Channel 'Eve Players that Write' for meeting others that write and love Eve fiction and news in game

Started a channel for meeting and interacting with others who like writing Eve fiction, in game news, and discussing lore.

I myself like to write, brain storm, and research lore or news stories as I am in game. And wouldn’t mind having the company of other players with the same interest as I do so.

Hope to start a monthly publishing of player written and contributed Eve news items that cover the more noir elements of Eve culture and fiction, and interviews with players that have stories to share.

Channel name, ‘Eve Players that Write’


Joined! This is a great idea, thanks!

Excellent idea. And would love to see a monthly publication. Having a regular event where writiers could have their writing showcases could inspire some creativity. There’s quite a bit of Eve fiction being written all the time, but it’s scattered around the internet, so you have to think to go find it. A monthly event could collect everything and bring it to everyone’s attention.

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