[ARC] Hope For All Act litigation

(Edit, YC120.11.26; the formal release of the CBT filings can be found in this linked post.)


ARC has submitted a filing in the Federal Supreme Court on the matter of our petition by the District Court of Orvanne. The filing is provided here as a matter of public interest. Also relevant are the compiled historical archives, our prior filing in Orvanne, and a list of understandings made during the course of the Inquest, regarding ARC’s objectives and participation.

It remains our view that Hope For All Act compliance by all powers is the only way to prevent future terrorist attacks, and to achieve justice for the tens of millions that died.

Further information on ARC’s May YC120 filing with the Caldari Business Tribunal may be provided once certain additional motions are completed.

Discussion of ARC’s legal strategy, re: Lirsautton, is best held for other venues.

In service,
Makoto Priano
Arataka Research Consortium, Coordination Group


It is indeed suspicious that an Amarr and Caldari alliance is petitioning the Federation, of all institutions, to uphold it’s obligations to release information as opposed to petitioning their own governments to do so.

I am not sure what to think of this. It seems that ARC is attempting to exploit the Federation legal system to force it to release information while not obligating it’s rivals to do the same, thus weakening the Federation.

I suspect, and frankly hope, that the Federation will shoot this attempt down. Such a request is best made by a proper Federation entity, and even then, it seems rather unwise to even attempt to force it to release intel that it’s rivals have already refused to release.

Which is, of course, unfortunate, but without mirror petitions to attempt to force the other Empires to comply as well, this just does not seem entirely sound.


Hello, Ms. Vuld! Your statements contain a variety of factual inaccuracies.

In the first place, the HFAA was a proposal put before the Kyonoke Inquest by the Federation and the Republic. Essentially, we’re seeking, via the Federation’s legal system, recourse to ensure that the Federation abides by its own proposal to the Inquest. I would contend that attempting to persuade a government to abide by its own dictates is not a nefarious plot.

In the second place, ARC has submitted filings in the Caldari Business Tribunal against a variety of parties in May of YC120, and we hope that motions in coming days will allow us to publicize the details to date.

In the third place, the Empire was unfortunately hands-off in the handling of the quarantine zone in Imperial space, which was aboard a Society station. Not too dissimilarly, the Republic quarantine was relatively small and did not have the anomalous reports and behaviors we witnessed at the RP4 facility.

So, if you have questions about our legal strategy, please do feel free to ask.


This is the sticking point. I would argue that it is, which is not an inaccuracy.

Now, I of course have no knowledge of details that have not been publicized, but it does appear that you are petitioning the Federation exclusively to release it’s information while not requesting any other party to do so.

The fact that you happen to be a primarly Amarr and Caldari alliance is, of course, entirely a coincidence and unrelated to the case at hand.

Except I do not feel that it is, and I feel fairly certain the Federation legal system will be far more reluctant to release information to you then to a more neutral petitioner. This is an unfortunate reality caused by the loyalties of your member corporations. Every now and then, your origins will come back to haunt you and I strongly suspect this is one of those cases.

Your argument in the document effectively argues that the Federation has a duty to uphold it’s proposals, and that the fact that other Empires refuse to do their part does not mean the Federation gets to refuse it’s.

This may be a very sound argument, but it is difficult not to see how the Federation taking that moral high ground here benefits the Empires your people primarily hail from. They would receive intelligence from the Federation without having to reveal any of their own.



Honestly, the Empire doesn’t stand to benefit at all. And the State, if my current supposition is accurate, is likely to have a lot to answer for. When I say our objective is justice for the millions of dead, I mean it.

Our objective remains, very simply, full and complete compliance with the Hope For All Act by all relevant parties. Our filings before the CBT and the courts of the Federation are in compliance with that objective.

I may recommend you read into the history behind this, and note specifically the data that indicates that an unknown intelligence agency attempted to coopt the Templis Dragonaur plot by appealing to Akira Kasaras, the subsequent appearance of Akira Kasaras at the RP4 facility in Federation space, and the security override that allowed Akira Kasaras to come into the hands of Poteque Pharmaceuticals. This is critical for unraveling the conspiracy, and the data concerning this was seized by FIO and has yet to see the light of day.


And if so, then your current affiliations are very likely going to bite you in the backside on this one.

I feel as though this is turning into a debate with Ms.Jenneth where it goes in circles. I fully understand your argument, ms. Priano, and I fully understand that you feel no one else stands to gain from this. I just do not expect others to see it that way.

The various parties clearly disagree by covering up information. How and why is entirely beyond my purfew, but my core point is that this case filing is…Conveniently directed solely at the Federation.

And while circumstances may or may not exist that render this course of action more logical, it is going to be difficult for the powers that be not to draw connections that may or may not be there. I am certainly drawing them.

I suppose that’s a roundabout way of saying I am not sure I entirely trust your motivations in this case and I suspect I am not the only one.

But this is also based on my observations and the data you linked. If there are indeed details that can be publicized regarding your interactions with the CBT, then I might feel more reassured.

I honestly feel that is the only way this is ever going to come full circle anyway, if both sides release their information simultaneously. It seems very unlikely that either side is going to on their own, especially in response to an argument that is largely rooted in morals which, unfortunately, is easy to ignore for government entities.

The filing itself is not wrong. It just happens to come from a very unfortunately placed entity.


Interestingly, Ms. Vuld, ARC was founded as a multinational, aiming to serve as a sort of independent, modern equivalent to the Arek’jalaan project. Our delegation to the Inquest included a pilot from Ushra’khan, a pilot from Moira, multiple Intaki nationals, and so on. Why, one of our strongest supporters was a woman wearing a Federal flag as a skirt, and Federal colors for hair dye!

Indeed, it’s worth noting that we never supported an Imperial proposal to the Inquest, and in the case of the HFA supported the Republic and Federation proposal over one made by the State and Empire.

Essentially, what I say is this: “grrr CalAmarri” is a gross oversimplication of what ARC is and stands for, and does us both disservice.

And as said, ARC aims to release additional information on the progress of the CBT suit as soon as we can, court motions permitting.


I am afraid it is not. ARC is simply not an independent, modern entity. It is far too tightly entwined with it’s Amarr and Caldari overlords for that, repeated discussions with the members of SFRIM in particular have laid that particular flaw painfully bare. Whatever it might have been intended to be, it certainly doesn’t pass on my board.

And I will, as others should, continue to be suspicious of any supposedly benevolent initiatives launched by ARC, no matter who you manage to charm into being your diversity cheerleader.

Because yes, I know that you have managed to charm members of your enemies to work for you in the past. I am not willing to simply admit that this means ARC is not as bad as it seems. Rather it would seem to indicate a poor sense of judgement on the part of those who deal with you.

As far as I’m concerned, you are a Caldari and Amarr aligned entity whose objectives occasionally veer into charitable directions, although the morality can be quite dubious at times (dropping Amarrian religious texts along with aid supplies on Lirsautton amongst others was a fun example of dubious morality). Some are pragmatic enough to work with you if and when such occasions happen, but they are but occasions.

If ARC wishes to change that, it would have to vastly diversify it’s corporations. As it stands, its member corps are far too aligned with one side of the galaxy and not the other to take it seriously. And you are simply deluding yourself if you feel the Federal courts will not feel the same way.

You ought to manage your affairs better.



I think you are allowing your bias to cloud your reason.

Thank you for your input, however.


Of course I am.

The fact is, however, that ARC currently consists of one Caldari corporation describing itself as an auxiliary of Ishukone, one hardline Amarr supporter corporation, and one caldari-named corporation whose total member count is six.

You may have to clarify to me where the multinational and independent aspect is in all of this. Because your records indicate you only operate on one side of the current galactic cold war.

The very best I can say about you is that none of your member corps are actively fighting in the current faction war, although at least one SFRIM member did admit that they are providing logistical support for it on the Amarr side.

And then you act surprised when somebody not from that part of the galaxy does not trust you. Unfortunately, you are also appealing to the legal system of that part of the galaxy.

I suppose we’ll see if they agree.


You’re getting hung up on the formalized alliance. ARC as a consortium includes numerous partners and associates outside of the alliance proper, and our core pilot pool comes from a wide variety of organizations. Indeed, for much of our existence, ‘ARC’ as an alliance was essentially only IKAME, to ensure that no enterprising capsuleer secured the name.

As I said before, “our delegation to the Inquest included a pilot from Ushra’khan, a pilot from Moira, multiple Intaki nationals, and so on.” Was that not adequate clarification?


It was, but it is rejected on the grounds that parading a small handful of people gullible enough to work with you does not absolve you of the fact that your own member corporations openly admit in their descriptions to being loyal to the Caldari and the Amarr states respectively.

This is the corporate equivalent of “I am not racist, some of my best friends are {insert target race here}.”

SFRIM even has it stated in their description that pilots of the “opposing militia” will be fired upon, for pity’s sake! How is that neutral?! You don’t even pretend to be neutral!

I am very sorry, Ms.Priano, but if you wish to claim independence, you are going to have to run a tighter ship. As a start, I would suggest seeking new corporations that have ties to the Minmatar Republic and the Gallente Federation respectively, and ensuring none of your member parties are in any way engaged in the faction war between the Empires.

If you are unwilling to do so, you could at the very least list these “partners and associates” instead of simply claiming they are out there and expecting that to be proof enough.
I do feel, however, that the descriptions of both of ARC’s member corporations quite well speak for themselves.


Oh gods and spirits.

Isha? Hive operations have started again. A short inquiry should verify that ARC has flown happily with members of your militia in the past. Safe passage is standard. Participants are paid, and can request payment in the form of artifacts you basically can’t get anywhere else.

(Am I correct that ARC fleets are the only ones running the Hives, presently, Ms. Priano?)

Come and see for yourself what ARC’s about, and why.


Ms. Jenneth;

To my understanding, ARC’s the only one hitting hives at the moment. And, indeed, they remain public, with pay split evenly between all pilots.


Then why are the only two corporations in that Alliance loyal to the Amarr and Caldari?

Why is SFRIM openly supporting the Amarr in their faction warfare objectives?

And why do you think these things are all right as long as you have a few people willing to walk with you and don’t completely bar members of the other factions from operations that, conveniently, would not hamper the goals of these empires by their participation anyway?

It’s all very CONVENIENT. Which is what this entire thread reads like to me. An attempt to obfuscate the clearly stated allegiances of ARC with barely related examples.

You hold up exceptions as if it absolves you of all blame when it does not. This does not make up for the fact that SFRIM is actively supplying the Amarr war effort and actively firing on Minmatar pilots, for one.

It also tells me nothing about the ultimate objectives of ARC, but considering it’s main corporation is a “capsuleer-led auxiliary of Zainou Biotech and the Ishukone Corporation formed with the primary objective of acquiring technology and data on advanced wormhole and warp technology.” (Surely this technology is not being acquired for the megacorp they claim to be an auxiliary of, that is not at all what an auxiliary does, right? ) and its only other corp is a “Corporation loyal to God and Greater Amarr.”, the claim that this alliance is in no way aligned to the interests of any Empire is the biggest damn joke I’ve heard all week.

With all due respect, please do not gripe when people are unwilling to trust you over allegiances that you, yourself, make plainly clear in your own corporate descriptions. You admit to being loyalists of the Caldari and the Amarr, so accept the consequences that come with that.

Don’t try to have your gold and silver colored cake and eat it too.


Ms. Priano, do you think any good will come of it if we point her to Mr. Soter and see whether they want to start a rival research group or something? I seem to remember his issues with us were similar if not actually the same.

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This response is highly patronizing, Ms. Jenneth.

Ms. Vuld is merely trying to make a point. Suggesting that you find some way to placate her and your other critics is quite pandering.

Also, if she wanted to make a ‘rival research group,’ she could well do that on her own, without your help.

She makes a very clear point that both you and Ms. Priano have done nothing but describe circles around: ARC demands transparency from governments, the Federation no less; but they aren’t forthcoming about the true nature of their own allegiance. That’s problematic.

We’ll see when those other cases of yours come to light, but for now, there is the definite appearance that “CalAmarri” is looking to gain intel from the Federation, free and clear. It is not a good look.

Acknowledge it and move on, or this look will continue to cloud any genuine good work you are trying to do, if that be the case.


ARC is attempting to get the Federation to uphold the committments the Federation made, after ARC was instrumental in preventing a cluster-wide bioweapon catastrophe, subjecting their own personnel to direct exposure in the process, rather than running away.

Makoto and I disagree on a lot of things, but the HFAA is actually the best option for the Republic to ensure that technologies on the order of the Kyonoke speck are not successfully used against the Matari people in the future.

Of course they do. They’re governments. Keeping their secrets is how they retain their power.


How dare people not accept ARC as a neutral entity when they try to make themselves out to be? That their documented and demonstrable actions are aggressive combat operations against the Minmatar, even in Minmatar space, is clearly rude to point out.


Big difference between pointing out their track record on this matter and claiming they’re neutral, Miz.