[EVENT] The Stuff of Nightmares

So, it’s been a while…but how’s about a party?

Where: L’Amore in Ballo
When: Saturday, 8th October @ 1900NEST

What haunts your sleeping moments? Something from childhood stories, perhaps? A dark memory aching to break free?

Put your creative hats on and come in costume to a Samhain masquerade at L’Amore in Ballo. Yes, there will be prizes. Winner will be decided by secret ballot. You know the drill.

First Place: Nightmare ship
Second Place: Phantasm ship
Third Place: Succubus ship

Any questions, post here :slight_smile:


My social life is already pretty nightmarish (and not by design), so forgive me if I don’t rush to join this.

Everyone else, knock yourselves out I guess.

Ooooooh I am looking forward to this!

Uh-- are there any special rules regarding dangerous objects as part of the costume, Lasa? L’Amore’s weapons-free, right? Blades, needles, hooks, claws probably need to be blunted and such? Dummy firearms and explosives only?

Thorns probably need to prioritize not giving people unasked-for piercings over looking, well, thorny?


You’re correct. Anything weapon-like will need to be blunted. I’ll make an exception for claws, horns, etc.

Prize update in first post.

And the knife hidden in your boot that you’ve sneaked into another place with similar rules?

Dude. Just leave her alone. OK?


Why an angel pirate would be giving out sansha ships instead of angel ships? Is this some kind of a trick? Is it a scam?

(Or at least Federal ships, since ARC was showing itself as a rather hostile to the State… or maybe gurista?)

Nightmare themed event promises to give away a Nightmare class battleship. It’s pretty obvious.


Looking forward to attending and dreading everything I’ll be wearing.

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Basically Halloween celebration but with a twist?

Scary things eh ? How many people are you expecting to come dressed as capsuleers ? Since they’re pretty much the stuff of more nightmares than any supernatural demon or mythic monster.


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I mean, they could, but it’s not very original, is it?

I feel so judged.

Slutty Capsuleer is always popular costume in certain circles, especially when it’s an excuse to show all the places you clued on the phony sockets. Come to think of it, I bet they make excellent pasties.

Don’t know if I’m gonna go. Big gatherings never go well for me. If I do, I don’t know if I shydress truthfully or theatrically.

They could disguise themselves as someone else though.

Bump :slight_smile:

In the night?

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Happening this weekend! Afterwards, Utari and I plan to retire from public life for a bit and spend time with our children so I hope everyone can come along for this last party for a while :slight_smile: