[EVENT] Carnival Masquerade Ball

The next L’Amore in Ballo event will be Saturday, 10th April at 1900NEST.

Presenting…a carnival masquerade! Wear costumes in shades of purple, gold, and green, and celebrate with drinks, dancing, and entertainment!

Prizes for the best costume (decided by vote on the night).

1st Prize: Rattlesnake + Helmatt’s Harriers skin
2nd Prize: Gila + Helmatt’s Harriers skin
3rd Prize: Worm + Helmatt’s Harriers skin

As usual, drinks and nibbles are on the house!

Hope to see you there!


Why these colors in particular, Lasa? I mean, is there an underlying theme or do you just think it’ll make for some neat effects?

Gold is the color of the Amarr Empire.

Green is the color of the Gallente.

Purple is the color of the Caldari combined with the color of the Minmatar.

Perhaps Ms. Raske is a Caldari-Minmatar unionist (as, strangely, are so many pilots) and believes the cluster should be divided between the Amarr, Gallente, and a Caldari-Minmatar union.

Oh, just for aesthetic reasons :slight_smile:

Just a reminder :slight_smile:

Namas Ms. Raske

How does one go about attending such an event?

Apologies for my ignorance on such matters, it has been sometime since I attended a social event, also I guess it would be important to ask is it by invite only?

I will see if I can take the day off. If so, looking forward to it. Hoping to recover my reputation after the fashion crime I in retrospect committed on your last masquerade ball.

Hello Richard,

All my events are open invite. Just come to L’Amore in Ballo on the day.

((should you need OOC advice on these events, click here))

Many thanks for the clarification, it is appreciated.

No, to clarify, the venue is called ‘L’Amore in Ballo’. ((it’s the channel name))


Unfortunately, this event will have to be postponed. Sorry for the short notice.

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Oh dear. Hope all is well.



Bump, happening this weekend :slight_smile:


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