where a Implant Thieft Hideout with active Band…
-Imperial Inteligence find me it is impossible to escape…
…She can run , She can try to explain…

Nadohman IV
Imperial Inteligence Agency.

OK Security Force got This Assholle
Send Investigations Service with Implant Specialist there.
Boss I got something new , brand new topic…
…This The Scope Reporter get in to the Taxi , two minutes ago Driver call Guards becouse She drop Crystalline Carbonide bag with Narcotics.
…Im tracking Her location from a Band , She stop upfront a building which where a Implant Thief Hideout…
…The band wont move from 6 minutes.
Send Task Team , We need eyes is Drone there?
Yes Drone on a move 8 secounds to observation location.
Collect data about Her , overload a link if need it is now a spying not cryminal problem.
Sir She stop in the Hotel near Shuttle landing pad and She’s at Nadohman no longer than 5 Hours.
Task Teams enter a Hotel by a moment.
Drone where is a drone we need to see building , Aura drop window at screen.
…Linking now.
There is nobody.
Sir Task Team in 2 minutes at Hideout.
Sir Hotel Team found more drugs it’s BluePill 7 Doeses
…But found notes shots and screens data are processing now.
Sir we got a friends list and Criminal Gate in Jita 4-4…
…Her trip where payed by her Boss.
…But before flight she talk with Edegar Carlinoy He is in Jita 4-4 at MMA Turnament.
…Edegar Carlinoy is also a Drug Diller.
Sir Data are processed…
…She’s here looking for missing Housevell Ringdoro which dissaper…
…Tash Murkon - Thashkarai - Thashkarai VII Moon 1 Emperor Family Bureau
It wont make sense…She’s looking for data from Implant Thieft?
A Computers arent clean , Task team going to clean them in next two days.
We need analyst team it looks like a Espionage too many drug dillers and this what happend at Nadohman IV isnt a accident.
Sir Task Team reach a Hideout they are active now.
–Sir we found a band but there is no targget.
■■■■ we Lost Her…
Sir we got more details She’s origin Gallante but works and live personall more like Caldari.
Active Task Team in Jita…we need data from Her Room.

The Forge
Jita 4-4
Edegar Carlinoy

Edgar enter a MMA stadium , walk straight to to Hes stadium chair He was there 12 minutes before Fight.
Crowd around mainly sit some sing , music wasnt loud…lighst light up hexagon , it was a final between Minmatar and Caldari Fighter.
He sit , from hes place he spot friends a VIP lounge …everything where normal nothing bad have happend.
A girl next to Him Blonde Model high heels and perfect lips , She look at him He spot a AngelCartel Tatoo at Her neck.
He was convinced that know Her , probalby party or drug delivery…Her Black Red Minidress and legs looks breathtaking.
She look at Him…Hey , who will win the bet?
He answered her calmly…I think Caldari , how much do you put in to the bet?
With smile…20.000ISK , You are TheScope reporter dont you…
…that State Military Stockpile Jacket fits well.
He still calmly…Thank you , you look breathtaking.
I think i know you , where we could meet?
Probalby at the party…do you prefer drinks or pure shots? Ask quiet.
Pure shots.
…The Crowd start scream…
…Frome gates start walking a mans , one black in red shorts next one white in blue shorts…
…Music change in to drums and bass line loop.
Both fighters rise fists up during walk…the screams wont end…
…When they reach a Hexagon the Medicals look at body and allwo both enter one.
…Arbiter look up on a lights , left hand to the Thrasher and right to the Fanatic…
–READY!!? Arbiter allow them start by hands move.
Fanatic start with highkick , missed …Thrasher trying to take advantage by frontkick…
…Fanatic go left and start boxing with Thrasher…Thrasher caught Fanatic forearm and go to joint pessure by locking forearm and arm in single move to do floor…
…Fanatic caught Thrasher neck by Hes forearm , They both fall on a floor…at knee level start boxing fight both stund up exchanging blows…
…Thrasher again front kick , Fanatic hit a hexagon wall and replied with front kick too…
Edgar sit and look at Model . She seemed in very good mood …and the moment where stop by His smartwatch , start shake and blink red…
…that mean it is something very important , Edgar rise hand and look at the watch , He saw a message…
…Edgar it is deadly importnat , few things have happpend its about Kate , im pinning a map to my location BE FAST.
Edgar stand up and move to doors , Have strange feeling that it is somthing more important than a drug bust.
He walk to Hotel lobby to talk what have happend with contact , during walk pass few Clubs , docking area , shops everywhere MMA fans singing and screaming…
…during final walk to Hotel he spot a lot holo add and digital adds about Final fight , He wont care about it He care more about informations…
Edgar enter a lobby and spot a girl siting with tablet and few people drinking near a Bar , He go to Her…
…Edgar we got a problem , At Nadohman IV Security shotdown a Sansha Spy guess who is recorded at security cameras?
Kate? is wounded?
Yes Kate but is fine …or in this moment where living…Kate where there during shots and probably Her bug been hit by a one round…
Im not understand
Listen , Kate get in too the Taxi and drive away from Train station , but She lost a Narcotics there in Crystalline Carbonide bag.
Its not the end , listen …She where looking for informations i think but She leav a Taxi under the building…
…which where a Implant Thief Hideout detected a few days ago by Imperial Security.
LISTEN …Kate realize that lost a Narcotics in Taxi , and realize how it looks like probably , She drop a Smartband and escape no one know where…
…At the moment The case is criminal but things like Building and band drop can change it in to Spy Case.
Becouse a 20 minutes ago someone break and hack Her room in the hotel , collect all data there…
…and how you probably know im taking care about rooms , connection and you dont know some criminal cases too for the TheScope.

Nadohman IV
Kate Sconia The Scope Reporter

Kate where walking a more than a Hour she get in too the Industral area , wather where good but She have no idea how to escape and where is a safe place if…
…safe place exisit with Her problem , She sit in to sidewalk and start thinking…
-Ok Im offcialy Criminal , i need to find a way too get off this planet as fast as possible.
-If They put me in to jail the half year pass before TheScope pulls me off.
She where looking for options , looking everywhere at trashbin , boxes , Trucks , Bar add and even under a bench She sit at the moment.
-No it cant happend too me now…People pass Her like everyother person at the street.
-Ok Im Ciminal so i need to find underground , I will look for a drugs? …And in this moment She remembered a mark that Edgar got in the watch…
…a Circle and square inside it …or this is what she spot.
Kate stand up and decide to walk to everyside walk in the area , when She get in to one a Imperial Guard Drone with scaning equipment…
…fly right above people heads and scan there Bands and all electronics , Kate wont got any so is suspicious.
She wont stop , and found a side alley with few homeless in the old boxes , She approached one Homeless…
Ohh a young lady , can you give me something to eat?
-No im sorry , I need to hide.
Some Homeless got same problem , go deeper outther is few free boxes.
Kate go there and spot more Homeless there , and one box with BloodRaider mark , She sit next to one woman and feel more safe tha at the street.
The man from BloodRaider box walk through a Homeless group , when He spot Kate go to Her…
Kate wont move and wait until He started talking.
Ok Girl , I know who are you and what is your problem…
-Im Homeless.
Dont lie to me , Im drug diller and live here for my Master…
…Listen I track medianews and Guards frequency and got a news for you.
Drugs arent a problem , band and building is a problem bigger than you think look…
…If you work over a topic you left a lot data in computer systems , They get in to your Hotel room and got everything…
…BUT if you work over a topic longer and you are real a TheScope reporter you got a lot unpublished data probably in your room in Jita…
…If im right The Imperial Inteligence get in too your room and got everything , this isnt a problem self but…
…If you work oversomething long and got criminal connection They can think throught it all that you are a spy and…
…YOUR identity is created for specialoperation needs THATS a Problem.
-Why you are telling me that?
Becouse they could link you and others to more important people by Narcotics and your work wont help here much.
Look This everything can burn spy and create a gates for new one , imagine that your WORK hits all galaxy in news…
…now your work hits all galaxy with bullet…
…And thats why i talk to you now , no one wonna die or spend time in jail eating a protein gell every day…
…True say even you dont going to say ■■■■ it im guilty so you understand.
-So what we going too do? Kate sit next too Him crying.
Stop crying , I think that if Housevell Ringdoro having official statement as dead in three months you are having same.
-Housevell Ringdoro? What do you know about Him…Kate stund up and look at Him in secound stop crying.
Housevell Ringdoro , TheScope reporter one of the best missing since explosion at Tash Murkon - Thashkarai - Thashkarai VII Moon 1 Emperor Family Bureau.
-But what do you know about explosion? How it is connected?
Look its quite simply in theory someone put bomb there to cover a specialoperation there Housevell where a target or neat a target.
-I think He where a TARGET becouse…
Never Mind…
-I came here to findout where He is now , or His body.
Thats interesting topic , someactions are same …■■■■.
-WHAT?! Kate unfolded forearms.
It is imposible …A bloodrider realize something and look at Her like on a pil of Cash.
-What?! Kate ask again.
The Guards frequency , they where speaking about a bomb…
…Out there where protests and similar sytuation to this whats happend here.
Kate standing , and remind everything , every detail…
-Yes there where a Bomb , yes there where a protests , yes they detect a spys there.
-Impossible that you know all this stuff…YOU ARE NOT A DRUG DILLER…
Ok Im not but im not a bad man.

Nadohman IV
Galante Secret Agent “Smoke”

Too be …you know if i got time :slight_smile:

Nadohman IV
Galante Secret Agent “Smoke”

Smoked!! Smoked!! Wakeup!!! One of Aidworkers where trying to wakeup him , screaming and shakeing His Hand.
Smoke , open eyes and realize that something important where happend…
…What , man i sleep 5 hours.
Smoked Imperial Security Forces found a bomb in a MMZ , they looking everywhere for next bomb in a Aidbase too
Smoke open eyes wide and straight two times faster than usually…
…Where are They?
They at the moment at first lvl , looking in rooms too.
Smoke Stand up and move to table where is His mobile computer…
…Thanks im going too be ready for search in a few minutes.
Aidworker leave a room , Smoke open system and open a news tab too cover data He collect during work.
…Ok They are looking for a bomb no softwere or digital data but they may be look for more.
Still having around 4 minutes Smoke decide to make a copy of a data He collect , He connect a Band and start download to a band memory with option to delet files after transfer at computer.
It is risk …i have too do it if im blown operation going to fall.
He look again at computer and band too be sure that everything is done correct before he leave a room take small Water Bottle and drink leaving a room ,
up front doors he drink a water and wont wait too long after a minute at room level enter first Imperial Security Officer , and after Him six more.
They been opening doors one after another , looking for a bomb everywhere under a bed in the cabinet and others they look even in trashbin.
Smoke drink and stay like everybody around , sytuation not normall but safety first …in His minds cant even imagine how close to a true been Imperials a four inches from a computer.
Search pass and everybody can go back to there room , Smoke enter a room everything on the flor at one pil …
…DAMM!! I Should clean that now!!! One of the workers where upset and Smoke think same , but at all they wont even touch a electronics.
Smoke start cleaning , puting Tshirst in a wardobe and other things.
Every Aidworker got some personal things and some they get from a Boss.
Smoke end cleaning and sit to transfer back data from a band , in the same time He look at news tab and know that somethings change some points of a mission…
…Shootout…A Sansha Minion with motorblade interesting they wire ass so much that even import biowaste
…A Drugbust…imagine that in the galaxy is so much to do that no one can explain why people use drags , and best users never know with who they talk to , a diller , Smuggler , Spy.
…TheScope reporter with drugs…best part first in shootout place , with drugs , and dissapear they found a smartband only interesting what her boss going to say.
…Bomb in MainMedicalZone…They found a Nova warhead , who the ■■■■ going to kill wounded civilians and medical teams i dont see any point.
…Additional Imperial Forces…That is a news and too think everything started becouse someone spilled some Aurorum Tokens.
…Triangle Prist…They got a follower which spread posters around a City , ehh busted probably spend a year in a mine and going too fell better after a treatment.
Ok i need a Quafe with additional Quafeine , Smoke open a doors and go to a Quafe Machine at corridor.
Now He feel better , He look at the band for a hearth reate and other medical informations AidWorkers do it all the time He do it so many times that he catch a habit.
Good news today is a break time , another AidTeam going to work for next two days , Smoke can go drink a beer and chill in a bar.
He go to the Long Range Imperial City Transport , it going to take nine minutes until He get to the City Central.
Siting in the Train He thinks , all the time he got in the eye popup news about That TheScope reporter which got missing…
…Kate Sconia… Kate is officiali Criminal 3th Category that mean got three diferent criminal charges …
-Imperial Border Guard it is Drug Smuggling
-Imperial Drug Enfoce it is Drug Possession
-Imperial Law Enforcment it is Escapeing from the Imperial Police
Smoke sit and look at the popup He decide too read more about Her and Her Charges starting from Charges.

-Imperial Border Guard , Drug Smuggling…
…Kate Sconia use Crystalline Carbonide bag , that mean She smuggle Narcotics.
-Imperial Drug Enforce , Drug Possession…
…Police got Message from taxi driver that He found a Crystalline Carbonide bag with Blue Pill , Police discover more Narcotics in Her Hotel room.
-Imperial Law Enforcment , Escapeing from the Imperial Police…
…Kate know She’s going to be charged by Amarr Empire , She drop a smartband too hide her location and at the moment She wont contact the Imperial Law Enforcmant.

Interesting …Smoke know few things , definetly know that drugs isnt a problem for TheScope , They quick recover reporters and observers what have happend few times
Everything looks suspicious , definetly News and popups didn’t say everything…
…Kate where a reporter , so i think She look for something here and data that She collect make Her looks much more like a Spy , it makes non sense…
…There have too be something ealse , but what…
Smoke finally get to the City Cantral Area , next stop and done , He decide too put band away until he exit a City Transport.
Doors have open and group of man exit a train , Smoke instantly go to the Station Information Digital Wall…
…it Have to be something here , He decide to make notes in SmartBand…
…Aura Mark Notes Connected too Events that i make on a screen…Yes m please 12 secounds.
Smoke look at the screen and cannot miss place where Imperial Police found Kate Band , In the News not even a word at Information Wall Implant Thief Hideout…
…And not even a word , They think that She’s a spy becouse official TheScope Reporter or Observer going to talk first about where going to go.
Everything makes straight now , but there is a small ask in Smoke head am i know about everything.

Sansha Implant Specialist

I-ME3L - Moon 1 - True Creations Testing Facilities

At the moment i can say i saw everything , a man converted in too the borg , a lover killing just like that His love One on a eyes of Her children and that child wont even cry.
I’ve designe, upgrade, install, implants , i create a future of humanity I solve more technical and bilogical task than any Implant specialist working for Factions…
…even connect Human Brain too the Rouge Drone mainframe.
When some think about red lines I in my art cross every possible to reach a highest goal , to solve Humanity problems…Im Im a father.
Everything started when i look at old man , sick one leg at the box in a burn facility simply He could live.
Sansha Nation , it is a fact and a curst we could save more lifes than anyone in New Eden , They push They Kill They point fingers at us…why?
Becouse They They wont accept our way of life , we are going to save Humanity.
Ehh Yess work , today im upgrade a scout lets see …thats interesting , exchange of a finger nails on too plugin flash port what ealse…
…yes a carbon fiber coating at the chest and replace a leg bones on to Tritanium graphene alloy.
Lets plug in to back head port i need to be sure that this is correct soldier…
…Data , o thats a news our Nation is preparing to Incrusion and you are a technical infiltarator.
Ok lets see , here is a nerve and a here is a synthetic synapse from a control implant in the brain lets mark…
…So we are cutting here , and here , going to replace wrist on a modern model yes it is needed.
I got everything i can start now.
It took a hour to replace and upgrade a Infiltarator to MK4 model , Sansha specialist where like under a spell one cut secound he wont even think how many people can die becouse of that borg.
He just like that creat a device with a human lines , at all that Borg got a face in the Sansha specialist where special.
The eyes wont realy look diferent , everything where coated with Human tissue …Yes master work , in a first try no one can spot a diference between you child and a man.
Ok next one…
…That how pass around five hours , Sansha minion could get back to experiment a very important experiment.
Ok thats how we plug in to first one , now we plug additional synthetic synapses around frontal lobe and inject some Improved Frentics it should give next pack of data.
A man at the table wont move when Sansha minion cut skull and start pluging and synapses in to his brain , He is ready to do anything what Kuvakei say His lord.
This experiment is important , i have too be best IM BEST…Minion without any psychical barder just like that cut someones body becouse need to instal experimental implant in to body.
All i end , now we need to wake him up tie him and inject Frentix should awake in two minutes…
…and that innocnet man wake up…
…Where I am?
…It is not important , important is what you can tell us…
…What did you do too me…
Minion look at him , and take a injector with frentix …you look good i can start experiment.
…What?! NO!! Please!!
…You going too feel better now…
…Now answer , where are you live…
Experiment base on a extraction from brain all kind of informations , even these important for subject.
People all the time go and never back , like that one He once drink and bottle of beer and wake up in a hell.
Experiment AX-M2-100011191…
…Subject anwser on a first four questions.
…Subject start fighting after six question.
…Subject die after nine question
…Subject revealed information about child
…Subject revealed information about Bank
…Subject do not revealed informations in two question.
Minion was entering data to a Sansha systems , in the facility where around 250 Implant Specialist with own experiment rooms.
After entering a data he need to create a report from a test AX-M2-100011191.
AX-M2-100011191 My theory is correct , i belive that we can extract subject secrets by instaling additional synthetic synapse rail in frontal lobe it is a key ,
Subject answer more acurate than previous subject , and what is important he speak without any brake or body shake.
Minion look at the man which he cut by the moment…
…I End , time to clean this table…He send a message that need a cleaning service in His experiment room.
He just like that started cleaning tools , there is some blood , pieces of flesh …Im doing it for a Nation , Doors to a room open and inside get few minions that take body.

Nadohman IV
Imperial Inteligence Agency.

The atmosphere in the controll room was heated from few hours , all agents work and analisis data all the time.
I’ve launched the face scan program a two hours ago but i got nothing , our 3th category i still missing.
Sir , task teams looking at the streets but Bounty hunters are looking for her too , two minutes ago General Momed Sarshor put 3.000.000 ISK Bounty for Living Kate Sconia.
So we got more , public case now.
TheScope is sending the representative here , as say He’s going to Aid Imperial Police and going to speak to Kate.
Sir , HQ heard about the case and send us additional Teams and drones here. Going to be ready in 30 minutes.
…TheScope representative , a diplomatic action there need to be strong reason to send a one here …Do Analists end with a data from Her room?
Sir , yes She’s here becouse She belive that Her friend Housewell Lingdoro is still living officialy Dead for few years…
…but there is a lot data , She’s like psychical sick about that topic in her room are TheScope Shots , movies , voicerecordings and even Housewell Ringdoro works.
Ehh So simply She do not accept the fact that Her best friend …more like Hero sir , is dead…
But Analists cant agreed is She a unknown Spy or simply working , our orders say that we need to accept that She is a Spy becouse of Security.
Sir these Nova Warhead we found in MainMedicalZone , where modified by someone who know few things but isnt a expert…Why?
…He could detonate a bomb but with force of 80Kilotons max , that someone by own modification drop energy grid at ignition system.
Good that ■■■■■■ wont blow self…any more news?
Sir we track few civilians that connect Kate Sconia case and Implant Thief Hideout , at the moment only in the network…
… they think that TheScope detect something and send reporters , but the imagination is big They started connecting even drugbusts and some smuggling cases ,
what’s guide them to Khanid , Minmatar , BloodRiders …some think that Pomik Haromi Court Chamberlain is resposible by intentional oversight.
…What a ■■■■■■■■…we need to track them too create a cell for that task…
Sir HQ send there analisis , HQ is thinking that all whats happening here going to create tension at the border and create hit in the Empress by manipulation.
I Agree that is the topic , we need to find something … Sir!..
…Police arrest a Aidworker , He start talking that Imperial Forcess are Hiding true from population and trying to start fights with Minmatar…
…But it interesting thing is that at He’s smart band where a lot informations about His work , He note more than He need and make shots.
AidWorkers love living people and some of them are LiveManiacs , like that one …its not important , send to Imperial Law Enforcment, He spend a week in a prison and going to feel better…
…An send official Statement that these events aren’t connected , too the MediaNews Sites.
We have strange sytuation Here and need to do something before half City going to change in a cloud…
…Send official Ask for full Nadohman IV LOCK DOWN and POLICE HOUR.

Nadohman IV
Kate Sconia The Scope Reporter

Ok Kate Im taking you too my cooperators here at Nadohman IV , listen everything shuold be ok but you need to understand sytuation your and my.
This what i saying to you is important , follow me we are going i too safezone , or Safe House never mind.

But tell me how it is possible that two diferent worlds hit in a single man just becouse he stay in wrong place and time…
…i understand many things but why They so aggresive.

Look Kate , its quite simply Spys passing through borders and costums with a things that can kill at the end of the spy work many people MANY…
…In the topic is also Politics and money , listen i explain everything when we reach a safe zone , and we need to be quick becose after that Nuke in MMZ They ask for Lockdown.

Kate and mysterious Man enter a sewage , they need to reach a House 9 street from the location they where at the moment…smell like in the…Kate?
Kate She Threw up…Damm like in the…again…■■■■■■■ toilet after 10 man.
Yes it is ■■■■ everywhere , Kate do you need a bluepill? …Yes feel i need.
I give you one when we reach a safezone , i got some there…Call me Red.

Kate and Red walk in the sewage , they walk quite fast during a walk Kate Threw up 2 more times.
Sewage where dark , lights one too another like thirty meters Red got a flashlight.
Even there isn’t safe for a criminal , the Sewage is patroling by Drones that got a link to a Police Agency and Drone got Taser.

Kate and Red finnaly get to leaving point…Ok Kate there is no Imperials here , its a building one the other side of the street.
Kate smell so bad that where afraid about all civilians but luck hold Her hand , there was no one at the street.
Red Stop upfront of the doors…i need to enter a code , i belive that my friends know we are here.
Before Red start entering a doors code , doors open…
…Red good , and that is Kate i belive , ok comein.
Kate and Red enter a building and go at first floor , Red start talking with a girl that open a doors…
…Listen Red if im correct we solve a mechanics.
…Yes i belive it too , but it is impossible to recover these data…
…I know that , but is Kate familiar with her problem…
…Yes Silk , She know but someone need to expand Her this topic…
They enter a apartment , Kate follow and spot a girl and a man that been siting and waching news.
…Ok , Red good you find Her now i need to speak with Her…
…Kate , Take a bath you are smell like you know.
…Thank you where and where is a BluePill ? Red i NEED.
…Here. Red put a Bleupill in Her Hand.
…OK now go take a bath , even longer now chill and relax out there are clothes for you. Silk smiling.

Kate enter a bathroom , and take a loong bath cleaning Her body and Hairs.
She look at the Tshirt , out there where a Caldari Buzzard graphic and jeans simply blue.
When she leave a bathroom Red spot her and say…Ok clothes new , but you need new Hairstyle.
Silk smile… good that im a Hairdresser.
Silk like a profesional stylist in twenty minutes create new look.
After everything Silk give a meal and soda to drink…
…Silk , Silk?! it was a voice of a man that sit and waching news.
…What?! Silk answers
…Take a look on that…
Silk walk to a room…Damm right in time. She rise Hands up and caught hairs , looks very excited…
…Nadohman IV is officiali LOCKDOW and POLICE HOUR.
…Silk , we need sit and do not move anywhere. Red looks very calm.
…Yes it is , we got a time to explain Kate whats all about.

Kate listen , It looks like this we check it , Before every Sansha incrusion the strange things have happend at the planets and stations in local territory.
You know what i mean Bomb , Spy , Terrorists , Fantics … we recover a data frome one system and connect it to Incrusion , Sytuation at planets and systems is only a mist…
…Incrusion starts only in specific conditions , first diversion , secound target main and it is best its not incrusion system it is a target at diversion station or planet…
…But why im telling you about it? becose before Incrusion Snasha spys pass defences and look for targets your best friend , imagine they been waching Him…
…They pass a system defense only becose got high quality tech or got a password , Security Code in Sansha Hand…Housewell know something that how became a target , what He Know?

Kate start thinking …Housewell where best reporter , but wont agreed with the boss about one topic it was a slaves cargo and smugling work.

Red straight up , Silk look outside a window…Kate so its all about , someone important got important informations about Sansha Here at Nadohman…Red where like after quafe.
Silk came to Her …look if you are not that person , there is next player here , a Triangle Priest? …i cant belive impossible at Nadohman is a someone important.
Ok Red , Silk Who are you?..Kate ask , having no idea whats going to happend in the future , Theory been simply but something is wrong.
We are a capsullers , you probably notice it and working for Caldari Steel.
So you wanna say that going to be incrusion HERE? Kate , understand why but do not how…Imperial Fleet at the orbit.
Sansha is trying something new , and i belive we can find that thing or borg and extract informations from its implants.
Im not understand …Kate look at them and cannot understand that many resources for a one man?
Price is good if they got good informations , so probably He create a next lvl diversion , a small firefight at the border during a fights Incrusions starts but i have no idea where and…
…Nadohman IV someone here , imagine how many Ships is in the sector , that can be everyone.
Silk stop word stream …Not , they got a Security Code …the target is in the Imperial Law Enforcment Agency.
Kate start thinking…What if the Imperial Law Enforcment got this Borg? They shoot one at train station.
Fake one , a minion only …How something like this can look? Red ask a question , puting hand on a Head.
The guy that put a Nova WarHead in MMZ. Silk point a finger at the screen.

Nadohman IV Orbit
Kado Omanid Amarr Templars Leader.

Archon Carrier - Nadohman IV Orbit

Yes i know that , yes im going to solve this problem. Kado Omanid chosen by Empress now siting in the chair looking outside the window , the view Nadohman IV.
Lets think i got Heretic triangle priest , i got unknown terrorist with Nova warhead , and TheScope deviation oldteen that thinks Her best friend live.
This all task is connected too Heretics group , to Khanid i belive , Blood Raider …its a planet at the party , and behind gate awaits Minmatar fleet becouse thier Politics think,
That mean think too much. Kado know a lot about war , He look at the Pax Amarr in His minds faces , friends , Family , Empress and light.
When He open Eyes again Nadohman IV …I think i need to pray and read a Pax Amarr.
Kado orders sealed a Gates , patrols 85 percent of a Planet atmosphere. Carrier was clean , was maintained well , under Kado orders everything work like should, no diferent.
Kado stop reading a Pax Amarr , look again Nadohman IV so many lives and souls to salvation. He never drink , He smoke only and what may looks strange he did not despise cigarettes.
He walk on to a bridge , pasing Many Templars He know well , He train them , He pray with them.
At the bridge He look at system map , and look at informations from teams …everything fine.
Lord The Inteligence Specialist ask for your time , private.
…Yes , of course i’ve await Him in my cabin. Kado , feel that it is usless but Talk is a part of Work.
Kado sit and await Inteligence Officer , and it do not took long.
Lord Kado , Im Inteligence Specialist sended by Empress. And that is interesting rather than Inteligence thinking , and over this planet they think a lot.
Im listening , What Empress say too me private? Kado look at Him , but his minds where focused strongly about what going to heard from this Officer.
Empress Say , that She wont accept any killed Civilians and there is no option that you fail also sending a list , here my Lord.
Kado couldnt belive , but in the letter have to be something important…Its All Officer?
Yes Lord…Ok go back too your tasks.
Kado take a knife and open a letter look at the peaper and read…
…Kado this sytuation can ignite war , important now is not only Nadohman IV but every man in system , Find that Terrorist its your first Task , I’ve talk with Minmatar Diplomat…
…They Say that do not need war , so the sytuation is a problem for both sides , This TheScope Reporter Kate Sconia i would like to see her LIVING not DEAD…
…Triangle Priest it may be interesting topic for all sides , that man can be connected to important persons at AMARR territory , tak Him Alive…
…With a word of god , With a Empress Blessing , With a word of Law , Im Proud and Having Hope you solve this task…
…Empress Catis…

Nadohman IV
Galante Secret Agent “Smoke”

Smoke been upfront of City Information Digital Wall when everone around start looking at smartbands and Digital Walls , popup show “The Amarr Empire Executive Introduce by Law - POLICE HOUR - PLANET LOCKDOWN - 1st Mean that during NIGHT noone can be at the street , every person going to be arrested to clarify - 2nd NO ONE WITHOUT SPECIAL PERMISSION CAN LEAVE PALNET.”
Smoke understand that His work going to be more complicated now , some actions he couldnt take during a day. When He stay like that he’s smartband going shake , He look at the popup…
…“Smoked One of the AidWorkers been arested twenty minutes ago , He been a Triangle Priest Spy.”
What a brain…Aura , answer “How they bust him?”. Smoke been simply curious.
Ok lets smoke a cigarillo. Smoke deciade to smoke good tobacco but He left a pack in the room , so go to the shop too buy one.
Again band start to shake …“He start screaming that Amarr Empire lie and hide important informations for civilians” Thats a good One , if He steal that pain killers i think that He do not does it well.
…Aura answer “Ok I think I need to talk to our boss , Thanks.”. When Smoke enter a shop He spot a cigarillos machine …Ok whats here?
He look for a pack of dark tobacco with wrapper of bright one and spot Gallante Premium without a filter…Straight , classic and rolled by Hand. When He put His band to a pay module a band shake again…
…“Smoked They again search rooms , come back as fast as possible”…Smoke decide to smoke One Cigarillo , He wasnt addicted but got enought own work.
A cigarillo taste was Cinamon with spice moustly but finish like a cinamon only , He rise a band …Aura message “They found something interesting?”.
Smoke smoke and await a anwser , look at the city horizon City look cool but at the other side The Massive Space Port dominated the view , Band again shake.
…“Smoked , in your stuff only cigaretes and cigarillos a Search team start laught when they look at sold Date , Man Who holds a half year old cigarettes :D”
Smoke start laught , He call it mind training. Ok need to get back to a AidBase before night.
Smoke move slow to do not attract attention , like others slow no rush.
In the Train again “The Amarr Empire Executive…” but He wont spot a news about Kate Sconia , so use band to scroll news …Out there He find information that Kate got 3.000.000 ISK Bount.
…Ahh i know got a nose. She’s connected not only with Drugs there must be something more , I shuold try too use it. Smoke decide that going to talk too a Boss this real one Gallente Intelignece Service. When He get back too the room Again need to clean a mess after Search team , ok lets send a message , arranged message can be read normal and as code.
When Smoke do it band shake , that mean friends pick up a message. Now He need to wait , everything looks like a laggg for others but not for Gallente workers for them that mean Smoke got something.
Time pass Sun goes down but there is no answer , Smoke now realize that thigs get much more complicated than it looks like , He decide to talk with neares cooperation workers mean other spys.
Inside AidBase Police hour isnt active inside complex workers can freely talk and walk. The Problem is that He’s nearest worker at the moment work outside in a Trash.
He decide that left a special mark at the wall near entry gate to the complex that should be enought , Now He need to wait for contact.
Important was information share and Top priority tasks , no one know maybe they need to run?
Smoke take a pencil and paper , make a mark and go to the Gates he spot a lantern near that is perfect place …No one around.
He as fast it is possible draw a mark and go eat something , that is risky but have to be done like that.
In the lunchroom he’s hearth rate rise little , it was a moment when he find out that no one spot him.
AidWorkers lough , talk , complained like all the time Smoke find out that coworker going to be in complex in next five hours.
He go to the room and sifted a informations in news , he feel something big hang in the air.
TheScope send a represantative too help Police find Kate , they think She’s going enter a Police station and it end topic.
In four hours in City been six drug diller arrests , and Police detect a drug lab in closed car parking.
Police found a missing person it was a child.
…Ok sun goes up , i need to wait a hour too return of coworker.
Smoke try to understand sytuation , He focused on Kate but Hes minds goes to Snasha spy shoot at Train station in the City.
After a twenty minutes he found a news “Snasha spy , a borg from a City Station”
Police say that borg got highquality information link , He could plugin and download data everywhere also got hacking software…And? How He get here? Whats next?
Smoke look at the media shots , nothing like that he never saw in his life , there was even a shot of a wall that was behind him.
What Nadohman got? Bacteria content? …a question in the Smoke head was simply “What is He looking for?”
Band start shake , smoke take a look and realize that it is coworker message…“Smoke i know everything too , im breaking it is too dangerous , Out.”
Smoke wont expect that kind of answer , He’s alone at the moment and need to decide Run away or stay and fight.
Band Shake again it was a message from another coworker “Smoke you know the rules , if operation is too dangerous we run”
Smoke cant belive in it , but rules where simply If cannot step back.
Smoke know that They can escape , a official work allow them on it legaly through space port …■■■■ if i stay here next bus going to be here in four days.
Hes coworkers prepare to run …Alone i wont won that war , same if they arrest me.
At street level Smoke spot coworkers geting in too the bus that going to Space port , He sit and await do not even talk with anyone.

Nadohman IV
Kate Sconia The Scope Reporter

OK our target is a borg killed at the Station , where is a body now? Silk looks more nervous than Kate , the topic needs to be very important too her.
The body is in a morgue , at freezer , i will try too figure out where. Red start scroll news one after the other.
Kate where siting and see a hole in her new friends identity…Crew i understand you are a capsullers but why you selling drugs here? Caldari is ally for Amarr Empire.
Silk smile …Kate its quite simply we where looking for informations long time ago , but five days ago we get information about Military security cod that Sansha use ,
or it have too be Sansha becouse informations are connected we belive , and here is why we sell drugs and collect informations in poor district , at the beggining we think that Triangle Priest
where a Sansha diversion but we couldnt find He’s location or minion it all , last story you know. Silk where talking smooth Kate belive Shes saying truth.
Silk turn to a girl that all the time type in her personal computer and ask …Lens do you got the code?
Lens rise eyes and simply say …it going to take a hour more …I have no idea how complicated cod we can find in implants that Sansha plug in to this borg.
Lens is hacker , looks twenty two got dark blue eyes and chocolate blond Hairs and She also looks like model , slim , aesthetic long legs and breast E.
Silk can you imagine that cod i at the moment doing is more advance than anything i do before at this computer? Lens look at Her and add …i think someone shuold give me a medal.
Silk smile and answer …they definetly give you one if we get what we need from that borg and find our target.
Red where having a mint in mouth loud suck juce from time to time , focused on News pages He say …Silk code is one think we need good portable analyzer.
I Know im a technic but Lens need to complet code first , i need to know how to optimize a device a Memory , data rail , cpu you know technical part…Silk sit and poured some quafe to a glass.
Solid do you find anything interesting at the street in the hood? Lens ask Him , He looks tired.
No nothing new , there is no sign of Priest at the walls or street lights. Solid where realy well build , looks like a bodybuilder got brown hairs and brown eyes.
Ok people lets summarize the topic. Silk standup with a glass in the hand…We need to get in to morgue plug in to borg and download data , there is complicated part that there going to be someone ,
during day , so we need to get there by night , Red do you find where is this borg…Silk look at Him and drink awaiting anwser.
I found that it is probably in area two , out there is a morgue but it isnt officialy confirmed…He anwser making a exhale.
And next topic about we need to talk is Kate , If we give her new band with a programed Identity and They arrest Her there going too be only one possbile charge a Espionage. Solid look at Silk.
Yes it is , Kate you can Help but not now and not without a doser…Silk look at the news and at Her.
Im looking for anwser about my bet friend , and whats doser? Kate where determined.
Good to hear that , a doser is a modified glucometer and modified auto syringe it dose a bluepill in too your blood system , you are able to do what you want thare is no hunger and narcotic effect…
…also it works similar to implant that help capsuller controll neurotoxine but is way more worse. Silk end glass of quafe and sit next to Kate.
Silk are you mad , if they arrest her they do not going to be cute. Solid look at the table and smoke a cigarette.
Lens look at Silk and say …Silk Solid is right , it isnt a turist trip it can look ugly.
Kate got up looks more nervous than Silk by the moment …Look im ready , where is a problem? Looking at them.
Kate sit please …Red look at her and continue … we know what we doing and nerves are problem , comedown.
Kate sit and look at the Red. Silk started looking for something in the tablet. But Lens work over a code without break. Solid smoke and say…Kate look even if you go with us we need to find a doser ,
first and it going to take around a day definetly a day probably longer.
We will go to the morgue but not all , Lens Red and Solid go there im going to look for a doser for you it may be useful in the future…Silk say it looking at the tablet screen and continue…
…There is a popup that part of the AidWorkers is leaving a planet , same like diplomats and VIP visitors.
When? Kate ask and take a glass of water.
Tomorrow around eight local time…Silk look at the tablet screen sill looking for something.
So we got a good sytuation there is natural diversion…Red rise arms up to straight up.
Yes but i cant look for a doser and make analyzer in the same time…Silk make sour facial expresion.
Lens how long does it take? Red stop working at the computer and stand up.
Around a Hour i belive. Lens answer short and looks that everone around disturb Her.
The Hour pass , Silk collect electronic parts and prepare acid , also look at the binder and cilicon plate.
Silk i finnaly end this Code…Lens holding a eye drops , look at the ceiling.
Silk tak Her computer to a room where She going to make analyzer , Lens enter that room too …Silk here is a technical diagram of a code.
She look at the diagram , again look at tools and materials and take silicon plate and start marking points at one.
It took four hours , the dusk come…Ok i made it , we need to make sure it is working correct…Silk pull of synthetic mask from a face holding in a hand a Analyzer.
Lens take analyzer and plug in to own computer …lets see , She upload a software in to a analyzer and create simulation of breaking a Firewall and Antivirus , after it try to enter a files…
…everything looks good , good work Silk. Lens look like a capsuller owning new battlecruser , looks very satysfied.
So we are ready.
The Solid , Red and Lens enter a Sewage and go to the morgue.
Kate start feel a hunger , She start looking for a bluepill around but there where no one …Silk do you got Bluepills?
Silk yes…She gave Her one , and say …Look Kate it is not your fault , i think lost of a best friend which is like a brother feels bad , I think moust will do the same.
Kate and Silk sit and start talking about Reporter work , fashion , Politics.

Nadohman IV
Aiko “Seal” Wataya - Caldari SOE/NEST Specialist
Official Seal “Lens” Kawamokke - Steel Caldari Hacker/Programer

The sewage stinks , in Lens minds it isnt a trip but for the state She’s ready. Only a two street left to a leaving point , they cheat even two drones by simply blot that drop to make some noise.
They do not talk , only run or walk but with a puddle in minds to not make noise. Drones patroll a sewage with a termallcams , tasers , microphones.
After eight minutes Lens Red and Solid reach a leaving point…
…God dam it is digitaly sealed , Lens can you hack it? Red turn and look in to the deeper of a sewage,
…Yes it is easy , need a minute max. Lens start pluging wires to analyzer to create input and connect port to create output for a data.
Solid and Red take a mint becouse smell of impurities hang in the air. And fact it wont take long , before a minute Lens open a doors to sewage.
Red first take a look , street is clean he spot only a drone flying away in the direction of a Spaceport…Ok lets go , thats building.
Solid where there first , He open doors end eneter a morgue after him Lens and Red enter a building. The arrows at the corridor guide them to a level minus two.
When they enter a stairs they spot only a man that clean a floor , They pass Him naturally and go down the stairs…
…Cleaning lady is simply , wont ask about anything but a guy in the morgue going to ask few things. Solid think loud.
Easy Red do you see that red fire alarm? Pull it and join us lower near a body, remmber four minutes…Lens fast as possible create a plan.
When everybody leave a building they going to have around five minutes to Hack a Borg controll implant and leave like all do.
Lens and Solid enter a lvl and spot a one man sitting upfront information screen …Solid there is max two people there , we need to wait on a moment when they leave.
A momment latter fire alarm start working , Three mans pass them and dont spot them in the corridor.
Lens go to the computer and instantly find a Borg Freezer , it wasnt hard becouse that file where open at the moment.
When she where looking at screen Red join and all go to the borg , Solid open freezer and pull borg out.
2 minutes pass …Red where looking at corridor and screaming to Lens. Lens tak a look at the borg and spot a port near a left ear , She plug a analyzer and connect to Her computer.
Data start flow…we got a minute…Lens as fast as possble inject small amount of energy to a Implant to wakeup a frame.
And She did it , She use first data bank , data download have started…it take 3 minutes , Solid go to level minus one and light up something there.
Download stop at 77% Lens understand the She need to pass last firewall , by controled injection of energy she found last Antivirus cell , …i got data bank should go faster.
When she apply data bank download move foward but She know that going to stop if She wont pass Antivirus cell , so she overload a cell and use data bank in analyzer memory…
…We got it!!! Lens scream to Red , they both start running up the stairs and join a Solid , when They spot him He start running to exit doors.
They passed a firedepartment there , outside where firedepartment and group of people from building , they go to crowd to disappear.
When they where in a crowd , they hear a Police and start spoting a blueflash…We need to go off the street.
…How? …Not to the sewage , lets simply go down the street.
They start walking , Hearth pounded like a hammer…they pass Police , Medicals , Firedepartment and Security Drones.
…ok no one here, lets get in too the sewage and go to safe house.

In The Safehouse Lens decrypt data , Solid smoke with Red a cigarette but Silk walk and cannot sit or stay in place longer than a minute.
Kate look over a Lens shoulder at the computer , at the screen where numbars dots and everything move from lower part of screen to the top stoping on a moment.
Lens plug and unplug flash drives , type in console and whole process continue. …Kate i understand but i dont like when someone look over my shoulder sit next too me please.
Red they going to figure out what happend in this building and going to look on the camms , we got a two days max i belive…Solid where right Imperials findout what happend ,
next what they going to do is looking for problem makers , and for a hacker that plug in to borg.
So how we going to leave a Planet? Red looks surprised. Lens rise eyes from computer creen …I think that with these data it is simply than anyone can think.
Why? Already know how to sell it? Solid stop smoking and He put out cigarette. Good Shop wrong product…Lens started talking…We got inteligence data , every corporation or faction going to be…
…interested , we can buy a ticket that way and sell half data. …smart. Silk Simply smile.
Ok i decrypt the data…
…He’s Involved in the MMZ bomb , but he’s number two.
…There are information about origin , Stain V-H3V0 I-ME3L - Moon 1 - True Creations Testing Facilities.
…There is more data about location , Notes.
…He’s a Infiltrator MK2
…Technical crap
…He force defense?
…He do not anwser x3?
…He fights? …I think something went wrong during decryption.
…Hes subject from Minmatar. …you kidding , They change people they kidnap at Incrusion? …if this is true , wait , The kidnap man to experiment if i understand good…
…Why you think that? …He do not anwserx3 i belive it mean that they ask him and he fight and do not answer three questions…
…I dont see a point , there is many ways to extract information …chemical , violance.
…Imagine that they need a 100% true answer , they create something what allow them extract information that way.
…Ok look like a other notes…
…TheScope Shots.
…Bank Account …wait i know that account , it is my boss account. Kate started Crying. …■■■■■■ , your boss sold your friend i belive like a meat. …What ealse?
…A ticket , InterBus. …Housewell , got to the station by InterBus.

Ok People we need to travel to safe place , far away from here. Silk open a computer and start looking for a transport.
Lens hug a Kate.

Nadohman IV
Triangle Priest

Today we are in great sorrow , a dewiation a curse a HERETIC , dared to befoul a HUMAN BODY!!!
We are the Only true childs of GOD , and WE WILL STOP MADNESS.
But first is a pray and atonement.
We Will pray and burn our sins , GODS EYE going to heal , going to redemption our Souls.
In the Middle of the Blessed House is a shrine , out there we will burn our sins…

A Shrine was a Huge Triangle Priest Mark made of wood , inside mark where a hole with embers…
…TAKE A PAPER and share a sin , than drop this curse to a fire!!
It Will Save our souls , It will protect…

Nadohman IV
Imperial Law Enforcment Unit.

A TAC - This is a high risk arrest warrant service.
GLO - TAC Listening
TAC - We detect a Triangle Priest House , multiple arm in knifes and tools.

Nadohman IV
Triangle Priest

It Will Save our souls , It will protect our Brothers.
A secound latter through windows doors and ventilation a gas drops inside House.
NO!! NO!!! NO!!! KILL THEM!!!
Followers cant even a fight , they run in many directions trying to hide…
Priest Understand that it is a beggining of his End.
Some followers trying too escape through front dors , but out there is Imperial Police…
It is the END!!! Triangle priest cant see anything , He heard Screams of His followers…
…Im a Child of GOD!!
It is a Priest!! CUFF HIM!!
Sir Few bariccade do dors at level Minus one.

The raid took six minutes , A Man Triangle Priest arrested.
.You are a Heretic!! DONT TOUCH ME!!

Nadohman IV
Galante Secret Agent “Smoke”

Smoke sits in the bus , outside a window see many people a bus is near a SpacePort.
He hear a talks but do not going to enter any , so He touch a bus armchair screen and look for something interesting…Police Raid a Triangle Priest Hideout.
…Police four Tactical Teams where involved in Arrest a Triangle Priest.
…Many of He’s Followers now need a special Treatment , a psychical but some admitted to stealing , Four of them are charged with illegal firearms possession , two illegal Drugs possession.
…We got the record but is too dramatic and drastic to be shown in official News.
…Triangle Prist even during arrest scream He’s propaganda words , as He say “Gods words”.
A Bus reach a SpacePort , heading to a gate Smoke spot outside the window a crowd it seemed to that crowd istrying to enter a StartPlatform…
…Do you see this? On of the AidWorker realize how the things going in the opinion of some people at the planet.
…They busting one near a Bus
…I can’t imagine what they think
Smoke where siting and waiting , Bus await in the line and someone from crowd threw a small plastic jar filled with a paint that flowed down the window.
…Why They are so aggresive?
…Arent , im wondering what you would say if you will watch a riots after the Rouge Drones creation.
…We are next in a line
Another jar hit the Bus with paint , and another.
…Do you see One jump over the fence , He’s running…
…He’s lucky but they probably going to arrest Him.
Bus Move foward to the Seals , it is a small chamber between a road and gates to a SpacePort platform , to the Bus enter a Imperial Military Officer…
…Permission UP!!
…Everybody rise Hand holding a permission Card
…Im Scaning you are count.
A Officer go deeper inside a Bus , Scaner all the time make sound known from a Shoping Product Scanner…
…How Many?
…25 Sir!
…Got Same , Leaving.
Bus drive foward to platform , it is last Stop for Them a next one is a Contracted Corax Destroyer , rebuild to transport Crew.
…We Reach a destination , Doors are open…
Everyone stundup and go to Bus Doors , Outside Await Military Officer… Ok We Need to count you again please it wont take long…
…How Many?
…Now Please Move to the ship cargo walking going after the blue line.
They walk , Smoke spot another Destroyer that dock at another platform in the SpacePort it was a Coercer Amarr Destroyer.
When They Get to Corax cargo the Officer start speaking through loudspeaker…
…We Do not need to count you again , a ship software already did it , Please await for a Key to the cabin.
It took around ten minutes until every key where assigned …Now move to your Cabin , please for more details where your Cabin is look at the Key.
Smoke Start walking from cargo gates too a Cabin corridor , at the Key where informations Level 4 Cabin 25A.
At The Corridor even with a informations at Key still was chaos , people walk and couldnt find correct doors.
When Smoke reach a Cabin and enter there He Understand that start from planet going to take with current sytuation around a Half Hour , And He wont made a mistake.
He Close a door and secure Them , Got a window at the middle of the ship in front part, he look out side and saw few Mans trying to get a board but been arrested by Military.
He Also spot few Capsullers that talk with a Military Officer near a Corax , after some time voices of a people at the board gets quieted down.
And Again Officer speak through loadspeaker , Pleas Sit in the armchair or bed we are starting engines in two minutes , we reach orbit in five minutes.
Smoke know that only time is a border to reach a safe place , He sit at the bed look outside the window.
Corax Start lifting high higher an higher , Smoke feel safe and got a Aurorum Token in the pocket.
…So i do my part , interesting how others.
When Corax reach a orbit , Smoke watch a view, it was something amazing and the view of a Archon Carrier with its support against planet something to remmember.
Loadspeaker again turn on …Ladys and Gentlemans we are at the orbit , and commiting warp to a Jump Gate in two minutes , now you can standup.

Nadohman IV
Kate Sconia The Scope Reporter

Kate can’t hold a feeling in it self …WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!! I SHOT THAT ■■■■■■!!
…Kate Easy tak a inhale , We need to figure out how to get too diferent location , And im agreeing that need to shot someone. Red where right and think correct.
…Kate look we got around a twelve hours , after that time Imperials May find us here. Lens look at Her at the beggining of Her words and latter put eyes in to a screen.
This is Insane , How a Man with stable life that do not need to dick in the rocks or look for food in the street trash is selling own friends like a livetock… Kate sill where loud.
He started care more about InterStellarCredits than own friends…Silk too look for something in the net…And I think That this man need to catch a bullet in tooths too.
Silk i found a smuggler …Lens say and everyone go to look at Her screen…Man got a destroyer and look for people that trying to escape but we need to pay.
Where He can lift us away from Planet? …Solid ask for location having serious face.
He is in the old Planetary Materials LunchPad , it is a relic after a one private busines here …He can take us but want something for the exchange …and it is a 2.000.000 ISK for us.
Thats nothing , money like this for Caldari Steel are like a toylet paper , A Venture fited cost much more…Red where suprised.
Yes but Caldari Steel need to give a money first…Lens where more like disgusted …Smugglers.
I Got the idea…Kate make a huge smile …we give Him a my Boss Account number , Last three numbers are a access Code.
After this words everyone start looking at her and others , after start lough even Lens cannot hold this sytuation…Kate know a access kode , in everycase scenario.
Ok thats best , brainiac where so much taking care for ISK that forget this that gave you the access Code. Silk cannot even imagine how much This dick care for ISK.
When we can fly with Him? Solid hold Hes belly and cant stop lough.
For that cash even now. Lens answer …and we buy a small gun too.
Kate feel better , revange in this sytuaton where correct That man wont care about people She feel …I Should do this.
There is a stream from SpacePort…
…Looks like a riot.
…That arent Amarr people
…Yes that are less importnat coworkers and some freelancers with criminal files.
…You kidding a Panint in a Jar.
…There is more people that need a ride.
Lens start seting a flight…Silk start be able to speak normall after this information with a bank account.
Lens spend around a hour typing , pluging flash and changing code in the console.
Kate where walking now She cannot sit or stay in place longer than minute
Silk decide to change clothes on sport one.
Solid and Red start playing in Cards for cigarettes.
Kate stand near a window , where standing near a window that only She could see whats at street but no one could spot Her.
Her Imagination of a sytuation start working , soon Shes going to shot a killer of Her best friend , Shes at the planet where probably going to happend Incrusion or by Incrusion someone die here also.
The moment when She going to stand upfron of boss with a gun in Her head , make Her feel stronger and suspicius.
Solid and Red keep playing and all the time cigarette changes owner.
Silk change in sport clothes , and drink a water from a glass …Kate need? Showing Her a glass.
Yes. Kate go to Her and Silk gave Her a Bottle with water.
Kate in the near future needs to decide , kill or be killed that how this story look in her minds , at the moment got a similar thinking friends.
Ok we need to get moving , there going to be a small cargo truck looking for Quafe machine here , that is our transport…Lens , do the job that How Kate think.
A ten minutes latter they spot a small truck , went out side and get too the truck inside where a driver and a worker…
…Cash flow correct we are your transport service…Worker say and add …and my too.
…It going to take around a hour to leave a City , and half hour to reach this old LunchPad…driver looks very tired.
They drive and spot from under material that amount of people at the street is smaller…
…Can you imagine , some are afraid of Sansha…worker where also He Shake.
…If you saw what have happend at SpacePort , i cant even imagine what going to happend when Sansha ships warp in at the Orbit…Driver drink a quafe and drive.
Kate and others sit , await the momment when reach a next system.
And They reach a destiantion , spot a Cormorant Destroyer and small group of runners.
Where is the your boss? Silk ask.
In the Ship , come doors are open. That worker smell like in the destillery.
They wnter a ship with other runners , on board everyone sit at hte floor. It isnt comfortable flight.
A 4 Minutes latter where in air , but ship owner decide to make few additional kilometers to storm clouds.
In the storm clouds he scan at low speed space too be sure that he escape Imperial Forces…
…And it Happend they made it , Cormorant get in too the wormhole that guide to Lonetrek.
Out ther decide to dock in the Malkalen … Malkalen II - Mercantile Club Bureau.