Severely off topic, OLD:: Sisters Of Eve - afraid?

Capsuleers ARE a threat, but a controlled one.

Everything we do is CONCORD approved. They are the only one to be able to KILL us (not just destroy us mind you). They are the one controlling the stargates. And now they showed they are able to force a teleportation of a ship.

We, as capsuleers, are wolfs in leash.

Where I agree with the SOEs (gosh, that seem weird to say) is that CONCORD use us to their advantage.

The matter of lives are indeed a serious business but the kyonoke inquest showed that the Empire are WAY better than us to killing people.

Mind the fact that the SOE, in their declarations, talk about the well being of people when and ONLY when taht adventage them.

in the last news, they talk about “innocents”.
on a capital ship full of rogue DRONE technology in NULL sec…
was there even a single person aboard?

Even if their was, it’s nothing compared of the horror of kyonoke, the sansha, or pretty much anything else. A loss of life is always a tragedy, but do not believe that is what was at the SEO’s heart when they made the announce.
Can we talk about all their laboratories harbouring civilian to whatever end?

Since their silence during the kyonoke, I can’t help but be suspicious of them… not a word on the worst epidemic of this century? yeaa… of course…

Once again, if their real outrage was toward the field test, WHY talk about the rogue drone tech?

No, my feeling is that they are not what they seem anymore…


I doubt they ever have been, much like the SoCT. They’re researchers first and humanitarians second, given their origins was explicitly in the study of the giant gate-like thing in the New Eden system.

All this is politics at play, and some folks need to take the tinfoil off regarding our part in it.

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Everyone in this galaxy has their own agenda and is wary of those who might disrupt that agenda. Considering the size of the stick Concord is wielding, it’s no surprise the Sisters of Eve are uneasy with them.

It’s also no surprise Concord is using capsuleers as test subjects, and of course they are!

I’m sure the Sisters have their own reasons for lashing out at Concord like this, their own agenda to play. Spirits know what that might be.


The sooner the Capsuleer population realises CONCORD exists to protect so called “humans” from them, the sooner we can get rid of the decaying archaic empires that think they can dictate terms to their genetic betters.


Amazingly the only difference between us and the other “humans” is a very tiny difference in a few genes that isn’t significant enough to class us as a different species.

The rest is all temporary, you can take the implants and the medical clones away and we’re pretty much no different than any other human of the cluster (Jove, Drifters and Trigs excluded). Capsuleers rife with this hubris can and have had their dreams of pseudo immortality shattered as they either give up, or have it taken away, their licences. The average pilot stays active for only a year or two I’ve heard

Seriously, is this the batshit crazy hour or something?

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And let me guess, you escaped needing CONCORD licences to have clones as well?!?

Lay off the drugs and blood heretic, might do you some good.


You might see things better if you stopped bowing and kneeling to those who are weaker than you.

Still didn’t answer my question. I’ll take it as you pay your due diligence to DED for the luxury of having clones like the rest of us, or are taking advantage of the DED sanctioned Alpha class clone contracts.


CONCORD are not universal.

There are plenty of places to go where they cannot touch you.

I suggest you consider leaving the bosom of their illusionary safety once in a while.

You really are that delusional.

Tell you what Ramona McEdgeness, come back to me about your feverant delusions and sabik philosophy when you can prove you’re not paying CONCORD, or using an alpha clone, for the pleasure of losing Purifiers and Imperators.


I cannot prove a negative.

It is up to you to prove otherwise.

And you can insult the great philosphy all you wish, it doesnt stop the fact that the “humans” are scared, and CONCORD protects them.

You can pretend to be their friend all you wish, but they will turn on you.

This has happened before, and will happen again.

Oh look, the edgelords are coming out of the woodwork. It’s quite telling who tries so very hard to pretend they’re not leashed by CONCORD and who accepts this reality. In this case, a fairly obvious sockpuppet at that. I wonder who’s hand is up her arse, flapping her gums. Someone with a capital ship, at least.


The “Great Philosophy” isn’t doing much to stop Imperium Forces raiding all over Delve, including Blood Raider controlled space, freely engaging outposts and blooder fleets.

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And CONCORD can turn us off the moment the empires decide they should. They didn’t even have to do what they did last week. They could’ve just flipped a switch and terminated those pilots in the egg, without medical clone activation.

Then prove that you have a medical cloning facility free of CONCORD’s fluid router system. You know, the one that transmits a copy of your mind from your burn-scanner to the clone bay?


Given my anti-Empire and anti-CONCORD stance, the fact I am having this conversation is proof enough.

Only proof of your impotence, I fear.

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No, it really isn’t. You’re far from the most radical anti-establishment egger out there, and a lot of them have their medical clones in high-sec.


not really…

you simply can’t have an other mean.

and even, ok, let’s suppose you’re telling the truth…

now, how do you navigate from one place to another?

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Never claimed otherwise.

Suggesting then that CONCORD has more an illusion of power the rest of you are happy to help them maintain.

No, suggesting only that

is a demonstrably false claim. Your anti-Empire and anti-CONCORD stance has no bearing on your ability to use CONCORD-licensed medical facilities, such as those in stations, standup cloning services, or even titan/rorqual clone bays.

Edit to add: I mean, if you wanna get persnitckety and pedantic here, go for it, but I gotta warn you, you’re kinda walking right into my wheelhouse on that one.