Chronicles from EON magazine

I’ve heard that there’s a lot of eve chronicles that were published in the old EON magazines. Is there anyway that I would be able to get my hand on these or are they still stored on a database somewhere? Would love to get my hands on some more lore.


I have been whinging/petitioning/bitching/complaining/posting about this for so long. There are heaps of them. And some of them have full-page artwork as well as smaller art clips throughout. Not too long before the magazine ended, the publisher went digital. So they must still be available somewhere.

It was an authorised magazine as far as I’m aware, so CCP has the right to distribute or reprint as they wanted. Considering it’s all digital, I donno why we can’t just buy them on the EVE Store…

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PLZ CCP!!! Take my money! I would pay for the digital copy.

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