Esmess III and the Triglavians

So i recently saw this headline, “Triglavian Raiding Party Depopulates Colonial Settlement on Esmes III; Report: “Town Stripped of Biological Matter on Molecular Level””. the more I think about it, the more it doesn’t make sense. What would the Triglavians gain by doing this, because it doesn’t fit their M/O. Even Concord has said that “Triglavian assaults on static targets are typically aimed at specific objectives and not at inflicting high levels of casualties.” Provost Valkanir went on to say, “The best assessment of AEGIS, and indeed the DED as a whole, is that Triglavian operations on planets, moons, stations, and other orbitals, are primarily focused on intelligence-gathering efforts.” All of this is to say, that I don’t think that the Triglavians are to blame for the depopulating of Esmes III. This is in line with Drifter activity, since they are after more biological material, but not Triglavians, who have consistantly, to this point, avoided civilian specific targets.


It’s totally in line.

  1. Trigs are great at biotech. It is known.

  2. Trigs are looking for intel.

  3. A community’s whole biomass is a FANTASTIC source of intel, of which the actual community’s human components are just the least. They also get pets, parasites, symbiotes (intestinal flora, anyone?), and even stuff like carpet mites and soil microbes.

For application of this intel, see (1), supra.

A little chilling, yes? But true.

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Ms Jenneth, I’d say that your points are, at best superficially applicable. Yes. The Triglavians seem to be exceptionally well versed in biotech.

Yes, they are looking for intel.

No, I don’t think that your assertion that a civilian populace and biome sample are as good for intel as you seem to claim, even with the Triglavians biotech background.

I do believe that what Mr. Ormand says has some merit, and should be considered.


It depends on what you’re looking for information on, pilot.

Military maneuvers and tactics, not so much. Typical contemporary colonial biome, including its tolerances and failure points, maybe a bit more?

A major concern about Triglavian intentions is that they may intend to begin stealing whole systems. Knowing what a community can go through, say, radiologically, without breaking any necessary link in their biological relationships seems essential to pulling something like that off successfully.

So far, the Drifters have mostly taken an interest in human biology only as raw materials to be repurposed. The “fine print” of biological interrelations wouldn’t be as meaningful to them. The Triglavians seem to mean to … conform us … to their flow. This would be a sample-taking in line with that goal.

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It seems you were right about one thing, that it appears that the Triglavians are trying to adapt us to their flow. Especially now that we know that the colonists of Esmes III are alive on Goinard II, where they were being protected. The chances of this being malicious are slim, at least in their own view.


I’m relieved that they seem to be alive and well. It seemed from the earlier report like the Triglavians might have picked up biomass, and only biomass, which could have gotten messy.

The reference to the facility being defended by “Triglavian combat drones” makes me wonder if that’s why we don’t have a bio/medical portrait of what the Triglavians are like yet. If their ships and stations are mostly automated, it might be easy for them to keep crew both few and well-protected. Depending on how far it goes it might also explain why they seem so cheerful about throwing away assets.

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This discovery is certainly much more inline with what we’ve come to associate with the Triglav - and supports the theory that they indeed are not in such dire need of biomass and resources as their cousin faction seems to be.

The idea that they may have been experimenting with bioadapting some of these citizens to cope with harsh environments is especially interesting; certainly, the Trigs themselves are capable of surviving in inhospitable places - in part supported by their mutaplasmid-bioadaptive survival suits in the case of their own Narodnya, no doubt - but why would they do the same to our “Narodnya”?

Stellar manipulation, theories of them incorporating stars or systems into their own network, the “lost” “ancient domains”, all amidst their clash with the return of their “ancient enemy” (or at least of those carrying the same mantle)

Could the Triglavian Collective perhaps be planning to submerge solar systems in Abyssal Deadspace, at least to some degree - star, planets and moons, population and all - and be seeking to adapt newly adopted human populaces to cope with and survive in such an environment? The Ancient Domains were lost to them; what would taking them back entail?

As for the “combat drones”, I heavily suspect that at least some of those could also be counted under the Triglavian population, among their apparently bodiless, dataform Navka - evidenced strongly by this form of life’s ability to commune with and take control of drones encountered in the Abyss (see the DAV series Triglavian Datastreams)


So the Triglavians built a… test environment ? to put the abducted citizens in ?

How odd.

So … here’s a weird thought. Finding all these poor souls apparently safe and sound in an apparently insufficiently-well-hidden-and-defended research facility on a K-space world so soon after they were taken seems almost too good to be true.

Knowing what we know about the Triglavian approach to biotech, is it possible we’ve just found one instance of that experimental facility? Among many?

Put another way, creating multiple true copies of a single person is banned because of the documented psychological effects. But those seem like they’d only come into effect if the copies know about each other. It’s possible to ignore that problem if (1) the subjects are prisoners whose access to information about other possible “selves” is limited and (2) you don’t really care much what happens if they get out.

If I were the Triglavians, and supremely unconcerned with K-space medical ethics and the welfare of my test subjects, I’d want a wide variety of testing environments for different environmental influences and hazards, plus probably multiple control groups. And given the technology likely at my fingertips, there’d likely be no reason to settle for just the one. Having just one version of that settlement to work with would not only be unsatisfactory, but wholly avoidable: a blunder-- bioadaptive malpractice.

Also, given the trouble I’d already gone to, I definitely wouldn’t put my entire experiment in a spot where a bit of bad luck could cost me the whole thing. If I only had one shot, I’d have a super-stable bubble waiting in the Abyssal depths and so heavily defended that it’d be like anyone confined there had vanished down a black hole. That’s not what they did. Odds of detection and recovery of captives from a planetary fortification in hostile territory are relatively high.

Maybe the Abyss doesn’t really allow for pockets that stable, but even then, we got them back so easily. It’s very strange … unless there are a whole lot more sites like that, which greatly increases the odds of us finding at least one site while greatly reducing the cost to the Triglavians of losing it, therefore limiting their need to heavily defend it. Individual sites would likely be near-perfect copies, down to the last dendrite, and dedicated to a wide range of experiments.

Does this seem … wrong, pilots? I mean, other than morally?

I realise that this might seem strange as I am the one who’s stating it. Not to mention that the science behind it is beyond me.

But based on the broadcasts/data translations available to us, we believe that K-space is what they consider to be their ancient domain and that is was lost to them. We also believe that they consider the drifters to be a newer form of their ancient enemy.

What if they triglavians are preparing to take the fight to their ancient enemy, instead of having them come to them?
We know that abyssal space is highly disruptive to Drifter ships as their primary shield and weapons don’t seem to function in abyssal space. What if the triglavians also realise this and messing with the stars in K-space could be their way of preparing the battlefield in their favor?

They seem to realize that abyssal space is volatile and not well suited for us to live in. These abudctions and tests could be a way for them to make sure we do not end up as collateral damage. Especially as they still seem to consider allowing us to join their flow.

Or at least those who are considered worthy. The others will probably just be … extirpated.


Why is it odd? Every interaction we’ve had with them has in some form or other been a testing grounds. Who’s to say this isn’t? Not just testing the baseliners they abducted, but also testing the empires’ response to it… and ours.

Frankly, it doesn’t seem at all odd, given the context of literally everything else we’ve seen of them.

Or at least certain areas of it.


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