[Event] Spring Masquerade Ball

Presenting a Spring Ball at L’Amore in Ballo!

Date: Saturday, 4th April at 1900 NEST

Food and drink provided, with a flora and fauna theme.

Prizes for the costume contest will include:

Triglavian ships and skins and isk, kindly donated by ARC!

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, plus three special prizes to be announced on the night.

The placed prizes will be awarded by secret ballot, as we’ve done before!

Hope to see you all there!


You had me at costume and sealed it with drink…


God willing, I’ll be able to be there!


I admit I really love these. Coming up with a surprising costume might be my favorite mental exercise of the year.

Eagerly awaiting details.


Theme Update: Flora and Fauna

More to come!


Wait, what happened to fairy tales? Does this mean I can’t do the child-devouring plasma storms of PBD-0G? (still not sure how, but…)

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Aria, I swear, if you manage to make that into a costume…


Are attendees expected to dress up as flora or fauna? Asking for a friend.

Or intestinal fauna?

Well I for one can see how Flora and Fauna can also be fairytales!

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Everything is going ahead as planned! Can’t wait to see your costumes. :wink:

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i will be there. maybe +1


Forcing myself to come up with a costume might finally expand my wardrobe from TLF uniforms and black tank tops…

I may come, though it’s not usually my scene.

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Updated some of the details in the first post.

Final prize info added :slight_smile: Hope to see everyone there!

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