Event: Halloween Masquerade at L'Amore


(Lasairiona Raske) #1

Greetings all!

I know many people don’t read this forum anymore, but here goes anyway. L’Amore in Ballo will be hosting a Halloween Masquerade again this year! There is no theme, but guests are asked to be tasteful with their costumes. As always, food and drink will be on the house and entertainment will be provided.

The event will take place on Saturday, 14 October @ 1900NEST. As has been known to happen, it’ll probably last until the wee hours of the morning, so stop by when you can!

:ghost: :jack_o_lantern:

Kind thanks to @Miyoshi_Akachi for the flyer design!

(Vincent Pryce) #2


(Davlos) #3

I for one intend to show up as a Denied SRP Request.

(Saccade Amir) #4

maybe a little more info about ‘tasteful’ cause my taste is fuckin legendarily excellent and that didnt fly last time

(Lasairiona Raske) #5

You came naked in a trash bag.

(Ria Nieyli) #6

I don’t recall her being naked under the trashbag, though.

(Lasairiona Raske) #7

Maybe that was Che’s party…

(Arrendis) #8

Body paint is still naked.

(Ria Nieyli) #9

Sounds like I’ve missed something.

(Vlad Cetes) #10

There was a humorous exchange in corporation channels:

Anonymous victim - The SRP function does not work
Garst Tyrell - It auto-denies dumb losses.

(Saccade Amir) #11

only the sweetest damn booty in the cluster, ignore these gross hatins

look the important thing is that if you want people to wear clothes you gotta say because mannar

and that’s not even me saying that cuz its me im putting that out there on behalf of present and hypothetical mannar in the millions and probly some nakey ass matari currently going THE ■■■■ IS THIS SHAMEFUL JEGMENTALINS ON MY ASS I REFUTE IT THUS

and then you get nothing but butts

is that what were about


like if you want me in pants just say so im comin anyway

(Halcyon Ember) #12

When she came to my friendship party she was wearing a trashbag. Which she then took off. I’m fairly liberal but I recognise many aren’t and body paint doesn’t constitute public clothing in a fashion that most are comfortable with.

(Lasairiona Raske) #13

Right then. No body paint, please. L’Amore is a formal venue and I’ve relaxed the rules slightly for this event, but there still must be no nudity.

(Maria Daphiti) #14

Whew. If it’s going to be formal and all,i think i can attend!

(Halcyon Ember) #15

What if it’s really formal looking body paint?

(Lasairiona Raske) #16

:laughing: Don’t push your luck :wink:

(Halcyon Ember) #17

But sweetie, that’s what I do.

(Lasairiona Raske) #18

And I love you for it

(Slayer Liberator) #19

Can I wear a Black Eagle Scout dropsuit?

(Aria Jenneth) #20

Uh … I might be mistaken about this, sir, but probably something that can casually rip us all limb from limb is not going to count as “not a weapon.” And I seem to remember L’Amore doesn’t allow those?