EON Magazine #007

(Vector en Dancer) #1

I was wondering if anyone had EON magazine # 007 and would be willing to take and upload a photo of the then battlecruiser setups please.

Kind Regards,


(Chribba) #2

I have them all. Gimme a few days and I’ll try see if I can arrange something.


(Vector en Dancer) #3

Wow didn’t expect a response from yourself Chribba but that is fantastic news. Thankyou

(Chribba) #4

Actually without going through my physical magazines, and instead checking the history on EVE-Files I might have found what you were looking for and combining that to a PDF.

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for - https://files.omg-cdn.net/EON-007.pdf


(Vector en Dancer) #5

That’s exactly what I wanted!! Thankyou so much. This is what got me into eve!

(Khergit Deserters) #6

EON-- that was a seriously cool thing about Eve back then. A slick full-color magazine, with original oil paintings, other artwork, fiction, serious articles-- for an MMO. That and the new Chronicles being posted often (also with original oil paintings) got me engrossed in Eve. It had culture.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #7

And now… it has Reddit.

–Gadget sighs

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