Open letter to CONCORD

I’m asking concord to check all infrastructures in yulai for contamination by mutaplasmid, recent evidence seem to indicate that they can feed on our energy sources.
With the biological nature of the mutaplasmids, they could create a “nest”, multiply, and take over essential parts of the structure without actually interfering with it’s day to day work (it could even improve it actually)

I would start by the station where the first triglavian ship was docked, if the collective intention is really hostile, then sending before they realize the threat a trojan by the form of mutaplasmids inside a ennemy base would be a very good start.

Then probably the station where the broadcast to billboards is made. If they are directly plugged on the communication system, no encryption method could prevent them to get access to the feeds.

For good measure, I would also scan the SCC stations to prevent the collective to create ISK and support capsuleers.

If more than two stations are found corrupted, I strongly suggest concord to quarantine all stations for purging them of mutaplsmids before the infection spread to all new eden.

I’m currently working on a few theories to neutralize mutaplasmids. I’ll keep my progress public


I don’t think the mutaplasmids are an issue. The Triglavians do show a large degree of skill with computational techniques and entangled routers, as well as other technologies. That might well stem from their nature, a report on which I am in the process of preparing.

I certainly hope so

but by looking at the facts, I do fear it’s a possibility

a quick run through

  • they are compatible with nanopaste structures
  • they don’t need to be in abyssal deadspace to thrive
  • they can be programmed in advance
  • even if they are limited to what the known mutaplsamids can modify, that’s already a significant part of our capacities
  • by their biological essence and resilience, they probably need only a small population to get a lively colony
  • because they are biological, they don’t need electronics sensors to react to stimuli, meaning they can be triggered by a simple environmental change and given their relation with gravitational factors, we simply don’t have the technology to jam such signal.

The Triglavians cultivate them in Abyssal space, I think they may even be a development of native life from there. I agree that loose mutaplasmid organisms may be dangerous and may even adapt to our space but I’m not sure they will thrive just yet. Should certainly be watchful, I think deliberate Triglavian interference is a more serious possibility, as well as the actions of Triglavian sympathisers.

On that last part I agree, but I also think concord is well aware of that.

and I do reiterate that mutaplasmids can thrive in our space, otherwise we could not have gravid mutaplasmids, or they should decay after some time.

"The mutaplasmid colony integrated into this bioadaptive tool appears to be mature and reproducing at a healthy rate. "

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That’s a Triglavian tool with a colony integrated. Presumably within an optimum environment, as distinct from mutaplasmid fragments in our space.

I agree, but as go the old saying “life find a way”

Triglavian have shown us that they are careful, long term players and good at manipulation.

I’m just advising caution on a maybe underestimated problem

I do hope I’m wrong

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