Concord cops not doing enough, need 911 button

Getting blasted day after day in simple mining runs in high spec space, by groups of other players, not NPC’s.
I’ve Lost 100’s of millions in just days. multiple mobs across multiple high spec ice and asteroid fields.

Been Omega for about a week, been attacked over and over, even my Corporation is like HUH?

Just a new player learning the ropes of EVE but the groups targeting ice miners and asteroid miners in high spec space seems like if it happens the rating on the space should be changed to reflect their unchallenged attacks. My email is full of players that need to be dealt with. Bullies really, their bios reflect their intention to prey on everyone, their responses to my latest attack was laughter and jeering when I returned to the ice field. It’s not PVP its Mobs Vs. Solo player, just like bully mobs beating up on that kid for his lunch money.

There should be a 911 in EVE so that these groups can be accounted for by the CCP. The developers appear to want a wild wild west. There are Concord Cops everywhere except when you need them. If a dialed emergency response were available, it would even the odds more. I’d even be willing to pay for the response, but with the excessive taxation it should be a covered service in high-spec space.

I had over 42,000 HP defense- the first time… they chewed through it in seconds. Large mobs running through and randomly flash mobbing without recourse except Billion ISK hired hit mobs in response? Seems like the game is broken. My advice- STAY ALPHA it’s free, why waste your money just to have things that they want to destroy, my Procurer was referred to as a buffet. Makes sense.

Armor/defense at new Omega player ship capability is obviously not enough and the warp disabling beams have no module defenses available, low sec space is crazy dangerous, high spec space isn’t much better.

Don’t believe me? Try new player Omega solo mining.

Cant find the kill.

Where were you when this happened/happens?


So posts like yours are actually the reason you’re dying.

Let me explain. Carebears have complained to the point where CCP has nerfed almost every form of HS PvP besides suicide ganking out of the game. So now we all suicide gank because there’s quite literally nothing else PvPwise to do.

If you want to stop getting ganked you might want to start crying for CCP to give PvPers other options instead of more nerfs because more nerfs will only make us more spiteful and more cutthroat.


Miner ganking, bumping and other harassment tactics are perfectly within the rules. Having said that, the reason it’s so common is because it’s an easy to do carebear activity for simpletons.

Here’s the thing, they’re lazy and mostly hang around hubs. So pick a direction at random and take six jumps. You’ll find it a lot more peaceful.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Have you tried flying cheaper ships and staying away from popular ganking systems? Plenty of people have no problems at all playing in highsec, so why should CCP change the game to make up for your lack of skill?

Make up your mind.


This is a good point. @Ogariaz CCP will tell you to buy ISK with real life money but do not do it. You will just lose the money without the knowledge to back it up. You should instead be testing/researching PvP mechanics (would only take you one play session to figure out the parts that are relevant to your playstyle).

Also mining is a pretty piss poor operation to sink real money into as it will quite likely never pay back the investment.


Those are well known suicide ganking groups in Eve . In local they appear as red with a skull , so long as you are not AFK and have local chat open, you have plenty of time to warp out of the asteroid belt , the moment they enter local (you can also add those groups with terrible standings in case they have pilots that don’t have < -5.0 security status) .
Also your Procurer fits are not optimized .

Welcome to Eve !

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They’re actually not shooting you for money. They’re shooting you out of spite.


Again the real reason is spite. Most of the core suicide ganking community used to be involved in the many other high sec PvP options that EvE USED to have. HS PvPers have been cheated by CCP much worse than the rest of the playerbase.

Imagine putting in years of work just to have CCP completely remove your sandbox from the game? You guys complain about scarcity but at least your profession still exists.

You could always join our corporation. We mine in LowSec, far away from suicide gankers. No one has ever been suicide ganked in LowSec.


No I mined ice for that

I didn’t use real life money, I mined ice

They warped right on top of me both times I was warp-disabled, and only had seconds.

Seconds is enough to get away.

If you’ve made hundreds of millions of ISK without RMT then you are not a newbie anymore.

You mined Ice with your procurer to afford your procurer? How did you buy your FIRST procurer?

Also you had much longer than seconds. You should be watching local when you mine.

Abudban ice field (Bully gang hunts there), Agal ice field (another bully gang hunts there)

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nope only seconds, and I was alpha for a while mining asteroids till I could afford an ice miner

They either used a cloaky scout to provide a warp in, or they combat probed you and fleet warped.

This is another part of your problem. You’re mining in busy systems. I was ice mining in 0.2 this morning. 0 people in Local for an hour.

If you know that PvP threats are in those places then why are you going there?

No, you just suck at EVE. Why didn’t you watch local? Why didn’t you use d-scan? Both of these tools would have given you more warning than sitting obliviously in a belt while watching a movie in another window until the attackers opened fire.