SAFETY. the real eve police force

Its an indisputable fact that SAFETY. Is a capsuleer run police force. They carry weapons, offer regulatory permits, have an organization structure, have patrol vehicles,

Im sorry officer, what have i done?

You were caught mining without a permit …

They offer an area for arbitration and negotiate fines and permitting fees.

Question: but why does concord shoot them? Answer; its a well known fact that miners carry some form of miner disease. If not quickly attacked, the disease could spread. concord is no more than a hazmat cleanup crew.

Our fearless crew is whisked away in a safety pod to decontaminate and assert justice once again…

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You seem a bit desperate for attention, here have my attention for a brief moment. Did that give you a warm fluffy feeling? Good, now back to Cyberpunk 2077…

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Yes… your attention is exactly what i was hoping for…

I dont have to tell you where you can go stick this BS, groups like you are a cancerous plague in this game, all it is is a way for you to get easy kills on your board so you all can jerk each other off looking at it. How about you go to 0.0 and do some actual PVP instead of ganking miners.

Calm down - have some tea…

Ah yes…I watched Safety shoot up their own people last night ( in Oipo ) and this then gets displayed on kills as ‘Solo’ even though Aiko only got 3% of so of the kill and Concord all the rest. Lol.

And Safety’s scout guy ran away when I approached in my Gnosis. Safety flee from Cilla ! What’s the matter… a Gnosis not defenceless enough for you ?

PvE missions warn of “rogue drones” that have infested Highsec. CONCORD is an example of such a rogue drone network. It frequently attacks law enforcement officers, particularly those tasked with the elimination of rogue mining bots.

Groups like this are what makes EVE, EVE :smiley:

Pretty sure they were just re-positioning. Any ganker would not be afraid of being AGGed in a gnosis. The waste alone would mean you lose LOL.

Lol…no…I was actually there. You weren’t. You do have this habbit of telling people who were actually there what happened.

Strange how the Safety scout ( Australian Jesus ) was happy to lurk within 1000m of corp HQ for 20 mins when he wasn’t flashy, but very suddenly had to…erm…‘reposition’…lol…when he was flashy and I approached. Alas the corp doctrine Gnosis doesn’t have a warp scrambler.

So did this pilot specifically say they were fleeing you? Yes or no?

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