Eon magazine archived?

Okey So I started playing eve back in 2007 the time when bob has just gone under and learning skills was a thing and your charter looked like drug addicts.

I also remember Eon magazine´s but I never got the chance to read any of them at all never had the money money and chance to import them.

So I wonder have they been archived today so one can read them in PDF format or such ?
If not would it not bee nice if some one could archive them so they will always will be remembered . I mean I would love to sift through them just for history and memory sake.

Sure I know they are on Ebay but buy god they are like 80-100 dollar each now.

This is something I’ve been wondering myself. There were supposedly downloads available on the publisher’s site a few years back, but they’re all gone now, if they ever existed in the first place.

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