Eve Story Commission

Hey all,

I have a broad story in my head about 4 of my pilots. Unfortunately, I’m not gifted in creative writing. I would like to commission a story to be written.

I would give a broad story idea and information about my pilots, and I would let you do the rest!

This commission requires someone with good Eve knowledge, strong writing skills, and creativity.

Thank you!

EDIT: I would like to pay for this commission with ISK.

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Hi there!

I am a professional ghostwriter and editor to pay my bills, in addition to being an enthusiastic player of EVE and a big fan of the setting.

If you’d like to make this a formal commission, I’ll set you up with my business email and we can do a free consultation and work out a plan that suits your needs!

What format would this story be in? Short story? Novella? Novel?

Hey man thank you for the interest!

I should have clarified in my original post, I’d like to oh for the commission in ISK!

Sorry for the confusion!

Oh, well I can work for ISK. I’d say a 200 million ISK per thousand words would be fair. That would make a standard-length short story of about 8k words around 1.6 billion.

Dude awesome, sounds good! Where would you like to chat, discord?

Sure, drop your ID here


What’s your discord username?

Sent a friend request!

Got it, I’ll send you my overview!

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