Old EON Magazine Copies Wanted

Hello Space Friends
I am looking to complete my collection and I am after some copies of the old EON Magazine.
If anyone has Vol 29 (paperback) and Vol 30 (Digital).

For any collector I have additional copies of Vol 7 to 15 that I can part with.
Thankyou in advance :slight_smile:

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Well I have managed to get Vol 29. Now just need Vol 30 Digital Edition.

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Does anyone have EON Vol 30 Digital Version. @CCP_Aurora I have managed to build up my collection over the last year and only have Vol 30 left to get. Do you know if CCP has copies somewhere ?
I know they were written by an independent supplier but maybe someone has a copy. :slight_smile:

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It might help to submit a support ticket about it. Could also ask CCP about it on their twitter page.

Anyway, good luck on completing your collection.

Thanks mate good idea

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I never saw them myself but I seem to recall some EON hardcopy maps being published of various space regions. If it’s pertinent to your collection you might want to check around for those.

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