Looking for ship images

I’m looking for some ship images for a small project. I’ve been using CPPC to generate ship-on-white images for some of older ships, but he does not have any new-model ships (Stiletto, Vexor, etc) as well as some special edition ships (Sunesis).

I’ve found some lower-res transparent background images on the community site in blog posts about skins, but not finding anything on the new-model Stiletto (in fact there’s hardly anything online with that hull at all) or the Sun.

Anyone have any ideas where to find some good images?

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I believe @CPPC_T_amber is working on https://eve-nt.uk/designer/ now, which seems a little more up to date.

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Yeah https://eve-nt.uk/designer/ is really nice - I mean really nice - but still has some rendering issues with white backgrounds, and is missing the Sunesis for some reason (yes, I actually need a Sunesis model :wink:). But good news is that it has the newer Stiletto model (which is drop-dead-sexy)

@CPPC_T_amber any idea on if the Sun will see the light soon? :smiley:

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