Spring Ball at L'Amore! - Updated with prize list

While the murder mystery night is still in the planning stages, I thought it would be nice to host a gathering!


What: Spring Ball Masquerade!
When: Saturday, 12th May @ 1900 NEST
Where: L’Amore in Ballo in Kasrasi (Interbus transport is available)

The theme will be elemental - Earth, Air, Water, or Fire - please remember that no nudity is allowed in L’Amore.

There will be a prize for each element as follows:

Water: Harpy + Matigu Seabest skin Winner: @Aria_Jenneth
Earth: Rattlesnake + King’s Ransom (Luecin) skin Winner: @Nomistrav
Fire: Dramiel + Sariel’s Flames skin @Kalaratiri
Air: Condor + Steel Cardinal skin @Raxi_Elamp

Dramiel + Eros skin as a hostess’ choice prize @Utari_Onzo

Each winner will also receive 100 PLEX!

This is an open event to anyone who wishes to attend, unless you have a security ban from the venue.


Forgot to add…

There will be another costume contest with prizes! More information will be coming soon.


bump! Prize list coming this week!

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Prizes now in top post :slight_smile:


Nothing from the Golden Fleet? :frowning:

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Sorry :frowning:

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It feels a little like air is … coming up a little short? Comparatively?

I mean, I don’t hate the Condor, but the poor thing isn’t really a patch on … uh. Any of those.

Also: on one hand a Condor, on the other, a RATTLESNAKE?


Maybe add some alchemy prizes

Lead and Gold.

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Don’t forget Iron Oxide!

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What do you suggest?

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Well, SKINs might be kind of an issue a little bit, but, it seems like if you’re doing pirate frigates for some, maybe it’d be best to stick with that same general kind of quality and tonnage for everything? I mean, in a way it’s kind of appropriate to have wealth going to Earth, what with minerals and so on, and if that’s the intent, it works, but, at the moment, there’s a difference of several hundred million ISK just between those prize categories.

At the very least I’d bump the Condor to a Raptor or something and demote the Rattlesnake to a Worm. As it is, they look more like prize tiers than equally-balanced elements.


I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

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Okay. … I’m sorry I brought it up here; it just kind of popped out.

I’ll be there for sure.

(I can see why you picked the ones you did; it’s clever. Just. . . .)

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At the end of the day, the event is for fun and for everyone to relax and let off a little steam. Overanalyzing something that is not meant to be takes that away from it.

The prizes were meant to reflect the elements and, after all, it doesn’t cost anyone anything to come along and have a chance at winning.

I hope that clarifies my position.

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It does. I apologize for bringing up such a foolish matter.


I may have missed an information but i do jot understand the goal of the event ^^’
Is it a contest ? If yes, what is the objective?
Sorry if i have missed the information ><

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Goal: have a fantastic time with a costume party.

If I understand properly there is in fact a contest for the best costume/interpretation of an element.


like in game costume? real life costume? drawing? other? ^^"
sorry if i’m just dumb ^^"

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((Okay, there’s no real way to deal with this IC, so I’ll step out to provide a little clarity.

This is an in-character RP event. It’s our characters dressing up. Some people link to photographs or images that either directly display or provide a good visual impression of what their character is wearing. Others, like myself, will tend to write up elaborate descriptions for the occasion (it works well to post them in the Bio, but do it a few hours ahead of time because it takes changes a while to trickle through the system).

Our characters are, by normal terms, almost all horrifyingly wealthy, so the sky’s pretty much the limit. In the past, people have brought absurdly-expensive high-tech costume elements that do things like projecting live camera feeds on the cloth or even dressed in holograms, so the real limits are your imagination and, critically, what your character would actually do.))


((thanks a lot for the explanation ^^" I’m still fairly new on the RP scene :slight_smile: ))