[KC] baseliner safety & triglavian experiments

Since the news came that a system fell under the collective assaults, our non capsuleers have organized themselves to create a referendum which got approved with 71.3% of the members of our consortium.

So, by the chart of our organisation, I’m transferring it here.

Author: Ellaine Flagel, head scientist of mutaplasmid studies

Content: Given the recent developments on the Triglavian invasions, we decided to use the referendum law of the Khazad Consortium to make Concord, or at least the Capsuleers, aware of the potentials consequences for humans population.

The mutaplasmids are bio-engineered nanobots capable of quick and significant changes to our nanite-based technologies. But what I rarely, if ever, see discussed is it’s impact on living matters.

The theory is that with more specialized mutaplasmids and the right environment, they could be used to alter living cells & bodies.

here are some quick facts:

  • the mutaplasmids need abyss-like environment to be made
  • once applied, the effects seems stable on the nanites
  • the collective already have made humans experiments in controlled environments.

That could lead to multiple problems:

  1. The collective could use it to take hostages on a large scale by using mutaplasmids on the populations of world and station. To keep mutaplasmid alive (as in living bodies) the environment would need to stay under abyss influence, otherwise, the peoples would simply die.
    Letting concord choose between losing a system or committing mass murder.

  2. Since an sansha incursion is also happening in this system, it could lead to access to sansha-made mutaplasmids and a potential increase in effectiveness in sansha’s technology

  3. Using mutaplasmids on large installations like stations, the Collective could gain access and/or control of datas and technologies not accessible before. And given their apparent ability to take control of our communications, the consequences could be dramatic.

I hereby ask concord to take action to secure the populations in those areas before it’s too late.
By combining efforts, Concord, the Sisters of eve, ORE and UPWELL, assisted by independent capsuleers, could help this endeavor.

Thanks you for your time.

While I don’t agree on all of Madam Flagel suppositions, I do share her will to protect civilians.
On a personal note I urge CONCORD & capsuleers to quickly make researches on the compatibility of mutaplasmids and living matter.

Umbre Fallenstars & the Khazad Consortium


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