[ARC] Triglavian Foreign Affairs

Fellow Capsuleers

This is a statement which was promised during the Yulai Triglav Conference at the end of YC121. It covers the Arataka Research Consortium’s (ARC) stance towards capsuleers and corporations which choose to cooperate with the Convocation of Triglav in regard to their invading efforts. We also give a direct answer to the two questions raised by Sahriah Bloodstone from Triumvirate. and Aliza Kootz from Frigates Die First.

The Arataka Research Consortium is dedicated to the mutual development of the empires, mainly through our spearheading into coordinated, multilateral scientific research and the exploration into the borders of the yet unknown. We support operations which protect the empires and their inhabitants.

We are also aware that we are operating at the brink of transhumanism by definition (as capsuleers), which means that we are open-minded for many possible future developments of mankind, including possible prospects the Triglavians might offer. We therefor evaluate any cooperation or alliance with Triglavians based on the single case and in the light of our values and goals.

Siding against the empire forces is not supported by ARC due to the unknown implications of Triglavians’ sun manipulation and the latest cases of abductions and possible bioadaptive experiments on humans. We rather urge capsuleers to prevent those manipulations whenever possible - at least as long as their nature and end is unknown. We lend weight to this position with our Anti-Triglavian fleets and our efforts to track and disassemble the Stellar Accelerators.

Answering to Aliza Kootz’ question regarding our stance towards Null Security alliances in affiliation with the Convocation of Triglav, we repeat the above statement. We do not, unlike I-RED for example, take an aggressive stance against those who side with the Triglavians at the Observatory Flashpoints. However, we point out with the uttermost emphasis that there is currently no rational reason to support Triglavians in their efforts; at least not from a scientific and peacekeeping point of view.

Answering to Sahirah Bloodstone we support the use of capsuleer-led capital class vessels against the Triglavian forces within core empire borders. We would urge CONCORD to allow those currently banned vessels to be fielded if the empires themselves do not have the capability to counter the threat effectively. However, in the current situation such measures appear to be unjustified. Also, any use of capsuleer-led capital class vessels in low or high security space should also be heavily regulated to prevent any misuse and destabilization; e.g. by restricting aggression to certain areas of space or certain targets designated by CONCORD.

These statements are a fluid endeavor on its own, because we see more and more indications that the Convocation of Triglav is establishing themselves as a party which has to be taken seriously as a political entity (compared to the Drifters, for example).

There are already several reasons to debate that right now. After all, the Convocation manipulates ISK payments, they lure us with rewards from advanced technology blueprints, we had few but determined pro Triglavian voices among our conference participants; and just remember that we already saw a Trigmania going through popular baseliner culture a few months ago.

What we want to facilitate here is not a discussion of ARC’s policy, but rather a discourse on different perspectives to deal with the Convocation of Triglav as a political body in general. How do we deal with them, if ignorance is no longer a valid option and they sit down at the table?

Thank you for your interest.

Haria Haritimado


It seems like the most pressing thing from this angle is to develop an understanding of the actual shape of their culture and value system, ma’am.

So far, their attitude towards us is at best highly paternalistic, though that term’s both inexact and inadequate. We can apparently decipher their language reasonably well, even if some of its concepts are pretty rarified, but they still don’t deign to communicate with us on anything like coequal terms. Instead, they lure us with promises of treasure (curiously, I understand that cooperation brings treasure that apparently isn’t practically usable without also working against them), while apparently manipulating our environment on the largest scale and snatching people up as test subjects; they’re apparently even setting up laboratories for the purpose on our own worlds.

Every now and then they address us, but mostly they’re treating us like intelligent, trainable wildlife. Maybe that’s exactly how we look to them: a primitive, if dangerous, ancestral remnant-- the animals they evolved from.

Seeing that, it’s not so likely that they’ll deal with us as equals soon. But we need to get some kind of understanding of who they are-- not just in broad strokes, but in a little detail, even if it’s just a sketch.

Like: is Zorya a name or a title or a bit of both? How do they actually use their bioadaptive tech-- have they made castes? If so, can Triglavians switch castes? Do they (as seems possible) allow multiple copies of individuals? Is individual even a meaningful concept to them anymore?

… and so on and so forth. Even just the basics would be so much more than we have now.

Basically, we need, if at all possible, to meet a Triglavian. Prisoner, diplomat, doesn’t matter much. Helpfully, one thing we do know is that they don’t seem to take offense to us doing to them anything they also do to us. “Fair’s fair” seems to be an idea they take seriously.

They’ve been taking people, sampling us, getting to know us. Maybe we should find a way to return the favor.


The CODE. Alliance has a positive working relationship with the Triglavian Collective. They have made honorary purchases of New Order shares and they work towards the same objectives that James 315 laid down when he wrote The New Halaima Code of Conduct, so many years ago.

In addition to increasing capsuleer situational awareness while mining, the Triglavian stargate fleets have assisted in liberating material that was being illegally transported, allowing CODE. to fund further efforts to improve highsec for all of its residents.

Perhaps their contributions to Code enforcement are incidental to their true purposes, but until their motivations can be clearly deduced, we are prepared to accept them as brothers in arms.

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Basically, we need to enslave some Triglavians.

The possibility of discussion is a great achievement already

Carnage is always an option, just not the only one.

(Also, consider that not beign anti-something is not the same as pro-something)

Would it be too absurd to cede/lease/lend a small part of K-Space if it meant a forward base for the Triglavian effort against the Drifters?

Of course the scale of it might frighten people as manipulating an entire star system/constellation/region is an engineering feat that is way way way beyond what we are used to, but is it that different from changing the flow of a river to achieve a certain purpose?

Some parents regard their children as something that is on their way, and do their pressing things disregading the impact on them.

Others, manage to take the time to accomodate their needs and well being while they do their pressing things.

There are also those that not only take care of their children, but also explain what they are doing, why they are doing it, and are willing to listen to them and adjust the way they do their pressing things based on the feedback.


Respected Aria Jenneth

I totally share your thoughts on the mis-alignment in our communication with the Triglavian collective. My personal impression is that they appear to talk in strange voices - but they don’t listen. But then I realize they might be listening on a collective scale. Like we would place a PR evaluation campaign on a new consumer sector and act accordingly; not really communing, but talking on a highly symbolic level.

Anyway, if I try to twist this a bit in the direction of diplomatic options I wonder how we should treat people or organizations which claim to be allied with the Convocation of Triglav, to embrace their (little known) values, and which present themselves as self-entitled agents of the Convocation? We had those cases already (though one probably was a cosplayer, as I was later informed).

Respected Morgana Tsukiyo

Nice to read you. And thank you for this interesting idea. While distribution of space is largely built on violent means this would certainly be a novel development. If we start from the basic idea of territorial sovereignity we could also muse that the “ancient domain” implies a certain prerogative to call some parts of New Eden “native Triglavian territory”. It would be a long shot to make a legal argument from it. I think the idea of lending out space to the Triglavian Collective in order to achieve some kind of common ground from which defenses against common enemies can be staged is quiet bold and not very realistic. However, it is an interesting perspective.

Captain Xeux

I assume the exchange of shares took place at the pointy end of spears directed against each other and minted in wrecks and salvage! More seriously, I think this is an opportunistic attitude quiet common among many capsuleer organizations. Of course, your organization gives it a certain unique flavor but generally many seem to be ready to take what they throw at us - intentionally or incidentally. I can’t really exclude myself here. Sometimes, it is convenient to see Triglavian activities. But this is rather short sighted.

I am more interested in your last statement. What would be the red line for you, beyond which the Triglavians would become intolerable (except through their defense of miners in high security space, of course)?


Our alliance is strongly opposed to the behavior of the faction police and, to a lesser extent, Concord itself. If Triglavians were to assume similar roles, pursuing activists like ourselves, rather than focusing on static targets, I think that change would erode the support they currently have within our organization.

The capsule technology was initially a gift from the Jove that helped cement the autonomy of the Caldari State, and later was a very lucrative license for Ishukone. It also paved the way for the creation of Concord, SCC and other major institutions that mediate interstellar affairs, institutions that are under severe strain due to recent and past conflicts.

Perhaps it is time for another lucrative transaction with a highly developed group, a renewal of the status quo, and new forms of interaction with one another, and if the price for this could be leasing territories for the Triglavians, or at least sitting down to discuss terms, the Caldari surely are in a position to contemplate a profitable relationship and be at the vanguard of transformation once more.


If we reach that level of communication and mutual understanding, this would certainly be a great opportunity and a giant leap ahead! So, if I was a bit pessimistic about your proposal, it’s rather because of the long way we seem to have ahead of us. The comparison to the Jove is certainly something to keep in mind as a possible scenario. However, right now, I see not the necessary level of trust and no effective way to improve it.

Patience is a commonly attributed virtue to our people and luck is the byproduct of planning.

When the time comes, let’s be ready to make the most of it.


In Other News

Let us see how this seed shall grow.

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I am greatly troubled by these recent developments. Under normal conditions, I would not clutch pearls over some kidnapped baseliners. However, to do so while also avoiding diplomatic outreach, and posting cryptic messages suggesting cooperation is possible is rude at best, and threatening at worst.

Regardless of what they have to offer us, but so far I feel we have ‘proven’ ourselves. We have demonstrated that we can carry on this conflict near indefinitely, and will only grow and expand our forces. If those from the abyss are truly Devils, then the Empyreans will be the ones to render the invaders’ entire Civilization into a footnote in a science textbook.

I hope that Zorya decides to be more talkative soon. We aim to roll out our new Anti-Zirnitra configuration of the Empyrean Fleet on Thursday. If cooperation doesn’t compel, conflict shall.


I for one do not share this view. I have little care for the affairs or well-being of the baseliner population; their relevance being limited essentially to how useful they are to us at any given point in time. At this moment, I am content to watch as the Triglavians and their emissary Zorya go about their business, learn what I can from their behavior, and bide my time as I prepare for whatever it is they plan to do next.

Thus far, they have shown no fundamental opposition to the Empyreans or our goals, and our translations of their internal communications in the form of Trinary Datastreams indicate a strong opposition to the greatest threats that face us - the Drifters (their “Ancient Enemy Azdaja”), Sansha’s Nation (“Hivelinked Foreign Narodnya”), and the Gallente/Amarr experiment gone very, very wrong - the rogue drones infestation(s) (“Deviant Automata”). Their stance with regard to us has been, from the start, at the very least respectful of the power of the Empyrean, and not directly opposed to our existence and way of life.

It is entirely possible that these beings, the likely descendants and potential heirs of the Jovian legacy, are the best weapon we have against the true darkness. Let them take their coveted blue suns. Let them gain their foothold in New Eden. Let them oppose our enemies and expend their own resources in campaigns of destruction against them. When the next stroke occurs, I will be waiting.


A truly powerful being never has to threaten it’s enemy - it simply takes the action to accomplish its will and its goals. The Triglavian Collective is doing just that. Despite their cryptic messaging, of which we can only hope that our translations thus far have been correct, the Collective has remained nebulous with their intent with, and regards for, us Empyreans.

Like Fonsui, I believe we Empyreans are observing - and positioning ourselves into the middle of - a conflict between interstellar titans. The happenings unfolding before us are far beyond our comprehension. Both the Triglavians and the Drifters had something to gain in the fall of the Jove and now we are seeing them race against time and across the stars to claim what they both believe is rightfully theirs for the taking. The question is, are we putting ourselves in the middle out of our own arrogance and self-importance, or were we drawn into the middle out of our fear to annihilate the Drifter threat on our own?

We Empyreans, as Fonsui and Ashterothi have pointed out, have grown strong in our power and capability. So much so we have been able to resist the Sleepers, to slow the Drifter advance, and to even hold the line against Sansha’s expansion efforts. Despite our capability and accomplishments I wish to point out that out there - amongst the stars - is always something greater and more sinister in the depths. Something that we cannot yet conquer. All this time we have argued it was the Drifters that are such a force but perhaps - just perhaps - it could be the Collective itself.

The Drifters have thus far remained illusive, distant, and have relatively limited their incursions into Empire space. The Collective, on the other hand, has made bold advances into Empire territory - disrupting entire clusters of systems! They’ve taken over comms networks; flooding them with their cryptic messages, and have even deigned to flirt with us over the prospect of collaboration in order to eliminate their enemy. Only if we are deemed worthy of course. It is them we should fear! I say the greater enemy - the greater threat to us Empyreans - is the one who is unafraid to demonstrate their power all the while offering possibilities of hope and collaboration. They - this Collective - are simply trying to keep us awe-struck with their shows of power and distracted with a smile and potent words of possibility while they are reading to plunge the knife in our backs.

Unlike Fonsui, however, I do not think that we can afford to stand by and let the Collective gain a foothold in New Eden until we know their true intentions. We cannot afford to let them vanquish the Drifters just for them to turn on us and make them their next conquest. The Drifters are pressing on the Collective - and hard. I argue that we press the Triglavians to heel - that we force them to reveal their intentions and if we are not satisfied with the answer we do what we do best as Empyreans - we press the attack. We should then join the Drifters into pushing the Collective into submission if possible, into annihilation if necessary.

Our legacy is one of resourcefulness and ruthlessness. We must hold true to that in order to survive. Their battle for supremacy is happening in our stars - in our systems - in our homes. Their conflict is not only effecting us today but is likely to produce repercussions so powerful that they could very well seal the fates on our future.

Now is our time to act, Empyreans. Our blood has been spilt. We must dive deeper to understand the depth of the titanic struggle before us and to find out who the real enemy is.


Captain Ashterothi

I definitely share the feeling that we have proven ourselves by adapting their strategies and compositions on the battlefield. Also, I think the whole process of proving would be pointless if there would be no meaningful communication in the end. Of course, they could just continue to probe and prove for some mechanical means of claiming territory or finding weak spots, ignoring any real chance of communication. But they messed a bit too much with our media, technology, and culture already.

Since we seem to have a stalemate on the proving grounds, we should expect a next stage of escalation - or maybe communication. Latest activities in Goinard or Chibi suggest it this way.

Captain Fonsui

Your words send quiet a shiver down my spine. I prefer not to let go of my sympathy towards the baseliner inhabitants of New Eden. But ignorance is our prerogative as independant capsuleers, I guess. There is no limit for the ravine we carve between what we once were and now have become. Even though I prefer to keep the distance at arm’s length.

I want to comment on your other arguments that an alliance with the Triglavians against other grave threats, like Sansha’s Nation or the Drifters, is something that ARC has also discussed internally. If this pragmatic and realistic stance will develop into an actual possibility is heavily dependant on how the Convocation of Triglav direct their next steps. What is an acceptable collateral damage for cooperation?

Captain Eurzadhan

Thank you for your shared views and your appeal to action. I share many ideas and viewpoints. Interestingly, what I find most intriguing or noteworthy is that you seem to see the Convocation of Triglav as a traditional political actor already. From your quote I read that they are not so alien and that there is not such a giant communication gap or barrier. It might be merely a strategy of psychological media and mass manipulation. I think this is an important note that deserves deeper investigation.

Thank you all for your replies.

Haria Haritimado


Captain Eurzadhan

Thank you for your shared views and your appeal to action. I share many ideas and viewpoints. Interestingly, what I find most intriguing or noteworthy is that you seem to see the Convocation of Triglav as a traditional political actor already. From your quote I read that they are not so alien and that there is not such a giant communication gap or barrier. It might be merely a strategy of psychological media and mass manipulation. I think this is an important note that deserves deeper investigation.

Thank you for your reply in return, Madam Haritimado. I deeply appreciate it. It also fills me with both joy and confidence to hear that some of my views on this very relevant - and very concerning - topic are shared by distinguished minds such as yourself.

Madam Haritimado - these are very turbulent - very frightening times. We find ourselves caught between two titans that see us as no more than disposable pawns in their epic struggle. Based on the actions the Collective has made thus far, it is clear that they are nothing more than a foreign, possibly somewhat alien, player on the board that is New Eden. And it is that “alienness” they intend to use to their advantage.

Their hijacking of our communication networks? Clear scare and intimidation tactic. Psychological warfare. Communicate your “alienness” all the while demonstrating a deep enough understanding of us to allow the seizure and control over our technology.

Their invasions into known space? A blatant show of physical, logistical, & technological might. Demonstrate how only the mightiest of our ships can stand against them. That the best hope to defeat them is to make adaptations of their technology. More importantly, however, is the fundamental question that should stem from such action: “Is all of this a warning as to our future fate or it is a demonstration to entice our very own subjugation?”

It is a two pronged attack, Empyreans! And we must act! This is an attack we must be prepared for. And for years we have prepared ourselves for such an event. We were practicing for a moment like this in our battles with each other - in our struggles with the Empires - and in our campaigns against the Sleepers and their Drifter brethren. They have all lead to this moment. This time.

It is clear this “Convocation of Triglav” has a deeper plan - and a deeper game afoot. For the moment we are not an obstacle in achieving their goals and already they have shown their terrible force and capability. What will they do when we are an obstacle? What more terror is there to come?

Madam Haritimado it remains clear to me they are less alien than we think. Look at their appearance. They are bi-pedal. Two arms. One head. A form similar to our own. Their ships can be adapted to our form of flight and warfare. Their suits, the very veils that keep them appearing alien, illusive, unreadable - even those can be adapted to suit those of us who wish to adorn ourselves in their cloaks. We only fear Drifters in physical form less so because we can in fact see their faces - and for some wretched souls - even recognize them.

I do believe there is something deeply foreign to these beings. They have demonstrated an ability to survive a part of space that would kill even the best of us. It is clear they have come a long way to create the weapons, the ships, and the very form we know them as today. Their language and culture was born from the result of such a struggle. But don’t let them fool you. They are more distant cousin than alien.

They have found the keys to release themselves from their hell and they now seek to lay dominion over the lands - the stars - they believe they are due. Our stars. Our lands. I predict that we are simply just an obstacle - be it now or later - in their fulfilling of their great journey.

Do they deserve the Jove legacy anymore than we do? Than the Drifters? Perhaps we should worry less about “deserve” and focus more on what would be done if such a legacy was placed into their hands. Into the wrong hands.

Be warned.


I have a question. If the triglavians are truly an enemy, why do you use their ships that they allow us to get. If they are truly a threat, wouldnt using their own ships against them be a terrible idea? They could have some kill switch built into them, or something. Now, I dont believe that, I think there is more here that we are missing, and there’s even more that’s being ignored. Like the point Concord made about them avoiding casualties if at all possible. Or the fact that they could absolutely wipe us out if they wanted to, based on how they handled the Drifters and how we struggle with the Drifters. Arc’s usual research at the end of a gun philosophy isnt our only option now, and it is probably a good idea we take this opportunity to learn more about them, even if it means helping them a little bit.

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If a weapon is useful, Mr. Ormand, do you prevent its use because of its origin?

Insofar as the Drifters are concerned, though, we’ve been able to develop effective tactics against all existent engagement profiles, and in a timely fashion. We wouldn’t have had foreknowledge of the Triglavian environments were that not the case, nor would we have this stockpile of Vigilant Tyrannos salvage.

Insofar as the existing situation is concerned, I can see nothing but personal self-interest driving support for the Triglavians. Insofar as we know, they are threatening the existing states, and offer us nothing-- except, of course, death if we refuse.

I tend to dislike those who use threats to enforce compliance.

I’m sure you do also.


We capsuleers have a manifest destiny to be free. Yet highsec is infested with busybody faction police buzzing like flies and the stifling Concord, imposing endless rules upon us.

If the Triglavians beat back the four factions and wear down the mighty Concord, then I shall call them my allies. Perhaps they can achieve things that we capsuleers, each working alone, could never even dream of!

I was in Rens today, where an Invasion takes place currently and it was horrible. Triglavians attacked everything. I saw the burning wrecks of many industrial ships and frigates on the Frarn gate.

The rules of Concord are fair and are made to protect the people. There are even many capsuleers living in empire space that support them.
If you don’t like them, why are you not just leaving and start a live in the outer regions ?